Tip.It Events Team Highscores

2011 is here and anything could happen!! Who knows who could win this year!!

By winning at TET and TETAU events, you will gain points for winning competitions. These can consist of anything from Hide and Seek, Item Hunting, Trivia Rounds and more. If events have points available, you will see it in the main post for the event.

The first place winner once the year is over will receive a custom rank on their forum account as "TET Winner 2011" if they wish, as well as a custom signature made for the occasion and an additional 10'000 Points to use in the TET Points Shop. The second and third place winners will receive each their custom signature as well as an additional 5'000 Points each for the Shop.

With the Name Changing update of 2009, it has been increasingly hard to keep track of point winner names. To counter this, you must inform us on this thread that you have changed your name aswell as posting your new name and old one on this thread This must be done while the "Last Known as" tag in other people's friends list still appears. Requesting a name to be changed without the "Last Known as" matching up with the new name will result in the name not being changed here. Any invalid usernames will have their points deleted at the end of the year.

Once you reach 25'000 Points, you will get an underbanner for your worries Points are added in from both TET and TETau Events.

Underlined names are people who have become TET Members and therefore can no longer gain TET Points.

Tip.It Events Team Highscores 2011
Rank Username Points
1st Place Cassarow 41,500
2nd Place Matt Neroo 37,500
3rd Place Bernkastel 16,500
4th Place dcba41 13,000
5th Place Blood Angel 11,500
6th Place Stirry 10,000
6th Place Zr 10,000
7th Place Erika487 7,000
7th Place Nihhh 7,000
8th Place Hmdngr 6,000
9th Place Sonew27 5,000
9th Place Tsar 5,000
10th Place TES 5 SKYRIM 4,000
10th Place Stormfire64 4,000
11th Place Teridax99559 3,000
11th Place Dozy Van 3,000
11th Place Shiruki896 3,000
12th Place Steo 2,000
12th Place Adalear 2,000
13th Place Lsw00 1,500
13th Place D2S 1,500
13th Place Faded Flight 1,500
14th Place RevHunterKB 1,000
14th Place 5jez 1,000
14th Place superme-hus 1,000
14th Place Slyph Pk3r 1,000
14th Place Gpguy 1,000
14th Place Pryon Omega 1,000
14th Place Dafreet 1,000
14th Place Sire Finchy 1,000
14th Place Octarine 1,000
14th Place Big Stingman 1,000
14th Place sxy blondee 1,000
15th Place Hiroki 500
15th Place Bloodcul 500
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