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Tip.It, also known as Rune Tips, has a certain team of people whose job it is to organise and run events for other players. They are called the Tip.It Events team (TET) and you can find a list of their members via the link below.

This is the main TET page where you can access information about all previous events, including reviews and screenshots. You can also look through the calendar to find out about upcoming events as they are planned on a monthly basis. The very next event will be shown in the information box on the right side of the website, and you can follow the link for exact details on our forum. If you have any ideas for events or would like to give us any feedback, feel free to contact us via the forum.

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Previous Events
Event Time
A Snowy Christmas Sat 17-Dec-2011 @ 9:00pm
Pyramid Plunder Sat 19-Nov-2011 @ 9:00pm
Dagannoth Kings Boss hunt Sat 5-Nov-2011 @ 9:00pm
Into the Darkness Sat 22-Oct-2011 @ 9:00am
Gnome! Gnome I say! (Kalphite Queen) Sat 17-Sep-2011 @ 9:00pm
Monty Pythoneering 3: General Graardor Boss (Part 2) Sat 27-Aug-2011 @ 9:00pm
Monty Pythoneering 3: The Meaning of TET (Part 1) Sat 27-Aug-2011 @ 11:00am
A Day at the Pyramids Sat 20-Aug-2011 @ 9:00pm
The Trouble with Chaos Dwarves Sat 13-Aug-2011 @ 11:00am
Corporeal Beast Sat 6-Aug-2011 @ 9:00pm
Vinesweeper Sat 23-Jul-2011 @ 9:00pm
The Accursed of Mort'ton Sat 23-Jul-2011 @ 11:00am
Night of the Living Bots Sat 9-Jul-2011 @ 9:00pm
Fish N' Chips Sat 9-Jul-2011 @ 11:00am
A New Supply o'Meat! Sat 2-Jul-2011 @ 9:00pm
Armadyl Boss Hunt Sat 18-Jun-2011 @ 9:00pm
Saradomin VS Zamorak (Castle Wars!) Sat 11-Jun-2011 @ 9:00pm
Upsy Daisy Slayer Tower Sat 4-Jun-2011 @ 9:00pm
Fist of Guthix! Sat 4-Jun-2011 @ 11:00am
Trouble at Tai Bwo Wannai Sat 21-May-2011 @ 11:00am
A night in the Dark Alley Sat 14-May-2011 @ 9:00pm
Zwilly Wonka and the Cabbage Factory Sat 7-May-2011 @ 9:00pm
DOOMed Sat 7-May-2011 @ 11:00am
Where are the Pengy? Sat 30-Apr-2011 @ 10:00pm
An A-Maze-ing event! Sat 23-Apr-2011 @ 9:00pm
Wonders Sat 16-Apr-2011 @ 9:00pm
A Royal Conquest! Sat 16-Apr-2011 @ 11:00am
Saradomin's Return Sat 9-Apr-2011 @ 10:00am
Portal Problems Sat 9-Apr-2011 @ 9:00am
Stealing Creation Sat 2-Apr-2011 @ 10:00pm
Danger is Afoot Sat 2-Apr-2011 @ 9:00pm
La$ V€ga$ Night Sat 26-Mar-2011 @ 9:00pm
The Great Orb Project Sat 26-Mar-2011 @ 10:00am
Toon World Sat 19-Mar-2011 @ 9:00pm
