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Summoning is a complex skill that allows you to invoke many types of assistance from a wide variety of creatures. It also allows you to have different pets such as dogs, birds, reptiles and wild animals.

The bulk of summoning experience is earned by creating pouches to summon animals - the experience for actually summoning familiars and using their special spells is only a fraction of that. Players do earn combat experience for damage done by familiars (the Familiars table specifies which type of experience will be received). Summoned familiars offer many benefits, both automatic and via scrolls, and it's worth exploring what they can do for you.

The most time-consuming part of summoning is acquiring the charms required to make pouches. Charms are not tradable and can only be obtained by killing certain monsters that drop them. In addition, charms may also be obtained from thieving chests in Dorgesh-Kaan, and by exchanging zeal at Soul Wars. Since the monster drop quantity is usually 0 or 1 (dragons may drop 2 or 3), this takes a great deal of time. Players are expected to collect these through slayer tasks and normal combat training.

Additionally, summoning requires an investment of pure cash, because the shards required to make pouches sell for 25gp at summoning shops. However, some costs can be recovered through selling pouches to other players, hi alching them, or swapping pouches back to an NPC for more shards.

Summoned familiars now remain for an extended time and do not require renewal. Summoning points are used as a continuous drain, like prayer. These points do not restore themselves - a summoning potion or a visit to a summoning obelisk is needed.

Familiars have unique abilities - they may be able to assist you in a fight, boost your combat or skill levels, collect materials at random, and in some cases even carry items for you! Lower level familiars are useful to players with lower overall skills. We encourage players to try out the familiars - grinding for experience just making pouches misses out on the special capabilities that are available.

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Beginner's Walkthrough

This section will address the materials and actions needed to get to level 18 summoning while conserving valuable charms.

The table below shows what quantity of each pouch is needed to reach the next level - it's best to do the highest pouch you can make in order to get the most xp out of your charms. Make the summoning pouches at the obelisk in the cellar by using a blank pouch on the obelisk and selecting from the menu, the same method learned in the quest. Make the pouches into summoning scrolls for additional (but very minuscule) xp.

Level Pouch Charm Shards Second ingredient Cost (gp) of shards XP Quantity to make
1 Spirit wolf Gold 7 Wolf bones 175 4.8 (quest)
4 Dreadfowl Gold 8 Raw chicken 200 9.3 95
10 Spirit spider Gold 8 Spider carcass 200 12.6 54
13 Thorny snail Gold 9 Raw thin snail 225 12.6 72
16 Granite crab Gold 7 Iron ore 175 21.6 36
18 Desert wyrm Green 45 Bucket of sand 1125 31.2 25
Walkthrough Table Explanations Hide/Show:
  • Make 95 dreadfowl pouches from 95 raw chickens (easiest source is Rufus in the shop north of Canifis bank.) Also purchase 95 pouches (which cost 1 gp, and stack) and 760 shards (19,000 gp, these also stack) from Pikkupstix. Make the Dreadfowl summoning pouches at the obelisk in the cellar by using a blank pouch on the obelisk and selecting from the menu, the same method learned in the quest. Make the pouches into summoning scrolls for additional (but very minuscule) xp.
  • Next 54 Spirit spider pouches are needed, made from 54 spider carcasses, 54 pouches and 432 shards (10,800 gp). (Making scrolls from them is optional.)
  • Thorny snail summoning pouches are offered next, but do them only if thin snails are easier to get than spider carcasses: the experience is the same, but an additional shard must be purchased. For spiders or snails, 72 are needed to achieve level 16. This would require 72 raw thin snails, along with 72 pouches and 648 shards (16,200 gp). Thin snails are dropped by various coloured snails (levels 9 to 20) in Mort Myre Swamp. Players who have completed the In Aid of the Myreque quest can purchase thin snails at the Burgh de Rott general store. (Again, making scrolls from the pouches is optional.)
  • To reach level 18 requires 36 granite crab pouches, which are the best use of gold charms until level 40. These require 36 iron ore, along with 36 pouches and 252 shards (6,300 gp).
  • Level 18 allows you to summon Desert wyrms, but there are several important changes. First is that you need a green charm, which is a much less common drop from lower level monsters. Second is that the number of shards jumps dramatically, to 45 per pouch (1125 gp per pouch versus 175 gp for granite crab!) Copying the last example, which required 775.9 xp, only 25 desert wyrm pouches are needed ... but the shards will cost a whopping 28,125 gp.

