Grand Exchange Centre

Tip.It data updated at 17-Mar-2019 5:15pm UTC

Grand Exchange Stats

Today's Top 5 Gains By Coins
 Eldritch crossbow+19,600,000gp
Tectonic robe topTectonic robe top+2,000,000gp
Pernix armour setPernix armour set+1,200,000gp
 Rainbow cape+565,100gp
Today's Top 5 Losses By Coins
Purified 2h crossbow tokenPurified 2h crossbow token+0gp
Bronze warhammerBronze warhammer+0gp
 Bottoms of Seasons+0gp
Verac's brassard (broken)Verac's brassard (broken)+0gp
Purified staff tokenPurified staff token+0gp
Today's Top 5 Gains By Percent
Soda ashSoda ash+16.7%
Gingerbread necklace tokenGingerbread necklace token+10.3%
 Spider egg (unchecked)+6.9%
 Chocolate cream cheese+6.1%
 Spider venom+5.7%
Today's Top 5 Losses By Percent
Chef's delight (m4)Chef's delight (m4)+0.0%
Demonic title scroll (pestilent)Demonic title scroll (pestilent)+0.0%
Robe bottomsRobe bottoms+0.0%
Death Lotus chestplateDeath Lotus chestplate+0.0%
 Elder rune platelegs + 2+0.0%

Other Stats

Most Expensive Items
Christmas crackerChristmas cracker2,100,000,000gp
Blue partyhatBlue partyhat2,100,000,000gp
White partyhatWhite partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Yellow partyhatYellow partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Purple partyhatPurple partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Least Expensive Items
Ground fishing baitGround fishing bait1gp
Sandstone (10kg)Sandstone (10kg)1gp
Prickly pear seedPrickly pear seed1gp
Sandstone (5kg)Sandstone (5kg)1gp
Wishing well bush seedWishing well bush seed1gp
Highest 30 Day Changes
Fly trap seedFly trap seed+200.0%
 Elder rune ore box+187.0%
Sunchoke seedSunchoke seed+150.0%
Torstol seedTorstol seed+146.0%
 Black stone arrow tips+132.0%
Highest 90 Day Changes
 Luminite injector+3,400.0%
 Masterwork trim+790.0%
Woad leafWoad leaf+450.0%
 Glorious bar+374.0%
Redberry seedRedberry seed+300.0%
Highest 180 Day Changes
 Plague doctor walk override token+8,386.0%
Gorajian mushroomGorajian mushroom+3,568.0%
 Luminite injector+3,400.0%
Vanilla milkVanilla milk+1,600.0%
Strawberry milkStrawberry milk+1,403.0%

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