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New Clan Guides Section!
  By: tripsis Date: 22-October-2011  

We have added a new section to our clan page for Clan Guides! Right now we just have guides for TeamSpeak 2 and 3 but we hope to add a lot more in the future!

Clan Chronicle - Autumn 2010
  By: Laikrob Date: 3-November-2010  

We rebuilt. Thanks to extra writing staff, you can find a wider variety of articles than before. This time you can read a recap of the Tip.It Clan Tournament 2010 with reports on two wars, a special on collaboration between paired clans in the 2vs2, Dungeoneering and its rewards that are useful for clans, clan sizes, how people choose usernames... If that’s not enough, we also have a recap of how the clan world has evolved since classic and until today, and we finish off with a JaGex interview with focus on clans.

This edition can be accessed here!

The clan staff wants YOU!
  By: Das Date: 17-June-2010  

Hello everyone,

Our clan staff is looking for ACTIVE and dedicated community leaders to join our clan staff. If you are interested in becoming part of the clan staff, please check out this forum topic.

Clan Chronicle - Spring 2010
  By: Laikrob Date: 7-April-2010  

The Clan Chronicle is back, now with bigger and better drama. Crash wars, interviews and DDoSing? Not one, but two articles and interviews with that as a theme. It's all there, along with an article on the CWA generation and their relationships with updates, a look at the display name change update and of course: The Tip.It Clan Tournament 2010. The basics, rules and who are still in - all can be found in this shiny new issue. This edition is being discussed in the Clan Discussion forums!

Clan Crew Positon
  By: Cowman_133 Date: 24-January-2010  

Are you interested in helping improve this webspace? Please head over to the Clan Crew Applications topic for more information!

Happy New Years!
  By: Cowman_133 Date: 1-January-2010  

2009 has been a great and productive year for the Tip.It Clans Section! On behalf of the Rune Tips Clan Staff, I would like to thank you all for making 2009 such a fantastic year and wish you all the best in your clan endeavors during 2010!

Happy New Years

Clan Chronicle
  By: Y_Guy Date: 31-October-2009  

If you have any comments on the current issues of the Clan Chronicle or are interested in lending a hand with it, please check out this thread!

New Forums Available
  By: Cowman_133 Date: 7-October-2009  

After several delays, the new forum software is now up. To discuss how this affects the clan side of things, check out this discussion topic.

Clan Chronicle August(ish)
  By: Laikrob Date: 4-September-2009  

The BlacKnights is the oldest living clan in RuneScape, and they are the clan of the month. Wonder what Jagex think about clans and what future plans they have? We did, so we asked them 20-something questions. Villandra (with the accounts Slayerbelle, Lorica and Ellebreyals) is known for insane goals and actually reaching them. We have interviewed her, and she tells us about her clan and game history. Punc is a guest author, and he has written a series about the History of Warring. First part is about RS Classic. You will also find reactions to the DK interview last month and our usual clan obituaries.

The issue can be found here and the discussion topic here.

Forum Changes
  By: Cowman_133 Date: 4-September-2009  

Upcoming changes to our forums may be important to you and your clan. More information and a discussion can be found here.

Clan Chronicle July
  By: Laikrob Date: 26-July-2009  

The Divine Kings is the clan of the month, so beware. The PvP changes presented earlier this month to prevent one-iteming and 26k-ing were not too popular. Our guest articles this month take a look at the negative prospect of the clan world, and the similarities between being a clan leader and an administrator on a large fansite. We have an article about pk run-ins and how they are decided, and when you have finished your read you can take a look in the Clan Discussion forum and join one of the discussions there.

The article can be found here and the discussion topic here.

Clan Chronicle June
  By: Laikrob Date: 24-June-2009  

In this month's Chronicle, we have two clans in focus: Shadow Elves and Divination. Both well-known and feared, one for their pking and warring skills, the other for their competitive side in skilling competitions. We have the brand new PvP update covered, and have asked for opinions ”on the street”. There's a quick RuneScript guide with useful commands if you use IRC often, and we have an article about FT's closing and the reasons behind. One of our guest authors writes about the forgotten members, who often can be the most important ones in a clan.

There is a discussion topic which can be found here.

May Clan Chronicle
  By: Laikrob Date: 27-May-2009  

TT’s slightly surprising victory over DI this Saturday has been dedicated a lot of space in this month’s issue of the Clan Chronicle, as one could expect. The Titans is also the clan of the month, so there is plenty to learn about them this time around. Exciting news from the Tip.It Crew as well, with a look behind the scenes on an upcoming release: A memberlist feature, which will challenge RuneHead when it comes out. Other things you will find in this issue are the Jagex Cup final results (Skilling and Combined included), a guest article about the clan support changes under the new CEO, the side effects of clan chats and the news of another clan closing.

As always, the discussion topic can be found here.

April Chronicle
  By: Laikrob Date: 29-April-2009  

The April Clan Chronicle is now available! The Jagex Cup is going on strong, and in Round 3 the last of the RSB clans disappeared. Read more about why in a guest article, and read what some of the clan leaders think about the Jagex Cup. Rich in a hurry, with little to no consequences!?! Sounds too good to be true, but this Easter it was possible with the PvP BoB bug. Surprise ending this month: closing of a clan with more than 150 members. Do you sometimes think your clan leader is expecting too much time and dedication from you? Then our second guest article might be something for you. Did you agree with something? Disagree? Shocked? Discuss the issue here.

Link Change
  By: Cowman_133 Date: 24-April-2009  

Due to some recent, and mostly behind the scenes, changes to the clan homepage, we had to change the link to this page. The old page will now redirect here, but just so people are aware of the new link, the link is now http://tip.it/runescape/?clans.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Hopefully these changes will allow for more advanced content to become available. Keep your eyes peeled!

March Chronicle
  By: Laikrob Date: 6-April-2009  

The March issue of the Clan Chronicle is out, and Corruption is the spotlight clan of the month. A former #1 clan that is still in top 5, and that has had its share of drama and leadership issues the last few months. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the Jagex Cup, a look at skilling clans, unwritten CWA rules and the appeal of clans. We also picked out some hot topics in Clan Discussion, maybe you have something to add to some of them?

Clan Chronicle
  By: Laikrob Date: 6-April-2009  

As you may have noticed, there is a new button in town. That’s right; the Clan Chronicle is back, and this time it’s on the website. We are proud to say that the standards a bit higher this time around - proper spel shekkin, and we are not afraid to make articles with an edge if we feel it’s necessary. Something for the skillers will come starting next issue, and we will also print guest articles. The first issue can be found here.

Proud to Announce...
  By: Cowman_133 Date: 6-April-2009  

Tip.It is pleased to unveil our newest section dedicated entirely to our clan community! We invite you to take some time to look around and explore all the features Tip.It has available to clans. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to PM a clan staff member.

Happy clanning!

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