Grand Exchange Centre

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Grand Exchange Stats

Other Stats

Most Expensive Items
Christmas crackerChristmas cracker2,100,000,000gp
Purple partyhatPurple partyhat2,100,000,000gp
White partyhatWhite partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Yellow partyhatYellow partyhat2,100,000,000gp
 Staff of Sliske2,100,000,000gp
Least Expensive Items
Ground fishing baitGround fishing bait1gp
Rabbit snareRabbit snare1gp
Barberry seedBarberry seed1gp
Cadavaberry seedCadavaberry seed1gp
Fly trap seedFly trap seed1gp
Highest 30 Day Changes
Yew composite bowYew composite bow+332.0%
Magic composite bowMagic composite bow+332.0%
 Luck of the dwarves+331.0%
Willow composite bowWillow composite bow+186.0%
Highest 90 Day Changes
Yew composite bowYew composite bow+1,690.0%
Magic composite bowMagic composite bow+1,615.0%
 Praesul codex+940.0%
Willow composite bowWillow composite bow+419.0%
 Luck of the dwarves+353.0%
Highest 180 Day Changes
 Zombie walk override token+4,634.0%
 Conga dance override token+1,845.0%
 Praesul codex+940.0%
Magic composite bowMagic composite bow+688.0%
Yew composite bowYew composite bow+641.0%

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