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What should you expect from Tip.It's Clan Moderators?

Total fairness - we take pride in our unbiased moderating; we will never purposely favour one clan or one individual over another. As moderators, we do our best to maintain a laid back type of moderation in the clan boards. Mature discussions take place, even with flaming, but discussion does not drop to the elementary level because of accusations of cheating or simple rule-breaking. Flames are allowed to go back and forth, but once flaming dilutes the purpose of the topic, they are removed. Our activity is high at all times, so if you have a problem, we're bound to take action immediately.

Respect - we treat all of our users the same, if you are a clan member, a clan leader, or anyone else, you are still a user in our eyes and we treat all users with the level of respect we would want to be treated with.

Accountability - if you think our Clan Mods are corrupt, please contact an administrator. Each case will be examined and investigated thoroughly.

Experience - our moderators have plenty of experience in leading clans and managing communities.

Passion - our clan moderators want Tip.It to be the best it can be. No hidden agendas. A clan mod will never moderate a topic of a clan they are affiliated with.

~Tip.It Clan Moderators

RuneScape 2007
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