At level 16 you have reached the peak efficiency for using gold charms as a beginner - making Granite crab summoning pouches using iron ore to earn 21.6 xp each. Gold charms do not come into use again until level 40 (requiring marigolds!), so you will want to make granite crab pouches from gold charms for quite a while.

Cost to level 18+: 80,675 gp

At this point, you should have exhausted your quest reward gold charms. Where do you get more charms? From killing monsters! This is the time-consuming part, which makes killing spiders and snails seem entertaining ... charms are not a 100% drop, so effort is required. There are many monsters that drop charms; Jagex examples are Fire giants, Ice giants, Ogres, Jogres, and Blue dragons. Slayers may also wish to seek charms from Abyssal Demons, Banshees, Basilisks, Bloodvelds, Brine Rats, Cave Horrors, Crawling Hands, Dark Beasts, Infernal Mages, Warped Tortoises, and others. The above monsters tend to give a charm drop every few kills. Tip.It players have found that Ice warriors, Giant rock crabs, Bloodworms, Iron dragons, and various different monsters also drop charms, but at less reliable rates. Slayer monsters seem no more likely to drop charms than others, and some monsters do not drop them at all. All of the monsters in the Chaos Tunnels drop charms, and as a multi-combat environment it's ideal for using familiars.

An alternative method to obtaining charms is through the use of your Hunting skill. If you have at least level 72 Hunter, you can catch Charm sprites for charm slices which can be combined to form summoning charms.

Thieving the chests in Dorgesh-Kaan is another way to get summoning charms.

Some charms are actually secondary ingredients and still require a basic "colour" charm. Abyssal charms are dropped by abyssal leeches, walkers and guardians. Obsidian charms are dropped by TzHaar monsters. Void charms can be purchased from Void Knights using Pest Control commendation points at the Void Knight Outpost. The Talon beast charm is dropped by Nail Beasts met at random during the Temple Trekking minigame.

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Making Pouches

Spirit Shard
The item on the top left is a single Summoning Pouch, and on the bottom left is a single Spirit shard. Both of these items are base materials for creating Summoning Pouches, and can be purchased from summoning shops (Pikkupstix, Gu'Tanoth and Mort Myre). To the right are the four colours of charms, a third base object needed to create Summoning Pouches. Each pouch requires a charm to be created.
Gold Charm Green Charm
Crimson Charm Blue Charm

Making a Pouch is fairly simple, however, sometimes the materials required are a bit of a pain to get. In order to construct a pouch, you need five things:

  • Required Summoning Level
  • One Pouch (bought from Summoning Shop)
  • Spirit shards (also bought, see table below for number.)
  • One basic Charm (see table below for colour.)
  • Secondary Ingredient (see table below.)

Keep in mind that this is just for one pouch! However, Pouches, Spirit shards, and the basic Charms are all stackable, giving you a lot of inventory space for secondary ingredients.

Once you have enough materials to make how many Pouches you're going to make on one trip, head to a Summoning Obelisk (See Locations section). Click on the Obelisk and select to infuse your pouches. Once you do this, a panel will show up with all of the pouches there are, but the pouches that you can make are lit up (be sure to scroll down if you do not see the one you desire). Right-click on the pouch you want to make, and select "Make All" (or how many you want to make). That's all it takes to make Summoning Pouches.

