Tip.it IRC Network

IRC Network Merger
By: Cowman_133Date: 03-Jul-2012

Looking forward to the future, the Tip.It Administration and the IRC Server Administration has decided that it is in the best interests of our IRC community to merge networks with our partners at RuneScript. Many users of our community here are already members of this network and for these users, service as normal will resume. Users who do not hold a current NickServ registration with irc.rscript.org will be required to create one in order to register channels and to resume regular service.

We hope for this merger to go smoothly with minimal complications. It is not possible to merge existing Tip.It NickServ and ChanServ records with those at RuneScript, however new users to RuneScript's network are welcome and encouraged to sign up and re-register existing names and channels.

If you have any questions in regards to this merger, please speak to Cowman_133 on IRC directly.

IRC Outage Update
By: CruiserDate: 29-Jul-2008

The IRC server is now back on-line at another host. DNS has been updated to point "irc.tip.it" at the new server and should be working for most people within the next 24 hours at the latest. If you don't want to wait for DNS to update or have been waiting longer than 24 hours you may connect using "". Please only use this IP to connect for the next few days as it may change again in the future.

For those wanting to know the gritty details of what happened, the company our IRC server was hosted with underwent a "management change". Unfortunately that change resulted in the people running the actual servers being locked out and the new owner shutting down the servers, leaving all their customers locked out and with dead accounts they can no longer access, including us. Unfortunately this meant we had to restore nickname and channel registrations from a rather old backup (February 2008) due to the abrupt shut down of the previous server and our lack of regular backups (which I'm now kicking myself for).

We hope to be able to get a complete copy of the registrations from the old host but have no guarantees that we'll be able to do so. If we are able to recover everything from the previous server we'll be restoring those copies so fewer people will see lost registrations and settings. We're also going to implement an automated backup system to help make sure we don't end up in the same position again in the future. Any other questions can be directed to Cruiser or Peter on IRC.

IRC Outage
By: CruiserDate: 28-Jul-2008

The IRC server is currently down due to unforeseen issues with the server's host. We're currently working to find out what happened and possibly move to a new IRC host to help prevent further outages.

If you need further info you can contact Cruiser via the forums.

Web Chat back online!
By: Pure_MageukDate: 28-Jul-2008

The web chat is now available by clicking "Chat" from the forum, or by clicking this link. You must be logged into the forum to use it.

New Chat/IRC Pages Launched
By: CruiserDate: 4-Jun-2008

As you can now see the Chat page has been expanded to include more information about Tip.It's chat. The links at the top of the page will guide you through this news page, the rules of the main chat room (#runescape), the IRC network rules, and information the more experienced users can use to connect with a client of their choice. We are also working on a large IRC guide for new users to browse that will explain connecting, using a client such as mIRC, basic commands and much more.

As some may also notice, the web chat is currently missing due to the forums recently being upgraded and modified. We plan to re-add the web chat as soon as possible and you'll find links to it here when that happens. For those that still wish to get to the room, you can use a client such as mIRC (Windows only), Chatzilla (FireFox Addon) or Xchat (Windows/Linux) and the info found on our Network Information page.

Any questions and comments regarding the new chat pages or the IRC network itself can be sent to Cruiser via the forums or asked in #help. We hope you find the new pages useful!

Usermode +D added
By: CruiserDate: 19-Mar-2008

The network now supports the user mode +D. This new mode blocks all private messages sent to you and notifies the sender that you are not accepting private messages. You will not be notified of blocked messages. This can be set using '/mode yournick +D' and removed by replacing + with -.

Any questions can be directed to #help.

#runescape access list changes
By: CruiserDate: 15-Mar-2008

Users will find the access levels of various staff members in the room have been changed to better reflect who is a moderator in the room. Forum and IRC admins will retain their +a (protected op, the & symbol) in the room. Forum moderators and crew with the ability to moderate in the room will be moved from +v (voice, the + symbol) to permanent +o (op, the @ symbol). Voiced positions will then be used to promote trusted users of the room to take moderator actions should regular staff not be available.

RuneScape 2007
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