Trawling all over the world! Sat 19-Mar-2011 @ 10:00am
Saturday Night Clan Wars Sat 12-Mar-2011 @ 10:00am
Arabian Nights! Sat 5-Mar-2011 @ 9:00pm
Barbarian Assault! Sat 26-Feb-2011 @ 9:00pm
A Good Walk Ruined Sat 26-Feb-2011 @ 10:00am
Two Cities Struggle Sat 19-Feb-2011 @ 9:00pm
Ancient Brotherhood Sat 19-Feb-2011 @ 10:00am
HamTET Sat 12-Feb-2011 @ 9:00pm
The Circus is Coming Sat 5-Feb-2011 @ 9:00pm
One Piece Sat 5-Feb-2011 @ 10:00am
When the Seagulls Cry Sat 29-Jan-2011 @ 9:00pm
The Wilderness Tour Sat 29-Jan-2011 @ 10:00am
Boot Camp Sat 22-Jan-2011 @ 9:00pm
The Three MusTETeers Sat 22-Jan-2011 @ 10:00am
Thine Three Classics: MacTETh Sat 15-Jan-2011 @ 9:00pm
Sceptre Plundering Sat 15-Jan-2011 @ 10:00am
Monkey Madness! Sat 8-Jan-2011 @ 9:00pm
TET Power Sat 8-Jan-2011 @ 10:00am
The TET Christmas Event 2010! Sat 18-Dec-2010 @ 9:00pm
Christmas In July Sat 18-Dec-2010 @ 10:00am
Runemons Sat 11-Dec-2010 @ 9:00pm
Zamorak's Renaissance Sat 11-Dec-2010 @ 10:00am
Alarm on the Farm I ~ Fowl on the Prowl Sat 4-Dec-2010 @ 9:00pm
4th Birthday Party Sat 4-Dec-2010 @ 10:00am
Voldebell And The 7 Horcruxes Sat 27-Nov-2010 @ 9:00pm
Dungeoneering Meet N' Greet Sat 27-Nov-2010 @ 10:00am
A Need To Fight Sat 20-Nov-2010 @ 9:00pm
A tale of Water & Fire Sat 20-Nov-2010 @ 10:00am
The Halloween Clean Up Sat 13-Nov-2010 @ 9:00pm
10th Squad's Pre-summer Job Sat 13-Nov-2010 @ 10:00am
Proto Merkabah IV: Amber Sat 6-Nov-2010 @ 9:00pm
Snap!! Sat 6-Nov-2010 @ 10:00am
A Haunting in Varrock Sat 30-Oct-2010 @ 9:00pm
Castle Wars Before Gielinor Sat 30-Oct-2010 @ 11:00am
Slayer Tower Invasion V Sat 23-Oct-2010 @ 9:00pm
The Outback Tour Sat 23-Oct-2010 @ 11:00am
Oktobeerfest Sat 16-Oct-2010 @ 9:00pm
Welcoming The New Members Sat 16-Oct-2010 @ 11:00am
Monty Pythoneering 2 Sat 9-Oct-2010 @ 9:00pm
A Cruise Along the Deep Blues! Sat 9-Oct-2010 @ 11:00am
The TET Grand Showcase ~ Hosted by ZidaneCT Sat 2-Oct-2010 @ 6:00pm
The Big Bomb Event Sat 2-Oct-2010 @ 11:00am
The Falador Tea Party! Sat 25-Sep-2010 @ 9:00pm
Element Time (Guest Event) Sat 25-Sep-2010 @ 6:00am
Proto Merkabah III: Icterine Sun 19-Sep-2010 @ 9:00pm
A Family Feud Sat 18-Sep-2010 @ 6:00am
Golden Mage Madness Sun 12-Sep-2010 @ 8:00pm
The Great Escape (Guest Event) Sat 11-Sep-2010 @ 6:00am
Knights of the Bapocalipse Sat 4-Sep-2010 @ 9:00pm
Castle Wars before Gielinor Sat 4-Sep-2010 @ 6:00am
Pirates vs Ninjas Sat 28-Aug-2010 @ 9:00pm
Fist of Guthix Meet N' Greet Sat 28-Aug-2010 @ 6:00am
March of the Mimes Sat 21-Aug-2010 @ 6:00am