Summoning Pouch Information
Level Pic Pouch
Abilities Link)
Charm Shards Secondary
Item Link)
Cost of shards XP Shard cost/xp Hi-alch value
1 Spirit Wolf Pouch Spirit wolf Gold 7 Wolf bones 175 4.8 36 359
4 Dreadfowl Pouch Dreadfowl Gold 8 Raw chicken 200 9.3 22 374
10 Spirit Spider Pouch Spirit spider Gold 8 Spider carcass 200 12.6 16 374
13 Thorny Snail Pouch Thorny snail Gold 9 Raw thin snail 225 12.6 18 389
13 War Pig Pouch Spirit war pig* Gold 7 War pig tooth 175 0.2 N/A 60
13 Pack Pig Pouch Spirit pack pig* Gold 7 Pack pig tooth 175 0.2 N/A 60
13 Prayer Pig Pouch Spirit prayer pig* Gold 7 Prayer pig tooth 175 0.2 N/A 60
16 Granite Crab Pouch Granite crab Gold 7 Iron ore 175 21.6 8 359
17 Mosquito Spirit Mosquito Gold 1 Proboscis 25 46.5 0.5 269
18 Desert Wyrm Desert wyrm Green 45 Bucket of sand 1125 31.2 36 929
19 Spirit Scorpion Pouch Spirit scorpion Crimson 57 Bronze claws 1425 83.2 17 1109
22 Spirit Tz-Kih Spirit Tz-Kih Crimson 64 Obsidian Charm 1600 96.8 16.5 1214
23 Albino Rat Albino rat Blue 75 Raw rat meat 1875 202.4 9 1379
25 Spirit Kalphite Spirit kalphite Blue 51 Potato cactus 1275 220 6 1019
Level Pic Pouch
Abilities Link)
Charm Shards Secondary
Item Link)
Cost of shards XP Shard cost/xp Hi-alch value
28 Compost Mound Compost mound Green 47 Compost 1175 49.8 24 959
29 Giant Chinchompa Giant Chinchompa Blue 84 Chinchompa 2100 255.2 8.2 1514
31 Vampyre Bat Vampyre bat Crimson 81 Vampyre dust 2025 136 15 1469
32 Honey Badger Honey badger Crimson 84 Honeycomb 2100 140.8 15 1514
33 Beaver Beaver Green 72 Willow logs 1800 57.6 31 1334
34 Void Ravager Void Ravager Green 74 Ravager Charm 1850 59.6 31 1364
34 Void Shifter Void Shifter Blue 74 Shifter Charm 1850 59.6 31 1364
34 Void Spinner Void Spinner Blue 74 Spinner Charm 1850 59.6 31 1364
34 Void Torcher Void Torcher Blue 74 Torcher Charm 1850 59.6 31 1364
36 Bronze Minotaur Bronze minotaur Blue 102 Bronze bar 2550 316.8 8 1784
40 Bull Ant Bull ant Gold 11 Marigolds 275 52.8 5 419
Level Pic Pouch
Abilities Link)
Charm Shards Secondary
Item Link)
Cost of shards XP Shard cost/xp Hi-alch value
41 Macaw Macaw Green 78 Clean Guam 1950 72.4 27 1424
42 Evil Turnip Evil turnip Crimson 104 Carved turnip 2600 184.8 14 1814
43 Spirit Cockatrice Spirit cockatrice (and variants) Green 88 Cockatrice egg (or variant) 2200 75.2 29 1574
46 Iron Minotaur Iron minotaur Blue 125 Iron bar 3125 404.8 8 2129
46 Pyrelord Pyrelord Crimson 111 Tinderbox 2775 202.4 13.7 1919
47 Magpie Magpie Green 88 Gold ring 2200 83.2 26 1574
49 Bloated Leech Bloated leech Crimson 117 Raw beef 2925 215.2 14 2009
52 Spirit Terrorbird Spirit terrorbird Gold 12 Raw bird meat 300 68.4 4 434
54 Abyssal Parasite Abyssal parasite Green 106 Abyssal charm 2650 94.8 28 1844
55 Spirit Jelly Spirit jelly Blue 151 Jug of water 3775 484 8 2519
Level Pic Pouch
Abilities Link)
Charm Shards Secondary
Item Link)
Cost of shards XP Shard cost/xp Hi-alch value
56 Steel Minotaur Steel minotaur Blue 141 Steel bar 3525 492.8 7 2369
56 Ibis Ibis Green 109 Harpoon 2725 98.8 28 1889
57 Spirit Graahk Spirit Graahk Blue 154 Graahk Fur 3850 501.6 7.7 2564
57 Spirit Kyatt Spirit Kyatt Blue 153 Kyatt Fur 3825 501.6 7.6 2549
57 Spirit Larupia Spirit Larupia Blue 155 Larupia Fur 3875 501.6 7.7 2579
