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Congratulations on getting a RuneScape membership! Pay to Play (P2P) offers a huge new universe for members to explore, including tons of cities, dungeons, monsters, skills, quests, money-making, and more!

This guide will discuss some new travel possibilities, recommend some quests that are helpful to new members, address starting each of the new member skills available (Agility, Construction, Farming, Fletching, Herblore, Hunter, Slayer, Summoning and Thieving), and discuss other member features encountered while becoming acquainted with the wider domain of RuneScape P2P.

If you are new to the world of RuneScape in general, you may also want to look at Tip.It's Beginners' Guide, which contains basic information that applies to both Free To Play (F2P) and P2P.

When reviewing the many helpful Tip.It guides, be reminded: as a member, the "shaded" members items in tables are available to you!

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Getting Around and New Areas to Explore

The RuneScape P2P surface land is many times larger than Free to Play (F2P): see Tip.It's interactive World Map. New members may want to keep a map handy for quick reference while becoming familiar with new areas.

Enchanted jewellery transports are a significant member advantage. The Getting Around Guide lists the various methods of transportation available in RuneScape, most of which are exclusive to members, though some transportation methods such as Gnome gliders, Spirit trees, Fairy rings, Balloons and many others have quest requirements.

An early issue confronting new members is "How do I get to the member areas?" Below follow a few easy to reach borders. On Karamja, just walk west to the Brimhaven gate. Then you can head north and pay 30 gp to take the ship to Ardougne, home of the Market Square thieving area.

NewP2P Brimhaven

From Falador, just walk west of Doric's house to pass through the member gate into Taverley.

P2p Taverley

From the Crafting Guild south-west of Falador, walk north through the member gate next to the Makeover Mage to head towards Taverley (past the famous "Members'" Dungeon).

NewP2P Falador

Alternatively, from Varrock walk North-East, through the member gate near the lumber mill.

NewP2P Varrock
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The members-only skills are Agility, Construction, Farming, Fletching, Herblore, Hunter, Slayer, Summoning and Thieving.

To start training Agility, go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility course. Agility is helpful for short cuts which get you around faster, and in numerous quests. With increased Agility, you also have more energy so you can run longer (good for getting places, and an advantage in the Wilderness!) Run energy is discussed in the Getting Around Guide. You can improve your run energy by getting some boots of lightness from the Temple of Ikov north of the Ardougne farming patches (the quest is not required) - simply take a lit candle and a slashing weapon (such as a dagger or sword) into the temple, then go west and down the stairs. Slash the web in front of the only red dot in the room, and grab several pairs of the boots to keep backups.

NewP2P Agility

To start training the Construction skill, go to an Estate Agent office in Varrock, Falador, Seers' Village, or East Ardougne (locations shown in guide). Purchase a house for 1K, and follow the Construction Guide Beginner's Walkthrough for step by step instructions to achieve level 5. Use Tip.It's handy, unique and sortable Construction Table to learn what you can build at each level, including the materials and other requirements for each item.

To start Farming, you need some potato seeds. Buy seeds from the Grand Exchange or go to Draynor Village market square to buy some seeds from Olivia's stall (or steal them if your Thieving is 10 or higher). Then go north-west to the farm located north of Port Sarim's bar, just south-east of Falador. Inside you can buy most of the Farming equipment you will need (a Seed dibber, a Rake, and a Watering can) for very little money (less than 100 gp). Fill your Watering can at the Sink or Rain barrel. Proceed north outside and hop the stile to the farming patch, then follow the instructions in Tip.It's Farming guide to plant your first crop. Please note that a number of quests and other requirements are very useful in farming. These are listed in the guide's introduction.

Newp2p Farming Guide

Fletching isn't hard to begin - just get a regular Knife and some Logs and use the Knife on the Logs. To make Bowstrings, pick Flax (small plants with blue flowers) located in a field south of the Courthouse in Seers' Village. Use the Flax on the Spinning Wheel upstairs in the house just north of the church or if you prefer gathering them first and spinning them later, Lumbridge castle is a good spot. Spinning Wheel locations are marked on Tip.It's 1.4MB interactive World Map. For a personal touch, visit the Ranged tutor in Lumbridge (just north of the castle, south of the general store) - she can also advise members about fletching.