A Violent Enlightenment Fri 20-Aug-2010 @ 9:00pm
House Party Sat 14-Aug-2010 @ 6:00am
Demise of the Great Hawk Fri 13-Aug-2010 @ 9:00pm
Trapped on a Desert Island Fri 6-Aug-2010 @ 11:00pm
Miss Annie Gram at it Again Fri 6-Aug-2010 @ 9:00pm
TET Toy Day: In Search of Mr. Fuzzy Sat 31-Jul-2010 @ 7:00pm
The Stronghold Assault Sat 31-Jul-2010 @ 6:00am
Proto Merkabah I & II: Chartreuse and Aureolin Sat 24-Jul-2010 @ 9:00pm
Colour Blast Carnival Sat 17-Jul-2010 @ 8:30pm
CSI Australia Sat 17-Jul-2010 @ 6:00am
Ruins of an Older Past Sat 10-Jul-2010 @ 9:00pm
150th Event! Sat 10-Jul-2010 @ 6:00am
The Magic of the South Sat 3-Jul-2010 @ 9:00pm
A Date With The Queen Sat 3-Jul-2010 @ 6:00am
Invasion Of Memes Sat 26-Jun-2010 @ 9:00pm
Castlewars Bash Sat 26-Jun-2010 @ 6:00am
Monty Pythoneering Sat 19-Jun-2010 @ 9:00pm
Wilderness Extermination Sat 19-Jun-2010 @ 11:00am
A Girl's Night Out Sat 12-Jun-2010 @ 9:00pm
Edgeville Social! Sat 12-Jun-2010 @ 11:00am
Tomb Raiders of Morton Sat 5-Jun-2010 @ 8:00pm
Downtown Warfare Sat 5-Jun-2010 @ 11:00am
The Legend of Zelda: Ganondorf's Vengeance Sat 29-May-2010 @ 9:00pm
The Calling - Part I Sat 29-May-2010 @ 12:00am
Elemental Fun Sat 22-May-2010 @ 9:00pm
A Typical Day In The Neighbourhood Sat 22-May-2010 @ 12:00am
Desert treasure Sat 15-May-2010 @ 9:00pm
B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BOSS HUNT Sat 15-May-2010 @ 12:00am
Orb Sat 8-May-2010 @ 9:00pm
Corporeal Punishment Sat 1-May-2010 @ 9:00pm
A Prayer and a Fist Sat 24-Apr-2010 @ 9:00pm
§Return of the Death Eaters§ Sat 17-Apr-2010 @ 9:00pm
The Brink of Reality Sat 10-Apr-2010 @ 9:00pm
Easter Eggstravaganza! Sat 3-Apr-2010 @ 9:00pm
A Death Cure Sat 27-Mar-2010 @ 9:00pm
Alice in Wonderland Sat 20-Mar-2010 @ 9:00pm
A Game of Wars! Sat 13-Mar-2010 @ 9:00pm
A Tale of Two Cities; A Thorn in his Pride Sat 6-Mar-2010 @ 9:00pm
The Mighty Have Fallen Sat 13-Feb-2010 @ 9:00pm
The Monarchy Assassins Sat 6-Feb-2010 @ 9:00pm
Twisted and Out of Control 5 : The Final Judgement Sat 30-Jan-2010 @ 8:00pm
The Legend of a Fire King Sat 23-Jan-2010 @ 9:00pm
Le Cirque D'Horreur Sat 16-Jan-2010 @ 9:00pm
The Two Faces of Christmas Sat 19-Dec-2009 @ 8:00pm
Setting the Stockings Sat 12-Dec-2009 @ 9:00pm
A Brewery Nightmare… Sat 28-Nov-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Fall of a Spirit Sat 21-Nov-2009 @ 8:00pm
A Very Violent Scavenger Hunt! Sat 7-Nov-2009 @ 9:00pm
TET Presents ~ Let there be FRIGHT! Sat 31-Oct-2009 @ 9:00pm
