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The Shop Database is a collection of all the shops and people in RuneScape that you can buy goods or services from. It provides detailed information about the shop's stock, and general information. You can narrow the shop list down by performing a search within the shop's name, or by searching for a particular item.
If you need any help using the Shops database, please refer to our How to Use the Shops database guide.

438 shops returned.

Runescape Shops
Name City Members Quest
Neitiznot supplies Neitiznot Yes Yes
New Varrock General Store New Varrock Yes Yes
New Varrock Leather Emporium New Varrock Yes Yes
Newspaper Stand Varrock No No
Nulodion's Multicannon Parts Ice Mountain Yes Yes
Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop Dwarven Mines No No
Obli's General Store Shilo Village Yes Yes
Ore Seller Keldagrim -East- Yes No
Ore Shop Jatizso Yes Yes
Oziach Edgeville No Yes
Papa Mambo's Shop Karamja Jungle Yes No
Party Pete's Emporium Falador No No
Party room Falador No No
Patchy Mos Le'Harmless Yes No
Peksa's Helmet shop Barbarian Village No No
Pelters' Veg Stall -Seers- Seer's Village Yes No
Pelters' Veg Stall -Varrock- Varrock Yes No
Pelters' Veg Stall -Yanille- Yanille Yes No
Pet Shop (Lumbridge Beach) Lumbridge No No
Pet Shop (Taverley) Taverley No No
Pet Shop (Yanille) Yanille Yes No
Pickaxe-Is-Mine Keldagrim -East- Yes No
Pie Shop Varrock Yes No
Poison Arrow pub Ardougne Yes No
Poletax's Herblore Shop Taverley Yes No
Pollnivneach general store Pollnivneach Yes No
Polypore Dungeon Supplies Polypore Dungeon Yes No
Port Phasmatys General Store Port Phasmatys Yes Yes
Quality Armour Shop Keldagrim -West- Yes No
Quality Weapons Shop Keldagrim -West- Yes No
Quartermaster's Stores Tyras Camp Yes Yes
Raetul and Co's Cloth Store Sophanem Yes Yes
Ranael's Super Skirt Store Al Kharid No No
Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange Ranged Guild Yes No
Rasolo the Wandering Merchant Baxtorian Falls Yes No
Razmire Builders Merchants Mort'ton Yes Yes
Razmire General Store Mort'ton Yes Yes
Re-enchant elf crystal Tirannwn Yes Yes
Reinald's Smithing Emporium Keldagrim -East- Yes No
Reldak's Leather Armour Dorgesh-Kaan Yes Yes
Rellekka Longhall Bar Rellekka Yes Yes
Repair Iban Staff West Ardougne Yes Yes
Replace helm of Neitiznot Neitiznot Yes Yes
Rewards -Livid Farm- Lunar Isle Yes Yes
Rhazien -Farmer- Etceteria Yes Yes
Rhonen -Farmer- Seer's Village Yes No
Richard's Farming Shop Ardougne Yes No
Richard's Wilderness Cape Shop Edgeville No No
Rimmington General Store Rimmington No No
Rising Sun Inn Falador No No

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