Herblore can be trained by cleaning herbs (obtained as drops from most creatures, though farming is a superior method to gather them) and making potions from them. Consider completing the Druidic Ritual quest to get some Herblore XP and some herbs to start your training. Among other key quests, herblore is an important part in the Heroes' quest and the Legends quest, so start using those Guams and Marrentills (frequently dropped by Chaos druids) right away!

Start Hunter by visiting a Hunting shop, either in Yanille (just east of the pub) or in Nardah. Purchase a noose wand, then track kebbits at the very north end of the snow hunting grounds north-east of Rellekka. Alternatively, buy 1-3 bird snares and head south of Feldip Hills to the Jungle hunting area beach, where you can catch Crimson Swifts. Hunting experts in both of these regions can explain more about the skill. Keep in mind that Fairy Ring access is of much convenience when getting to and from hunter areas.

The Slayer skill is begun by visiting a Slayer Master to get an assignment. The easiest one is Turael in Burthorpe (north of Taverley), in the first house on the east side of town. See the Slayer skill guide for further info. Consult Tip.It's Bestiary to get detailed information on any monster. If you are becoming a member at a higher combat level, looking into Smoking Kills

To start Thieving, pickpocket Men (level 2) and Women (level 2) until your Thieving reaches 5 or 10. Then you'll want to travel to Ardougne market square, the RS thieving mecca. See the Thieving skill guide.

NewP2P Thieving

To train the Summoning skill, consider completing the Wolf Whistle quest. Not only will it explain to you the basics of the skill, it will also reward you with XP and a good number of ingredients (275 gold charms) to jump-start your training. For more information, consult the Summoning guide.

All F2P skills have portions that are members-only. To learn about these added member techniques, check any of Tip.It's Skill Guides and look for sections marked "members only", items marked with an asterisk *, or for table rows highlighted in grey. For example, member Crafting includes the art of glassblowing, to create various useful glass items and earn crafting xp. New members may want to sail from Port Sarim to Entrana (don't bring any weapons or stat-boosting gear) to learn about this from Fritz the Glassblower. Other members-only Crafting abilities include making dragonhide and snakeskin armour, spinning flax into bowstrings, making battlestaves, and more.

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Unlike in F2p, there are many quests available in P2p. Below are some of the "basic" quests of which it is recommended you do them to unlock basic areas and skills. Please note that these are in no particular order.

The Druidic Ritual quest will give you a headstart in the Herblore Skill, and many useful quests that require this skill, such as the Fairy Tale series of which the second quest gives Fairy Ring access.

The Grand Tree quest unlocks Gnome Gliders, and the Tree Gnome Village quest unlocks Spirit Trees.

The Wolf Whistle quest rewards you with 275 gold charms, which will be useful in jump-starting your training of the Summoning Skill, which is needed for many other quests

The Fishing Contest quest will allow you to bypass climbing over White Wolf Mountain (with its' many hostile level 30+ wolves) when travelling between Taverley and Catherby.

The Priest in Peril quest introduces the Morytania region (east of Varrock). It also unlocks the Ghosts Ahoy quest, which offers a teleport to the far east and further advancement in the game.

The Death Plateau quest unlocks the Troll Stronghold area north of Burthorpe.

The Lost City quest unlocks the ability to wield the dragon longsword and daggers, as well as the fairy city of Zanaris, home of the Cosmic runecrafting altar.

NewP2P Zanaris

Starting the Giant Dwarf quest unlocks Keldagrim, underground home of the dwarves.

The Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen quest gives Fairy Ring access. Fairy rings are a very useful when starting the Hunting skill.

The Animal Magnetism quest offers a device that automatically picks up your bolts and arrows when ranging.

Starting the In Aid of the Myreque quest unlocks Burgh de Rott, a city in Morytania.

The Regicide quest unlocks the elven land of Tirannwn, but it's a higher-level quest: the fourth in a series which starts with the Plague City quest.

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Things for members to watch out for include poisoning, disease, desert effect, and of course the Wilderness.

While touring Karamja and some dungeons, be aware that as a member you can get poisoned by certain monsters such as some spiders and Karamjan Tribesmen. The amount of damage done by poison depends on what creature caused it, however all damage done by poison is shown as a green "splat", and takes a while to wear off. While it does it does less and less damage until "cured". Depending on the severity of the poison, members won't survive it without Antipoison potions. In addition, when poisoned your "LP icon" will turn green and can be clicked on to cure the poison. This, of course, only works when you have antipoison potion in your inventory or the appropriate cure spell available from the Lunar spellbook. See the Herblore Guide Poisoning section.

