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You can contact Rune Tips via our forums. Please read below to find out where to take any queries or submissions.

Databases: We prefer to receive new information and corrections in the forums linked below. However, you can also submit corrections by choosing the [Submit Correction] link on any Bestiary, Item or Shop Entry. (Abuse of the submit correction feature will result in an IP ban.)

Other Website Content. We can only accept submissions in the forum. Pictures showing the correction are especially helpful:

Remember: We are a fan site ONLY! This is NOT an official Jagex website. Please be very specific in your feedback and supply as much details as possible while using good grammar and spelling.

Questions about playing RuneScape: If you need answers for training a skill, how to get an item, how to complete a treasure trail, or anything else relating to game play, please post it to the Help and Advice forum. Any questions sent to staff about the game will generally not be answered.

Questions about your RuneScape account: Please contact JAGEX at the RuneScape website for problems with your game account. If you have been banned from RuneScape, cannot access your RuneScape account, have been scammed, or wish there were changes to the game, WE CAN'T HELP YOU!! We are a fan site ONLY! This is NOT an official Jagex website. You will have to contact Jagex directly via the RuneScape website for ANY of these things. Please don't ask us to forward your suggestion/complaint/question to Jagex for you. We are not able to do so.

Abuse of these features will result in an IP ban.

RuneScape 2007
Find this page on the Internet Archive with a date as close to Aug 10, 2007 as possible.

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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