§Run Tet Run§ Sat 10-Oct-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Windswept Tomb of Armadyl Sat 26-Sep-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Holy Tomb of Saradomin Sat 19-Sep-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Unholy Tomb of Zamorak Sat 12-Sep-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Sacred Tomb of Bandos Sat 5-Sep-2009 @ 9:00pm
A Near Death Experience Sat 15-Aug-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Great Runescape Pub Crawl Sat 8-Aug-2009 @ 9:00pm
We're All Going on a Summer Holiday! Sat 1-Aug-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Nulls Strike Back! (Guest Event) Sat 25-Jul-2009 @ 9:00pm
Outlaws – Runescape needs YOU! Sat 18-Jul-2009 @ 9:00pm
Rise of the Pyromaniacs Sat 11-Jul-2009 @ 9:00pm
Their Torment Ceased Sat 4-Jul-2009 @ 9:00pm
Summer Carnival Disco Fabalooza!!! Sat 27-Jun-2009 @ 8:30pm
The King of the Castle Sat 20-Jun-2009 @ 9:00pm
Enter Sandman Sat 13-Jun-2009 @ 9:00pm
Memories Sat 6-Jun-2009 @ 9:00pm
H.I.M - The TET Offensive Sat 30-May-2009 @ 9:00pm
Mission (that is most likely) Imposible Sat 23-May-2009 @ 9:00pm
† The Eye of Saradomin † Sat 16-May-2009 @ 9:00pm
Well Earned Rest! *Guest Event* Sat 2-May-2009 @ 9:00pm
Twisted and Out of Control 4 : Dark Fusion Sat 25-Apr-2009 @ 9:00pm
Easter 2009!!!! Sat 18-Apr-2009 @ 9:00pm
Barrows: Meet and Greet Sat 11-Apr-2009 @ 9:00pm
April Fools! Sat 4-Apr-2009 @ 9:00pm
Super Pie Vs. Cabbage HD Remix Sat 28-Mar-2009 @ 9:00pm
Pi(e) Day! Sat 14-Mar-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Farmers' Finest Oo-arr! Sat 7-Mar-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Thrill of the Bounty Sat 21-Feb-2009 @ 9:00pm
The Flight of Cupid's Arrow Sat 14-Feb-2009 @ 9:00pm
Geocaching Sat 7-Feb-2009 @ 9:00pm
Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Birthday Eve Sat 31-Jan-2009 @ 9:00pm
Smash, Crash n' Bandos Sat 24-Jan-2009 @ 9:00pm
Return of the Nulls Sat 17-Jan-2009 @ 9:00pm
Falador Brawl Sat 10-Jan-2009 @ 9:00pm
Those Rangers Forted #3 (f2p/p2p) Sat 3-Jan-2009 @ 9:00pm
Wrath of the Demon King Sat 27-Dec-2008 @ 9:00pm
Christmas Celebration 2008! Sat 20-Dec-2008 @ 9:00pm
Slave Auction 2008 Sat 13-Dec-2008 @ 9:00pm
Assassin’s Revolution Sat 6-Dec-2008 @ 9:00pm
Panem Et Circenses Sat 29-Nov-2008 @ 9:00pm
Darkness of Kree'Arra Sat 8-Nov-2008 @ 9:00pm
A World Takeover! Sat 1-Nov-2008 @ 8:00pm
All Hallows' Eve Sat 25-Oct-2008 @ 9:00pm
Morytania Madness Sun 19-Oct-2008 @ 12:00am
Twisted and Out of Control 3: The New Evil Sat 11-Oct-2008 @ 9:00pm
