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The DGSweeper, or dungeonsweeper, is designed with one purpose: to make dungeoneering easier and more enjoyable for all players! Its functions range from automatically capturing and displaying your dungeon map, to finding the required levels for potion doors, and everything in between. Whether you're a dungoneering expert or someone just starting out in this unique skill, the DGSweeper is sure to help you reach your dungeoneering goals!

Inspired by the great dungeoneering clan, DGS, maintained by XP-Waste, and hosted by Tip.It, DGSweeper is by far the ultimate dungeoneering utility!

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DGSweeper's advanced built-in features, helpful tools, and lightning speed set the program apart from other similar utilities and websites. Almost anything related to Dungeoneering can be done through the DGSweeper. The best part is that it works with any RuneScape client!


The key utility is a great tool for both novice and advanced dungeoneers. It reduces the concentration needed to remember keys and door locations, allowing players to focus on more important aspects of the dungeon.

This feature's main purpose is for marking keys on the map. If you have trouble remembering which doors are in which location, simply select the key on the key utility and place it by clicking on its corresponding door on the map! To remove a placed key, simply right-click it.

Included in the key utility is the gatestone utility. Located directly above the keys, it'll display any gatestone you need to remember. Simply add a gatestone the same way you would a key.

To toggle the key window, click the G or K buttons or press Ctrl-K.


The legend is one of the DGSweeper's most useful features. It allows you to know instantly who is where on the map without having to hover over their markers.

If the legend window is shown, DGSweeper will automatically capture the party details when the tab is open. To reset the captured names, simply click the legend window.

For players who prefer to have the names displayed on the map, simply hide the legend window once the party details have been captured.

To toggle the legend window, click the Party Details button or press Ctrl-L.


Have you ever been dungeoneering and not had time to open and examine your map? Well, that problem is now a thing of the past. This feature rapidly scans your screen for a dungeoneering map. Once a map is detected, it instantly displays it on the map utility.

You will no longer need to continuously open your map to see what's happening in your dungeon. If your map appears on your screen, even for a fraction of a second, the DGSweeper will see it and capture it.

To reposition the map window, click and drag its borders to the desired location.

To resize the map window, press Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Down.

To toggle the map window, press Ctrl-M. Note that this will also hide the key, legend, and timer features.


The timer can make a huge difference in your dungeoneering experience. Accurate down to the millisecond, it will always let you know how long you've been exploring your dungeon.

The timer will automatically start when the DGSweeper successfully detects a map or when one is retieved with DGConnect. This lets you focus more on looting the starting table and getting your supplies ready to explore your floor!

If you do not wish to wait until you have opened your map, the timer can be started and stopped by clicking Timer button.

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DGSweeper comes with an easy to navigate, user friendly interface to make dungeoneering easier then ever. If you've closed the interface, it can be reopened by right clicking the tray icon.

With this interface, you'll be able to connect and find party members, get solutions to riddles, and even help and support when your DGSweeper may not be running as expected.


The connect features of DGSweeper are designed with one purposes: to increase the idea of efficiency and teamwork behind dungeoneering.

Here you'll be able to quickly find members in any world, as well as connect to one another. Your DGSweepers will share maps and placed keys and gatestones at lightning fast speeds.

With the Tip.It servers acting as a middle-man between you and your partners, your connections are safe and secure. No personal information is obtainable by connecting to one another. Simply generate a key, or connect to one which already exists.


The interface features can be used by both beginner and advanced dungeoneers. From getting the recipes for potions, to instantly solving riddles, this will help guide you through those puzzling rooms.

Using the built in hiscores, you can quickly search any player to view their stats both before and during a floor in a nice readable format.

Needing a potion and not knowing the ingredients, or even if you've got the level required, can be a hassle. DGSweeper will tell you the minimum level, and the ingredients needed, for a door that requires a boost.

Sometimes the Enigmatic hoardstalker may supply a riddle that you may not know or remember the answer to. By simply entering part of the riddle, DGSweeper will instantly give you all possible solutions.


The options is where you'll customize your dungeoneering experience to work for you and your computer.

Computers running version of Windows newer than XP may be using a theme which includes Aero. While this is a great feature, it can slow down DGSweeper significantly and cause higher resource usage. Therefore, DGSweeper gives you the option to temporarily disable it.

Hotstrings are terms that act as triggers. They operate very similar to hotkeys. DGSweeper has many of these for things such as quickly searching riddles. However, if you choose to, you have the option to disable them.

The navigation bar is the optional bar displayed at the top of your RuneScape applet. For DGSweeper to properly capture your map, your navigation settings must match your in-game settings.

