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Welcome to the Tip.It construction tables. We're proud to offer you these unique sortable tables which hopefully will satisfy all your construction needs. Below you'll find some different sorting & searching options, use them wisely. The tables can be sorted ascending and descending by clicking on the appropriate header.

  • Rooms: Choosing to list a certain room will give you the ability to see all items for that room. You can also sort by name, level, experience (exp) and hotspot for that room only.
  • Materials: Choosing to list only items which require a certain material will list all the items using that material, not only in the room you may have selected before your material listing request. You can sort by name, level, experience (exp) and hotspot for the found materials.
  • Level range: When listing all rooms, you have the option to list only certain level ranges. You can sort by name, level, experience (exp), room and hotspot

This table should be used in conjunction with our Construction Guide.

Thanks to: AllBogs, Bambino & Pokemama

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Pic Name Level XP Materials Uses Room Hotspot Flatpack?
<b>Aquarium</b> Aquarium 63 0 200,000 gp 4 doorways. Cosmetic. Aquarium Doorway No
<b>Bedroom</b> Bedroom 20 0 10,000 gp 2 adjacent doorways. Change basic appearance, hairstyle and clothing; two with beds required to hire servant. Bedroom Doorway No
<b>Chapel</b> Chapel 45 0 50,000 gp 2 adjacent doorways. Restore prayer, offer bones for prayer experience. Chapel Doorway No
<b>Combat Room</b> Combat Room 32 0 25,000 gp 3 doorways. Private multicombat training. Combat room Doorway No
<b>Costume Room</b> Costume Room 42 0 50,000 gp 1 doorway. Store unusual clothing items such as treasure trail rewards, random event costumes, mini game armour, magic robes/armour, holiday items and capes. Costume room Doorway No
<b>Dining Room</b> Dining Room 10 0 5000 gp 3 doorways. Sit at table, summon servant, eat served food. Dining room Doorway No
<b>Dungeon</b> Dungeon 70 0 7,500 gp 2 or 4 doorways. Fight through monsters and traps towards Treasure Room. Dungeon Doorway No
<b>Formal Garden</b> Formal Garden 55 0 75,000 gp 4 doorways. Decoration, optional Exit Portal or Dungeon entrance. Formal garden Doorway No
<b>Games Room</b> Games Room 30 0 25,000 gp 3 doorways. Play games and train. Games Room Doorway No
<b>Garden</b> Garden 1 0 1000 gp 4 doorways. Decoration, Exit Portal, possible Dungeon entrance. Garden Doorway No
<b>Kitchen</b> Kitchen 5 0 5000 gp 2 adjacent doorways. Water source, make construction tea, obtain food supplies, cook, drink ale, cat corner. Kitchen Doorway No
<b>Menagerie</b> Menagerie 37 0 30,000 gp 4 adjacent doorways. Used to store and feed pets, and to recharge Summoning points. Menagerie Doorway No
<b>Oubliette</b> Oubliette 65 0 150,000 gp 4 doorways. Fend off monster while trying to escape trap. Oubliette Doorway No
<b>Parlour</b> Parlour 1 0 1000 gp 3 doorways. Sit in chairs by a fire, retrieve completed quest books. Parlour Doorway No
<b>Portal Chamber</b> Portal Chamber 50 0 100,000 gp 1 doorway. Make permanent portals to selected cities. Portal Doorway No
<b>Quest Hall</b> Quest Hall 35 0 25,000 gp 4 doorways. Display quest achievements, optional stairway (faces opposite from doorway where you created it). Quest hall Doorway No
<b>Skill Hall</b> Skill Hall 25 0 15,000 gp 4 doorways. Display skills and trophies, optional stairway (faces opposite from doorway where you created it). Skill hall Doorway No
<b>Study</b> Study 40 0 50,000 gp 3 doorways. Create magic spell tablets, change elemental staff. Study Doorway No
<b>Throne Room</b> Throne Room 60 0 150,000 gp 1 doorway. Receive visitors, use lever to activate floor trap or dungeon challenge mode. Throne room Doorway No
<b>Treasure Room</b> Treasure Room 75 0 250,000 gp 1 doorway. Fight a final monster boss to unlock treasure chest. Treasure room Doorway No
<b>Workshop</b> Workshop 15 0 10,000 gp 2 opposite doorways. Build furniture, craft, heraldry, repair broken and damaged weapons, and obtain tools. Workshop Doorway No
