Ruined dragon armour slice

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Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
Examine: A badly damaged slice of dragon metal.
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Additional Information
Current Market Price: 1,200,000gp
Earliest Data
26-Nov-2008 9:00am GMT
Most Recent Data
27-Jul-2014 10:05am GMT
Lowest Price Ever
Highest Price Ever
Average Price Over Lifespan
1 Day Change
  -4.2% (-52,610gp)
7 Day Change
  -7.7% (-100,000gp)
30 Day Change
  -12.0% (-163,636gp)
90 Day Change
  -28.0% (-466,667gp)
180 Day Change
  -40.0% (-800,000gp)

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