NewP2P PoisonIcon
NewP2P Poison

Those who venture into the Zogre Tomb (home of the Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest) may get diseased. Also when you’re fighting Fever Spiders during or after the Rum Deal Quest without slayer gloves, which you can get from any slayer master, there is a chance that you will get diseased. If you are diseased you will be hit by a numbered orange "splat". The number will be subtracted from a random skill. Relicym's Balm will cure disease, but does not restore your stats. Refer to the Herblore Guide for more information on making Relicym's Balm.

You can also die of the "desert effect" in the Kharidian desert south of Al Kharid (through Shantay Pass, where you will be warned). Take precautions when going there: wear desert robes, carry waterskins, and use a Knife to cut Kharidian cactus to replenish your water supplies.

NewP2P Shanty

The Wilderness is just as lethal in P2P as it was in F2P, if not more so now you have access to the member weapons, as it is a PVP area. This means that the Wilderness is an area where other players may kill you, depending on combat levels and the level of Wilderness you are in. If you're new to RuneScape, be aware that dying in the Wilderness or elsewhere deprives you of all but the three most valuable items you are carrying or wearing (although if you are not in the Wilderness you will have a gravestone, which will allow you to get your items back within a time limit). If you attack another player/are attacked in the Wilderness, you will be skulled (if the other player is un-skulled). The skull will last for 25 minutes, and means if you are attacked and die whilst still skulled you will lose ALL of your items.

High level Wilderness areas also do not allow players to teleport out (not even Ring of Life or other enchanted jewellery teleports) past level 20 of the Wilderness, so keep these dangers in mind. East Ardougne (west of the palace) has a "teleport lever" that transports you to a high-level, exclusively members-only Wilderness area (though watch out for Pkers). Our 1.2MB Wilderness Map shows this area's features, which include an Agility course and the Mage Arena miniquest.

When you die, your character will respawn in Edgeville. You will retain your three most valuable items, but everything else you were carrying will be dropped for other players to see. You do not get a grave in the wilderness.

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A wide range of exotic weaponry is available to members, with new ones being added all the time.

Although Dragon weapons have in many cases been outclassed by newer weapons, the more powerful weapons require large amounts of cash or very high skill levels to obtain (80+). Dragon weapons offer excellent benefits and are within financial reach of most rune-armoured players, although they do require 60 Attack to wield. They offer a nice bonus for training Strength. They can be purchased from other players; most are also available from a shop after finishing a quest. You may not be able to wield some of them without the related quest. See the Dragon weapons section of the Combat guide.

The Combat guide also has detailed information on the more expensive and rare weapons available to members.

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There are six members-only Guilds. Like the F2P guilds, each has certain entrance requirements. The name of each guild in the table below is linked to the related guild guide containing detailed information.

Member Guilds
Guild Skill Required Location Features
Fishing 68 North of Ardougne Bank, shop, all fishing
Heroes' Heroes' quest North of Taverley Amulet of Glory recharge fountain, dragon weapon shop, mining, caged Blue dragon
Legend's Legend's quest North-east of Ardougne Bank, shops, Shadow warrior dungeon
Magic 66 Yanille Rune shop, training dungeon, teleports to other wizard towers, bank nearby
Range 40 South-west of Seers' Village Several shops, archery game, practice towers
Warriors' 130 combined Attack and Strength West of Burthorpe Games room Bank, several shops and training areas
Thieves' Buyers and Cellars quest Lumbridge, near the sheep Thieving training areas and supplies
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Minor money-making tips

There are many ways to make money as a member, but they may involve having high levels or already having some assets to invest. If you become a member at a lower level, you may be anxious to make some cash. In addition to the ways you already know (such as mining ore, merchandising, etc.), there are some low-level ways to make cash in P2P.

