Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been set up to provide answers to the most common questions we receive. We suggest that you check this page before contacting us with a query or question. If you feel we should add any other questions here, please let us know by posting in this forum.

Question List
1. I was scammed – can you help me?
2. I was hacked – what do I do now?
3. I have been banned in RuneScape, please help.
4. How can I join the Tip.It staff? Or become a Moderator?
5. Can you put a link to or advertise my website on Tip.It?
6. Can I use the Tip.It guides or Tip.It content on my website?
7. RuneScape.com is not loading and I can't play – help me!
8. How can I trim my armour?
9. Tip.It is a fan site, but what is a fan site?
10. I have an idea for Tip.It – how can I tell you about it?
11. How can I take screenshots of RuneScape?
12. How can I contact Jagex?
13. What are your advertising rates? Can I advertise on your site?
  1.  I was scammed – can you help me?
    No we can't, Tip.It is a fan site only. We can't give you items, money nor help you with your RuneScape account. You have to be careful when playing so that you do not get scammed or fall for tricks.

  2.  I was hacked – what do I do now?
    We suggest you take appropriate security measures to make sure your computer is safe and secure before continuing to play RuneScape or doing anything else. You should scan and get rid of viruses, adware, spyware and other infections. You should also make sure you have the latest windows updates from windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

  3.  I have been banned in RuneScape! Please help!
    Tip.it is a fan site only. We cannot and do not handle Jagex account issues and cannot help you get your account back. The only recommendation we have for you is to send in a report via Jagex Customer Support. This can be found within the Account Management section of the RuneScape website.

  4.  How can I join the Tip.It Staff? Or become a moderator?
    Tip.It Crew members and Moderators are not chosen by applications. Any applications sent in to the staff will not be taken into consideration. There is no set of guidelines to becoming staff. Mature, active members of the community and regular contributors are chosen for staff, however despite any advice that is given, no guarantees can be made. The most important thing is to be yourself - if you are what we are looking for, you may just get asked to join the Tip.it Staff!

  5.  Can you put a link to or advertise my website on Tip.It?
    Unfortunately, Tip.It does not get involved in link exchanges with any other website, meaning we will not advertise other peoples' sites. There are no plans to change this policy in the near future and requests will be ignored.

  6.  Can I use the Tip.It Guides or Content on my website?
    Our content belongs to us exclusively and falls under our copyright. This is mentioned at the bottom of every page. Copying any of our content is a criminal offense and will be dealt with promptly on a case by case basis. We do not allow the use of our content on another website, even if there is a link back to us and an acknowledgment to us as the source. You are free to link to us from your website to direct your users to our information, but not copy it.

  7.  RuneScape.com is not loading and I can't play – Help me!
    Tip.It is a fan site only. We do not have control over another company's servers. We have no other advice to you when RuneScape.com is down, other than to be patient and wait for it to come back up. You may wish to browse our forums or check out our IRC channel in the mean time.

  8.  How can I trim my armour?
    Users CANNOT trim armour. You can only get trimmed armour as a reward for completing Treasure Trails. People offering to "trim" your armour are trying to scam you. Use the Report Abuse button in game to report them to Jagex. Please read our Treasure Trails guide for more information about Trimmed Armour and how to obtain it.

  9.  Tip.It is a fan site, but what is a fan site?
    A fan site is created by game players to meet the needs of fellow players. We supply guides, maps, databases, a forum and any other information you might need to fully enjoy the game. Please read our About Page to learn more about Tip.It.

  10.  I have an idea for Tip.It – how can I tell you about it?
    If you have an idea for us as a fan site, please post on the appropriate feedback forum and it will be taken into consideration.

  11.  How can I take screenshots of RuneScape?
    You will need to take a screenshot and then save it using an image editing program. Read this topic on our forums for more information

  12.  How can I contact Jagex?
    Visit the Customer Support section of the RuneScape website for information on contacting Jagex. Anything pertaining to your RuneScape account can be handled through the Account Management section at RuneScape.com.

    Please note that there is no direct way to contact Jagex for Game Content comments. Please make use of the RuneScape Official Forums for this. (Members or High Overall Level required to post)

  13.  What are your advertising rates? Can I advertise on your site?
    We do not deal with direct approaches from individuals or companies wishing to advertise on our website. We approach potential advertisers ourselves if we feel it is appropriate. This policy is not open to debate and will not be changing in the near future.

If your question is not covered in these Frequently Asked Questions, visit the Contact page for information on contacting Rune Tips.

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