Sometimes while dungeoneering, RuneScape throws you an odd layout. Some players use previous maps to study pathing. DGSweeper gives you the option of saving your maps to be viewed later, whether it be to share with friends or study to better your dungeoneering abilities.


One of the many great things about DGSweeper that makes it stand out amongst other applications is it's fast and reliable support. Clicking the support button will take you to the DGSweeper support board.

Bugs get fixed and resolved quickly. Since it's creation back in May of 2011, DGSweeper has through over 45 updates of which many have been bug fixes. If you find a bug, or if a feature isn't working as expected, we can't fix it unless we know about it. Report it!

DGSweeper was built on the ideas and requests of the RuneScape community. Not all ideas and suggestions make it into development, but there's nothing to say you can't try. If you think of something you'd like to see implemented, don't hesitate to let me know!

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DGSweeper has built in hotkeys to help make things easier and faster while you're dungeoneering. Whether it be to hide the legend or change the size of the map, memorizing the hotkeys below will prove to be highly beneficial.

Hotkey Action
Ctrl-K Toggle the key and getsteone utility.
Ctrl-L Toggle the legend window.
Ctrl-M Toggle the map and all other features.
Ctrl-Up / Down Toggle map size bigger / smaller.
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Sometimes you can't afford to switch windows to get answers to a riddle or search someone on the hiscores. DGSweeper knows this, and for that reason offers hotstrings.

Hotstrings are terms, recognized by DGSweeper, that can be typed directly into RuneScape whether or not your chat is visible. To see an example, hover your mouse here. Note that beginning and ending periods must be typed.

Hotstring Notes Example
!dgc.[Key]. Connects to a key to share maps, keys, and gatestones.
  • Key must only contain alphanumeric characters.
  • Key must be 8 characters or the word Off.
!hs.[Player name]. Searches a player on the RuneScape hiscores.
  • Player name must only contain alphanumeric, hyphen, and space characters.
  • Player name must not exceed 12 characters.
!pot.[Skill name].[Desired level]. Searches a skill and level for the resulting potion.
  • Skill name must only contain alpha characters.
  • Skill name must not exceed 12 characters.
  • Desired level must only contain numberic characters.
  • Desired level must not exceed 3 characters.
  • Desired level must be > 0 and < 106.
!rid.[Search term]. Searches riddles for a search term for the solution.
  • Search term must only contain alpha and space characters.
  • Search term must not exceed 30 characters.
!rid.with a stick.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get hacked using DGSweeper?
    In short, no! Everything regarding the DGSweeper is safe and secure. DGSweeper does not record any of your information, nor is it a keylogger. If you are still uneasy, you can view the VirusTotal scan results found here.

  • Is DGSweeper legal?
    Of course! DGSweeper abides by each of the rules and guidelines set by Jagex as to what a 3rd party program can contain and do. You can see these here.

  • Is connecting to other players safe?
    Yes! In no way can any player, stranger of friend, retrieve any of your information through DGSweeper's connect features. You never actually connect to each other; Tip.It's servers act as middle-man: you simply connect to it.

  • What clients does DGSweeper support?
    DGSweeper is usable in any browser and any client, from SwiftKit, to Google Chrome, to Jagex's very own; it works with them all! However, it will not work in bot clients as Tip.It doesn't encourage such activity.

  • How do I update DGSweeper?
    If an update is available, DGSweeper will update itself when it launches.

  • Is there a version for Mac?
    Currently there's no Mac version. However, there is one in development!
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Feedback & Troubleshooting

If you have any questions not covered in the FAQ, or if you are having difficulty running the program, feel free to ask your questions in the DGSweeper board and it'll be sorted quickly!

Additionally, if you can think of a feature that the DGSweeper lacks, or possibly an upgrade to a preexisting feature, feel free to post suggestions in the DGSweeper board! This utility was designed around the ideas of the users, and it would not be where it is today without the valuable input, support, and ideas of the community.

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Developed by: Stev Peifer

Special thanks to: DGS,

Thanks to: 0bat, 4nr, Andd, Andy, Ashlye, Barrett, Ben, Bladekill133, Cherry-Poo, Cured Angels, Downed, DyingSilent, ForsakenMage, Funaust, Ghrim, Grimy Bunyip, iBe, iElysianFox, Invid, Ish, Jagerblue, Kelly, King of DGS, Kun, Lose No Hope, Meredith, Neal, Obtaurian, Pfohlol, PopeDevourer, Ren, Rick, Rizhou, Slzr, Squakus, Thai Guy, Tui, WTC117

Last updated by: Stev

Last updated on: 17-Jul-2012

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