One is Pure essence mining (requires 30 Mining and competition of Rune Mysteries) - members also have three additional essence mine teleport locations (see the Runecrafting guide). Another method is picking Flax (no skill required), and/or spinning Flax into Bowstrings (10 Crafting required; described in Fletching skill mentioned above). Fletching itself is a third low-level cash source - players will buy feathers, arrow shafts, headless arrows and arrows. Collecting secondary ingredients for Herblore is another money-maker. Players will buy bulk amounts of unicorn horns, limpwurt roots, red spiders' eggs, and snape grass. Again, check forums to determine current prices. Simply accumulating any necessary item in bulk can be a good way to make money: even something as ordinary as a vial can be saleable when you have 100 or 1000 of them for sale. The same principle also applies for the Summoning skill - secondary items for creating pouches such as honeycombs, bagged plants, and marigolds are in high demand and players wishing to train summoning quickly will pay high amounts for them. As with herblore, each summoning pouch made requires a secondary item, so vast quantities of these are exchanged every day. Check our Marketplace forums to learn more about current prices.

A fifth method for obtaining quick runes (or possibly cash) is "essence running". This activity supports higher level runecrafters who want to train but don't want to keep running to the bank for more essence - a hungry player can fill this gap. Show up at the altar with a full pack of the appropriate essence (regular for 6 basic runes, pure essence for member-crafted runes) and receive payment (runes and/or cash and/or matching noted essence) in return. Then run to the bank, change noted essence into essence (depositing your cash and/or runes), and repeat as many times as desired. The best way to find a running world is to check the major activity of the world on the server select screen. If you don't yet have level 30 Mining (to get pure essence), you can try taking regular essence to the F2P air running world.

One of the best methods to make a high amount of profit for new P2P members are killing monsters that drop herbs commonly. Many members choose to buy herbs to train the Herblore skill, so herbs are always in high demand. One of the best low-level herb droppers are Chaos Druids. They are extremely easy to kill and quite profitable. Another monster that often drops herbs are Flesh Crawlers.

If you are not yet comfortable enough in RuneScape to try any of the above ideas, a far smaller (and smaller-paying!) job is available. Talk to the Wise Old Man, who lives just north of the bank in Draynor Village. Although he has a shady past, he has two things to offer: (1) he will look at your bank and tell you which F2P quest items you can safely throw out, and (2) he will hire you to run errands, in return for very small amounts of coins or experience. The tasks involve basic things like mining copper ore or baking bread. A former F2Per won't want to bother, but someone who is entirely new to RuneScape might want to try it.

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Exciting stuff

A fun new experience will be the first time you kill an enemy and it drops a Clue scroll. This is a random occurrence from certain enemies, but following your Treasure Trail may lead you to unexpected riches! See the Treasure Trails guide for all the information you'll need.

Most of RuneScape's minigames are members only; look through Tip.It's Minigame Guides to learn more about each one.

Some fighting Minigames, like Castle Wars, Pest Control, Stealing Creation and Soul Wars also allow you to enjoy the benefits of combat without risk. If you die, you are completely healed and retain all of your items.

But other fighting Minigames, such as Barrows and Mage Arena, are genuinely hazardous and are played for keeps.

Non-combat Minigames also abound. After getting a Kitten in the Gertrudes' Cat quest, you can find information on raising it to a Cat or Overgrown Cat in the Pet Care guide. Playing Gnome Ball, exploring Gnome Cuisine, or pursuing the Bar Crawl are likewise diverting.

RuneScape Member's have access to many times the amount of quests that free players can complete. From killing enemies as high levelled as Corporeal Beast(Level 785) or Nezikchened, to exploring the Elven Lands to the far west, dodging poison tripwires and leaf traps, or even something as simple as finding a lost cat, Members have access to a far wider range of both easy and hard quests. View our Quest Database to learn more.

Many RuneScape players enjoy doing activities with friends or teammates. These can vary from simply training or doing quests together, doing Minigames such as Barbarian Assault, Trouble Brewing or Castle Wars together or as a team, or fighting boss monsters. The latter often requires high skill levels (80 or 90+, often) but usually offers great rewards and thrills. Our Monster Hunting guides mention many of these. We recommend you experience other aspects of the game before attempting these in order to familiarise yourself with it, as boss monsters are very hazardous to fight, and you will lose all but three of your items should you die.

Members have access to Daily Challenges, short tasks that are assigned once each day that if completed will reward you with extra experience and a challenge bag filled with items to cover your costs. See the guide for more in-depth information on how these work.

