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Clan Discussions Forum Rules

Along with the Tip.It Forum Rules, we ask that you are aware of these forum-specific rules:

  • All links to clan sites or recruitment of any form should be posted in the Clan Recruitment Centre.
  • Censor evasion, extreme flaming, harassment or pointless vulgarity are all forbidden.
  • Deliberately going off-topic to excessively flame another user/Clan is not tolerated.
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Moderator Responsibilities

Moderators have to follow their own strict code when moderating the Tip.It forums. Part of which includes:

  • Distancing themselves from clans they are in, clans they have been in or clan-leaders they know personally. A moderator may not intervene in a flame-war where there is a conflict-of-interest.
  • Detaching themselves from their own clans, meaning they cannot create recruitment topics to advertise their own clans; they cannot reply to a topic in the Looking for a clan forum, advertising their clan; they cannot clean their own recruitment topic; and they cannot bump their clan's recruitment topic.
  • An anti-locking policy to flame-wars, when locking a topic is seen as a punishment, a last resort only to be used when other methods of calming things have been tried.
  • A tolerant, diluted discipline procedure, where users are warned first informally, which if fails is followed by a formal warning, before further action is taken.
  • Ignoring personal attacks/complaints/flames and passing them on to a higher member of staff. Moderators cannot decide the fate of those who complained against them.

If at any point you feel a moderator has defied any of these rules, then PM our Clan Administrator immediately, who will investigate the accusation. All problems will be handled privately and swiftly.

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Conclave Info

The Conclave forum is a place for clan-leaders and clan-officials. The moderation is lax, and the forum's rules allow for free discussion about the clan-world. Furthermore, all Clan-Officials who are added to the Conclave will be given a member-title ('Clan Official') to distinguish them on the TWR forum.


If you are a clan-leader and would like access to the Conclave for your clan, you must first meet the below requirements:

  • At least two officials with a TIF user account: every clan has one leader plus another one for every 25 members. The maximum number of officials cannot exceed five.
  • At least twenty-five members on your RuneHead memberlist.

If you meet these requirements, PM Nobody with the following information:

Clan type (skilling/combat/country?):
Clan Name:

And if you are a combat-clan, we strongly recommend that you join the Tip.It War Rankings. More info can be found here.

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IRC Info



  • Allowed: swearing, mild flaming
  • Not allowed: pornography, racism, trolling, heavy flaming, heavy swearing, flooding/spamming, account trading/real world trading, scamming, key logging, bots, ban evading, dangerous links

Relaxed atmosphere - if a fellow chatter thinks you are taking it too far, you probably are. Keep it enjoyable for everyone. :)

The ops have the final say when it comes to disagreements about rules. If you have any complaints, please contact Laikrob or Das.

A list of SwiftIRC's servers can be found here.

Server Conflict
If you're on a different server and would like to be on both servers at once or in the event of a netsplit, enter the following command:

/s -m -j #clans

To do this, you must have mIRC.

Founder: Cowman_133
Ops: abs, Das, Nobody, Pure_MageUK, Y_Guy
Half-ops: Gamerr, thiesje, [[Laura]] (tacatar)

Cowman_133, Gamerr and Pure_MageUK are IRC staff only.

Voices: Based on activity.

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Private Forum Hosting

Tip.It offers free private forums for clans. Only those whom the Clan Leader invites may view the forum and add up to two moderators.

Two leaders or high ranked officials will have full moderator powers, allowing them to lock posts, create stickies, etc. Administrators will only moderate the forum if asked.

To request a private board, contact an Administrator with the following information:

  • Clan name
  • The usernames of a maximum of two leaders or high ranking officials who will be controlling the boards (they will be given moderator powers). These two people must be registered on the forums.
  • The usernames of at least five other clan members who are also registered on
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Staff Responsibilities

Each member of the Clan-Staff has specific areas expertise, and these have been appropriated into their areas of responsibility; if you have a query/problem/complaint in a particular section of the forum, then feel free to PM the staff-member responsible, whose knowledge in the subject may be helpful.

TWR: abs, tacatar, Nobody, Y_Guy
The Conclave: abs, tacatar, Nobody

Clan Chronicle: Cowman_133, Das
Clan Website/Clan Directory: Cowman_133, thiesje
Clan Events:
IRC: Cowman_133, Y_Guy Clan Tournament: Nobody, abs

Private Forum Hosting:
Over-seeing Community Leaders: Nobody

Topics of interest:
Info/Rules Topic: Cowman_133, Das, Y_Guy, tacatar

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