Oktoberfest Sat 4-Oct-2008 @ 9:00pm
Tipit V RuneVillage ~ Castle Wars Extravaganza Sat 27-Sep-2008 @ 7:00pm
Fist of Guthix M&G Sat 20-Sep-2008 @ 9:00pm
Unnamed Event Sat 13-Sep-2008 @ 9:00pm
Castle Siege! Sat 30-Aug-2008 @ 9:00pm
The Familiar Wars Sat 23-Aug-2008 @ 9:00pm
Stones of Power - Part 1: The search Sat 16-Aug-2008 @ 9:00pm
Save the World! Sat 9-Aug-2008 @ 9:00pm
Call in the Exterminators Part 1 Sat 2-Aug-2008 @ 9:00pm
Bad Taste Party II Sat 26-Jul-2008 @ 9:00pm
Clash of the Gods Sat 19-Jul-2008 @ 8:00pm
TET Carnival and Summer Ball! Sat 12-Jul-2008 @ 8:00pm
Blast Furnace! Sat 21-Jun-2008 @ 8:00pm
Pie v Cabbage 5! Sat 17-May-2008 @ 8:30pm
§A Matter of Life And Death§ Sat 10-May-2008 @ 9:00pm
Twisted and out of Control 2 - Corrupted! Sat 3-May-2008 @ 9:00pm
The Pie Cave Sat 26-Apr-2008 @ 9:00pm
The Majharrat Hunters 1: Witches! Sat 19-Apr-2008 @ 9:00pm
Misplacedme's retirement Party!. Sat 12-Apr-2008 @ 7:30pm
Youth Vs. Elders Sat 5-Apr-2008 @ 9:00pm
A Twilight Cruise! Sat 29-Mar-2008 @ 9:00pm
Easter! Sat 22-Mar-2008 @ 9:00pm
Twisted and Out of Control! Sat 15-Mar-2008 @ 9:00pm
TET Boot Camp Sat 8-Mar-2008 @ 9:00pm
The Gnome Camp Out Sat 1-Mar-2008 @ 9:00pm
Find Me! Sat 23-Feb-2008 @ 9:00pm
Spring Melt! Sat 16-Feb-2008 @ 9:00am
Pie Vs. Cabbage 4: The Finale Sat 9-Feb-2008 @ 8:00pm
A Gnomes Dream... Sat 2-Feb-2008 @ 9:00pm
TET Attempt A Holiday Sat 26-Jan-2008 @ 9:00pm
The ULTIMATE Dungeon Invasion! Sat 19-Jan-2008 @ 9:00pm
The Great Snowball War Sat 12-Jan-2008 @ 9:00pm
Sorceress’ Garden Sat 22-Dec-2007 @ 9:00pm
A Christmas Festival! Sat 15-Dec-2007 @ 9:00pm
Pie Vs. Cabbage 3 Masters of Time! Sat 8-Dec-2007 @ 9:00pm
Slave Auction! Sun 2-Dec-2007 @ 11:59pm
TET needs YOU 2 Sat 24-Nov-2007 @ 9:00pm
§Death Strikes Back§ Sat 17-Nov-2007 @ 9:00pm
Barbarian Assault: Race to the Queen! Sat 10-Nov-2007 @ 9:00pm
A Bandit's Quest Sat 3-Nov-2007 @ 9:00pm
Halloween Spookfest Sat 27-Oct-2007 @ 9:00pm
Slayer Tower Invasion 4 Sat 13-Oct-2007 @ 7:00pm
March of the Wild Animals! Sat 6-Oct-2007 @ 9:00pm
KQ Kamikaze! Sat 29-Sep-2007 @ 9:00pm
The Amazing Race Sat 22-Sep-2007 @ 10:00pm
Impetuous Impulses Sat 15-Sep-2007 @ 9:00pm
Dr Oddensteins New Assistants! Sat 8-Sep-2007 @ 8:00pm
Pie Vs. Cabbage 2 Sat 1-Sep-2007 @ 9:00pm
A Last Fight Sat 25-Aug-2007 @ 9:00pm
Lords of War, Fight Pits With A Twist Sat 18-Aug-2007 @ 9:00pm
TETAU - Trouble Brewing Round 3! Sat 11-Aug-2007 @ 12:00am
Blizzard in the Desert Sat 4-Aug-2007 @ 8:00pm