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When to Become a Member

This decision is a personal one, and is sometimes hotly debated on RuneScape fansite forums. The universal answer is whenever you want to and can. A few people suggest waiting until you have fairly high skill levels. Others suggest finishing most of the F2P quests first to build up a respectable skill level. However, many people are confident that you can enjoy being a member at ANY level. It's believed easier to level up as a member, and the many novice-level member quests help considerably. Substantial P2P bank space is also a factor. Being a member provides access to many cool items and skills to make your lower levels more colourful and fun. "Whenever you can talk your family into paying for it" is the most frequent solution!

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Special offers

From time to time Jagex will be running special offers when you buy your membership in a certain way. In addition to the membership you will also receive a special item from the offer. To claim the special item you will have to talk to Diango in Draynor village. Current special offers are highlighted in the table below.

Offer: Available to: Offer valid from:
Golden katana Anyone who purchased a 90 or 180 day membership package from 13th July 2012 until 6th October 2012
Flaming skull Only members redeeming a 90 or 100 day membership card from participating outlets:
  • United States: Gamestop
  • Canada: EB Games
  • United Kingdom: GAME
  • Australia & New Zealand: EB Games
  • Republic of Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland: Gamestop
22nd June 2012 until 15th July 2012
15 Bonus Spins Anyone who redeemed a 90 or 100 day membership card bought in any store (not online). 18th May 2012 until 28th May 2012
Barbed bow Only members redeeming a 90 or 100 day membership card from participating outlets:
  • US: Gamestop
  • UK: GameStation, GAME and GAME Wallet
  • Canada: EB Games (newly available)
  • Australia and New Zealand: EB Games
  • Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe: Gamestop
9th March 2012 until 31st March 2012
Ice mask Anyone who purchased a special 6 month RuneScape subscription with a credit card or Paypal. 15th December 2011 until 4th January 2012
Turkey hat Anyone who buys a 90 day card from a Game Target store. 18th November 2011 until 8th December 2011
Turn your skin green Anyone who bought a 30 or 35 day card from ANY store. 17th October 2011 until 4th November 2011
Ornate katana Only Australian members who buy a 100 day membership card from Game. 1st September 2011 until 30th September 2011
A chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to Runefest 2011 With every purchase of a 90 or 100 Day RuneScape membership card that is redeemed between 1st August and 5th September 2011, you will automatically be entered into a Grand Prize Draw for a chance of being 1 of the 10 lucky entrants to win a VIP trip for 2 to Runefest 2011 in London! More information is available here. 1st August 2011 until 5th September 2011
Ornate katana Only UK members who bought a 90 day membership card from Game or GameStation. 8th July 2011 until 31st July 2011
Ornate katana Only US members who bought a 90 day membership card from Game Stop 20th June 2011 until 10th July 2011
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Members Loyalty Programme

When you become a member, you can sign up for Jagex's Loyalty Programme to be awarded loyalty points. This is described by Jagex as "a way of saying thanks for being a member." The longer you are a member the more points you are awarded. You can save or spend your loyalty points at any time. You can redeem points for emotes, new outfits, user titles and more. For more information visit our Members Loyalty Programme Guide!

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As you increase in skills, or work through the Easy and Medium level member Quests, you will eventually become familiar with all of the new areas of RS you can enjoy as a member.

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Original Guide by: pokemama and bambino

Rewritten Version by: Jaffy1

Special Thanks to: Baffler

Thanks to: abomb67, Agent1777, Baffler, Bauke, benoit_edge, Biabf, Bluehooloovo, branjos, Corioll, Cowman_133, DeEliteOne, DivineArr0wZ, Gamerr, Gugge, Headnazgul, Howlin1, Insidious, Kiara_Kat, kwimbob, Lady_Shahdie, LordSoultar, Jaffy1, Jimmyw3000, jmill331, Juhniz, ml417, Madame_Lil, Mantux31, Mat, McGuff1, micarina, Mirrorforced, Misplacedme, moopymitchell182, Nyosuht, Paw_Claw, peche, pokemama, SerpentEye, shortkid111, Speedyshel, sycopath989, tryto, ultimania92, vlad_the_old, Vulxai, Warriormonkx, Wizard111111, Y_3x, Zaaps1, Zigota_Lt and zxzxzxzx99

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