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Welcome to the Tip.It construction tables. We're proud to offer you these unique sortable tables which hopefully will satisfy all your construction needs. Below you'll find some different sorting & searching options, use them wisely. The tables can be sorted ascending and descending by clicking on the appropriate header.

  • Rooms: Choosing to list a certain room will give you the ability to see all items for that room. You can also sort by name, level, experience (exp) and hotspot for that room only.
  • Materials: Choosing to list only items which require a certain material will list all the items using that material, not only in the room you may have selected before your material listing request. You can sort by name, level, experience (exp) and hotspot for the found materials.
  • Level range: When listing all rooms, you have the option to list only certain level ranges. You can sort by name, level, experience (exp), room and hotspot

This table should be used in conjunction with our Construction Guide.

Thanks to: AllBogs, Bambino & Pokemama

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Pic Name Level XP Materials Uses Room Hotspot Flatpack?
<b>Kitchen</b> Kitchen 5 0 5000 gp 2 adjacent doorways. Water source, make construction tea, obtain food supplies, cook, drink ale, cat corner. Kitchen Doorway No
<b>Garden</b> Garden 1 0 1000 gp 4 doorways. Decoration, Exit Portal, possible Dungeon entrance. Garden Doorway No
<b>Games Room</b> Games Room 30 0 25,000 gp 3 doorways. Play games and train. Games Room Doorway No
<b>Formal Garden</b> Formal Garden 55 0 75,000 gp 4 doorways. Decoration, optional Exit Portal or Dungeon entrance. Formal garden Doorway No
<b>Dungeon</b> Dungeon 70 0 7,500 gp 2 or 4 doorways. Fight through monsters and traps towards Treasure Room. Dungeon Doorway No
<b>Dining Room</b> Dining Room 10 0 5000 gp 3 doorways. Sit at table, summon servant, eat served food. Dining room Doorway No
<b>Costume Room</b> Costume Room 42 0 50,000 gp 1 doorway. Store unusual clothing items such as treasure trail rewards, random event costumes, mini game armour, magic robes/armour, holiday items and capes. Costume room Doorway No
<b>Combat Room</b> Combat Room 32 0 25,000 gp 3 doorways. Private multicombat training. Combat room Doorway No
<b>Chapel</b> Chapel 45 0 50,000 gp 2 adjacent doorways. Restore prayer, offer bones for prayer experience. Chapel Doorway No
<b>Bedroom</b> Bedroom 20 0 10,000 gp 2 adjacent doorways. Change basic appearance, hairstyle and clothing; two with beds required to hire servant. Bedroom Doorway No
<b>Aquarium</b> Aquarium 63 0 200,000 gp 4 doorways. Cosmetic. Aquarium Doorway No

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