58 Karamthulhu Overlord Karamthulhu overlord Blue 144 Empty fishbowl 3600 510.4 7 2414
61 Smoke Devil Smoke devil Crimson 141 Goat's horn dust 3525 268 13 2369
62 Abyssal Lurker Abyssal lurker Green 119 Abyssal charm 2975 109.6 27.1 2039
63 Spirit Cobra Spirit cobra Crimson 116 Snake hide 2900 276.8 10 1994
64 Stranger Plant Stranger plant Crimson 128 Bagged plant 3200 281.6 11 2174
66 Mithril Minotaur Mithril minotaur Blue 152 Mithril bar 3800 580.8 7 2534
66 Barker Toad Barker toad Gold 11 Swamp toad 275 87 3 419
Level Pic Pouch
Abilities Link)
Charm Shards Secondary
Item Link)
Cost of shards XP Shard cost/xp Hi-alch value
67 War Tortoise War tortoise Gold 1 Tortoise shell 25 58.6 ~0 269
68 Bunyip Bunyip Green 110 Raw shark 2750 119.2 23 1904
69 Fruit Bat Fruit bat Green 130 Banana 3250 121.2 27 2204
70 Ravenous Locust Ravenous Locust Crimson 79 Pot of Flour 1975 132 15 1439
71 Arctic Bear Arctic bear Gold 14 Polar kebbit fur 350 93.2 4 464
72 Phoenix Phoenix Crimson 165 Phoenix Quill 4125 302 13.6 2991
73 Obsidian Golem Obsidian Golem Blue 195 Obsidian Charm 4875 642.4 7.5 3179
74 Granite Lobster Granite lobster Crimson 166 Granite (kg) and (g) 4150 325.6 13 2744
75 Praying Mantis Praying mantis Crimson 168 Flowers 4200 329.6 13 2774
76 Adamant Minotaur Adamant minotaur Blue 144 Adamant bar 3600 668.8 5 2414
76 Forge Regent Forge Regent Green 141 Ruby Harvest 3525 134 26 2369
77 Talon Beast Talon Beast Crimson 174 Talon Beast Charm 4350 1015.2 4.3 2864
Level Pic Pouch
Abilities Link)
Charm Shards Secondary
Item Link)
Cost of shards XP Shard cost/xp Hi-alch value
78 Giant Ent Giant ent Green 124 Willow branch 3100 136.8 22.6 2114
79 Fire Titan Fire Titan Blue 198 Fire Talisman 4950 695.2 7.1 3224
79 Ice Titan Ice Titan Blue 198 Air Talisman + Water Talisman 4950 695.2 7.1 3224
79 Moss Titan Moss Titan Blue 202 Earth Talisman 5050 695.2 7.2 3284
80 Hydra Hydra Green 128 Water orb 3125 140.8 22 2174
81 Nightmare Muspah Nightmare Muspah Elder - 150 Elder energy, Muspah Spine - 145.3 - 3419
83 Spirit Dagannoth Spirit dagannoth Crimson 1 Dagannoth hide 25 364.8 ~0 269
83 Lava Titan Lava Titan Blue 219 Obsidian Charm 5475 730.4 7.5 3579
85 Swamp Titan Swamp Titan Crimson 150 Swamp Lizard 3750 373.6 10 2504
86 Rune Minotaur Rune minotaur Blue 1 Rune bar 25 756.8 ~0 269
87 Ghast Ghast - - - - - - 3584
87 Ice Nihil Ice Nihil Elder - 150 Elder energy, Icyene Feather - 355 - 3419
87 Blood Nihil Blood Nihil Elder - 150 Elder energy, Vampyre fangs - 355 - 3419
87 Smoke Nihil Smoke Nihil Elder - 150 Elder energy, Aviansie talons - 355 - 3419
87 Shadow Nihil Shadow Nihil Elder - 150 Elder energy, Demon Horn -Nihil- - 355 - 3419
88 Unicorn Stallion Unicorn stallion Green 140 Unicorn horn 3500 154.4 23 2354
Level Pic Pouch
Abilities Link)
Charm Shards Secondary
Item Link)
Cost of shards XP Shard cost/xp Hi-alch value
89 Geyser Titan Geyser Titan Blue 222 Water Talisman 5550 783.2 7 3584
92 Wolpertinger Wolpertinger Crimson 203 Raw rabbit +
Wolf bones
5075 404.8 13 3299
93 Abyssal Titan Abyssal Titan Green 113 Abyssal Charm 2825 163.2 17.3 1949
95 Iron Titan Iron Titan Crimson 198 Iron Platebody 4950 417.6 11.8 3224
96 Pack Yak Pack yak Crimson 211 Yak hide 5275 422.4 12 3419
99 Steel Titan Steel Titan Crimson 178 Steel Platebody 4450 435.2 10.2 2924