Farmer Plunder! Sat 28-Jul-2007 @ 9:00pm
Waterbirth Island and POH Sat 21-Jul-2007 @ 9:00pm
TET and RV Present ~ Scavenger Hunt (An Interforum Event) Sat 14-Jul-2007 @ 8:00pm
Trawler! Captain Dead man's Treasure! Sat 7-Jul-2007 @ 9:00pm
The March of the Autoers Sat 30-Jun-2007 @ 9:00pm
A Weekend In The Stronghold Sat 23-Jun-2007 @ 8:00pm
Varrock Summer Ball Sat 16-Jun-2007 @ 9:00pm
Jungle Clean up! Sat 9-Jun-2007 @ 8:00pm
Those Rangers Forted #2 Sat 2-Jun-2007 @ 8:00pm
Dwarf Appreciation Day Sat 26-May-2007 @ 8:00pm
Pie Vs. Kah Bah Gee! (CW) Sat 19-May-2007 @ 8:30pm
Island Adventure Sat 12-May-2007 @ 9:00pm
The Invasion of Black Knight HQ! Sat 5-May-2007 @ 9:00pm
Winter Wonderland Sat 28-Apr-2007 @ 9:00pm
TET Presents: 300 Sat 21-Apr-2007 @ 8:00pm
The Trawler Mystery Sat 14-Apr-2007 @ 9:00pm
Easter Madness Sat 7-Apr-2007 @ 8:00pm
Temple Building Sat 31-Mar-2007 @ 8:00pm
St. Patrick’s Day Freak Train Sat 17-Mar-2007 @ 8:00pm
The Attack of the Tipiters! Sat 10-Mar-2007 @ 8:00pm
Waterbirth Island & Laikrobs House Sat 3-Mar-2007 @ 8:00pm
Castle Wars - with a twist Sat 17-Feb-2007 @ 8:00pm
Pillage and Plunder Sat 10-Feb-2007 @ 9:00pm
Ze Ole' Trawler Trip Sat 27-Jan-2007 @ 8:00pm
Trouble Brewing (TETau Event) Sat 13-Jan-2007 @ 4:00am
The Freaks of Christmas Past Sat 30-Dec-2006 @ 8:00pm
Christmas Bash V (Two Part, Two Day Event) Thu 21-Dec-2006 @ 10:00pm
Castle Wars: TET vs RV Sat 16-Dec-2006 @ 8:00pm
Those Rangers Forted Sat 9-Dec-2006 @ 8:00pm
The Great Itch, A Trawler Tale! Sat 2-Dec-2006 @ 8:00pm
Order of Cabbage vs. Order of Banana War Sat 25-Nov-2006 @ 10:00pm
Around the World in 90 Minutes Sat 18-Nov-2006 @ 8:00pm
Castle Wars Madness III Sat 11-Nov-2006 @ 7:00pm
Help the Wizard & Snowball Fight Sat 4-Nov-2006 @ 10:00pm
Slayer Tower Invasion Sat 28-Oct-2006 @ 7:00pm
Halloween Bash V Sat 21-Oct-2006 @ 10:00pm
The Great Gielinor Inferno Sat 14-Oct-2006 @ 10:00pm
Monk's Pilgramage Sat 7-Oct-2006 @ 7:00pm
Classic Freak Train Sat 30-Sep-2006 @ 2:00am
Castle Wars Madness & Battle for the Khazard Basin Sat 23-Sep-2006 @ 9:00pm
Pirates of the Karamj'ean: The Curse of the Black Trawler Sat 16-Sep-2006 @ 7:00pm
Bad Taste Party Sat 9-Sep-2006 @ 8:00pm
The Great Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up Sat 2-Sep-2006 @ 8:00pm
Castle Wars Madness Sat 26-Aug-2006 @ 10:00pm
Runescape Best Dresser 2.0 Sat 19-Aug-2006 @ 7:00pm
Team Varrock: World Guards Sat 12-Aug-2006 @ 10:00pm

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