Special Maps

Various special-interest maps that don't fit into the Dungeon or Mining theme.


Other Worlds and Planes

Name Description F2P/P2P
Freneskae Homeworld to the Mahjarrat, discovered during "Fate of the Gods" P2P
Abyss A shorter if more dangerous way to perform your rune crafting needs. P2P


Misthalin and Morytania (East)

Name Description F2P/P2P
Braindeath Island An island full of zombies, pirates, and spiders. P2P
Dorgesh-Kaan The massive underground goblin city. P2P
Harmony Island The home of distressed monks and zombie pirates. P2P
Lost City The underground city of the fairies - also known as Zanaris. P2P
Lumbridge Castle The castle in the centre of Lumbridge. F2P
Mort'ton The city of Shades and Afflicted in southern Morytania. P2P
Mos Le'Harmless An island of pirates, horrors, brewing - and of course, monkeys. P2P
The Rift Another dimension torn into the RuneScape world by our beloved Professor Oddenstein. P2P
Wizard's Tower Home of the Wizards, south of Draynor Village. F2P


Asgarnia and Islands (Centre)

Name Description F2P/P2P
Agility Arena An interactive map to your favourite agility area! (pop up) P2P
Ape Atoll An island ruled entirely by monkeys. P2P
Black Knights' Fortress Home to the infamous Black Knights. F2P
Crandor Isle Here lies the entrance to Elvarg, the mighty Dragon. F2P
Falador Castle The castle in the centre of Falador. F2P
Keldagrim The major dwarf city under Trollweiss Mountain. P2P
Mole Lair Located in Falador and home of the Giant Mole. P2P
Tzhaar Where you want to be if you like hot, dark and violent places. P2P
Witchaven Little village outside of Ardougne menaced by the sea slugs. P2P


Kandarin (West)

Name Description F2P/P2P
Camelot Castle Home to the Knights of the Round Table. P2P
Elemental Workshop Home to the quest series of the same name. P2P
Fremennik Isles The islands of Neitiznot and Jatizso. P2P
Lunar Isle The location of the Astral Rune Altar. P2P
Mogre Camp An underwater outpost of the Mogres. P2P
Piscatoris Fishing Colony The only place in RuneScape where you can catch monkfish! P2P


Tirannwn (Far West)

Name Description F2P/P2P
Isafdar & Arandar The land of Elves. P2P


Task Maps

Name Description F2P/P2P
Ardougne Tasks Shows the tasks around the Ardougne area. P2P
Burthope/Taverley Tasks Shows the tasks around the Burthorpe/Taverley area. P2P
Falador Tasks Shows the tasks around the Falador area. P2P
Fremennik Task Shows the tasks around the Fremennik Provinces. P2P
Karamja Tasks Shows the tasks on Karamja island. P2P
Lumbridge Tasks Shows the tasks around the Lumbridge and Draynor area. F2P
Morytania Tasks Shows the tasks around the Morytania area P2P
Seers' Village Tasks Shows the tasks around the Seer's Village area. P2P
Varrock Tasks Shows the tasks around the Varrock and Edgeville area. P2P


Hunting Locations

Region Creatures Found (Hunting Level Required) Kingdom
Desert Golden Warbler (5), Desert Devil (13), Orange Salamander (47). Kharidian Desert
Elven Pawya(66), Grenwall(77). Tirannwn
Iceberg Penguin, KGP Agent (45, 50, 51, and 56). Kandarin
Jungle Crimson Swift (1), Feldip Weasel (7), Tropical Wagtail (19), Spined Larupia (31), Barb-tailed Kebbit (33), Black Warlock (45), Red Chinchompa (63). Feldip Hills
Karamja Horned Graahk (41). Karamja
Snow Polar Kebbit (1), Cerulean Twitch (11), Sapphire Glacialis (25), Snowy Knight (35), Sabre-toothed Kebbit (51), Sabre-toothed Kyatt (55). Kandarin
Swamp Swamp Lizard (29). Morytania
Temple Red Salamander (59). Kandarin
Wilderness Black Salamander (67). Wilderness
Woodland Common Kebbit (3), Copper Longtail (9), Ruby Harvest (15), Wild Kebbit (23), Ferret (27), Rabbit (27), Prickly Kebbit (37), Spotted Kebbit (43), Razor-back Kebbit (49), Chinchompa (53), Dark Kebbit (57), Dashing Kebbit (69). Kandarin

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