4-Poster 4-Poster 53 450 3 mahogany planks, 2 cloth Decoration (need two bedrooms with beds to hire servant). Bedroom Bed Yes
Abyssal Head Abyssal Head 58 389 2 mahogany planks, 1 stuffed Abyssal (see Canifis taxidermist; costs 12K) It talks! Skill hall Head trophy No
Adamant armour Adamant armour 28 150 2 oak planks; 1 each adamant full helm, platebody & skirt Decoration (armour is recovered if removed). Level 88 Smithing required; gives some Smithing xp. Skill hall Armour #2 No
Alchemical Chart Alchemical Chart 43 30 2 cloth Decoration Study Wall chart No
Amulet of Glory Amulet of Glory 47 290 3 teak planks, 1 (uncharged) amulet of glory Offers infinite teleports to the 4 normal teleport locations. Amulet is recovered if removed. Quest hall Guild trophy No
Anti-dragon Shield Anti-dragon Shield 47 280 3 teak planks, 1 anti-dragon shield Decoration. Shield is recovered if removed. Quest hall Guild trophy No
Archery Target Archery Target 81 600 6 teak planks, 3 steel bars 2 player 10-shot (arrows or bolts) ranging minigame. Highest score wins. Games room Ranging game No
Armillary Sphere Armillary Sphere 77 960 2 mahogany planks, 4 steel bars, 2 gold leaf (260K gp) Decoration Study Globe No
Armour Stand Armour Stand 55 500 8 oak planks, 1 limestone brick Fix broken arrows, staffs, rusty swords, damaged armour and Barrows items (for a reduced fee based on user's Smithing level). Workshop Repair No
Asgarnian Ale Barrel Asgarnian Ale Barrel 18 184 3 oak planks, 8 Asgarnian ales Unlimited supply of Asgarnian ale Kitchen Barrel Yes
Astronomical Chart Astronomical Chart 63 45 3 cloth Decoration Study Wall chart No
Attack Stone Attack Stone 59 200 10 limestone bricks Players attack their stone; first one to demolish it wins. Games room Stone No
Baby Red Dragon Baby Red Dragon 82 387 150,000 gp Level 65 hostile monster in dungeon PvP or Challenge mode. Oubliette Guard No
Baby Red Dragon Baby Red Dragon 82 387 150,000 gp Level 65 hostile monster in dungeon PvP or Challenge mode. Dungeon Guard or Monster No
Bait barrel Bait barrel 74 150 4 Mahogany planks, 100 Fishing bait Decoration Aquarium Supply No
Balance Beam Balance Beam 81 1000 10 teak planks, 5 steel bars 2 player balance minigame. Must not wield weapon and must have pugel stick (from extra weapons rack). Combat room Combat ring No
Banner Easel Banner Easel 66 510 8 oak planks, 2 cloth Make wieldable banner showing your family crest colours. Paint your family crest colours on steel or rune full helms and kiteshields (not reversible). Workshop Heraldry No
Basilisk Head Basilisk Head 38 243 2 teak planks, 1 stuffed basilisk (see Canifis taxidermist; costs 4k) It talks! Skill hall Head Trophy No
Beer Barrel Beer Barrel 7 96 3 planks, 3 nails Unlimited beer supply Kitchen Barrel Yes
Bell-pull Bell-pull 37 120 1 teak plank, 2 cloth Summon wandering servant. Dining room Bell pull No
Bells Bells 58 480 4 teak planks, 6 steel bars Make music on it. Chapel Musical No
Bench with lathe Bench with lathe 77 140 Bench with vice (upgrading), 2 oak planks, 1 steel bar Construct all levels of packaged furniture. Workshop Workbench No
Bench with vice Bench with vice 62 140 Steel framed bench (upgrading), 2 oak planks, 1 steel bar Construct packaged furniture up to level 80. Workshop Workbench No
Black Demon Black Demon 89 0 300,000 Level 172 hostile monster in dungeon PvP or Challenge mode. Dungeon Monster No
Bluebells Bluebells 76 122 1 bagged bluebells (15K gp), watering can Decoration. Earns equal farming exp. Formal garden Small / big plant 2 No
Bone Cage Bone Cage 85 603 10 oak planks, 10 bones Keeps players trapped; must be picklocked or forced open. Oubliette Prison No
Boundary Stones Boundary Stones 55 100 10 soft clay Decoration Formal garden Fencing No
Boutique prawnbrokers Boutique prawnbrokers 81 1130 8 Mahogany planks, 1 Porthole Unlocks various perks Aquarium Prawnbroker No
Boxing Ring Boxing Ring 32 420 6 oak planks, 4 cloth Multicombat boxing minigame. Only boxing gloves can be wielded. Combat room Combat ring No

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