* Requires completion of the quest Bringing Home the Bacon.

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Pet shops are located in Yanille and in Taverly. They sell puppies for 500 gp, they have incubators for hatching pets from eggs, and they sell some exotic pet food: flies, beetle bits, and nuts, for 10 gp each. The owners will also give good advice about how to feed your pets. Additional overall pet information is given in the More About Pets subsection.


You are able to buy puppies from pet shops for 500 gp. Just ask the owner, "How much is that doggy in the window?" You cannot buy another until you house the one you have into your Player-Owned House's Menagerie. Feed your dog raw meat: beef, bear or rat meat. (Dogs will not eat fish, chicken, rabbit, bird or kebbit.)

Summoning Level Breed Puppy Food Adult
1 Bulldog Bulldog puppy Raw meat Bulldog adult
1 Terrier Terrier puppy Raw meat Terrier adult
1 Sheepdog Sheepdog puppy Raw meat Sheepdog adult
1 Greyhound Greyhound puppy Raw meat Greyhound adult
1 Dalmatian Dalmatian puppy Raw meat Dalmatian adult
1 Labrador Bulldog puppy Raw meat Bulldog adult


Level 30 summoners and above are able to incubate eggs to hatch them as pets. Eggs are brought to maturity in the pet shop incubators at the appropriate summoning level. Despite what the proprietor says, you do not need to stay near the incubator. It takes more than a few minutes, so doing a task and returning is a good idea.

Lower Level Pets Hatched from Eggs
Level Egg How to Obtain Baby Food Adult
30 Penguin Egg Speak to the Penguin Keeper at the Ardougne Zoo. Must have 30 summoning to get egg. Penguin Hatchling Raw fish Penguin AdultPenguin
50 Raven Egg Very rare reward from a Birds Nest*. Raven Chicks Ground fishing bait as a chick.
Fishing bait as an adult.
Raven AdultRaven

* A great way to get Birds Nests is from Manage Thy Kingdom unlocked after completing the quest, Throne of Miscellania.

God birds have 3 stages of maturity: Hatchling, Bird and Raptor/Owl/Hawk. They eat fishing bait, but you must grind it with a pestle and mortar to feed the chick/hatchling. You cannot have more than one god bird at a time. If you put an egg into the incubator while you still own a god bird, when you retrieve the incubated egg it will vanish.

God Birds Hatched from Eggs
Level Egg How to Obtain Chick Bird Food Adult
70 Guthix God Egg Possible reward from a Birds Nest*. picGuthix chick picGuthix bird Ground fishing bait as a chick.
Fishing bait as an adult.
Guthix Raptor AdultGuthix Raptor
70 Sara God Egg Possible reward from a Birds Nest*. picSaradomin chick picSaradomin bird Ground fishing bait as a chick.
Fishing bait as an adult.
Saradomin Owl AdultSaradomin Owl
70 Zam God Egg Possible reward from a Birds Nest*. picZamorak chick picZamorak bird Ground fishing bait as a chick.
Fishing bait as an adult.
Zamorak Hawk AdultZamorak Hawk

* A great way to get Birds Nests is from Manage Thy Kingdom unlocked after completing the quest, Throne of Miscellania.

High Level Pets hatched from Eggs
Level Egg How to Obtain Baby Food Adult
85 Vulture Egg Obtained as an uncommon drop by killing Vultures (level 31). Vulture Hatchling Ground fishing bait as a chick.
Fishing bait as an adult.
Vulture AdultVulture
90 Chameleon Egg Can be found on Cairn Isle (north-west of Shilo Village). Must have 90 summoning to pick up egg. Chameleon Hatchling Flies Chameleon AdultChameleon
99 Black Dragon Egg Obtained as a drop from Black, Blue, Green or Red Dragon. (Metal dragons do not drop eggs.) Requires 99 summoning to get drop. Each coloured egg produces a small hatchling dragon, which matures into a baby dragon of the same matching colour. Dragon Hatchling Large amounts of raw meat, fish or chicken Baby Black DragonBaby Dragon


Hunted Pets
Hunters may choose to trap themselves a special pet, but there is also a summoning requirement for each of them. These come in various colours, shapes, and sizes of the species decribed below. Two types require bait. See the table below.

Hunted Pets
Baby Pet Hunter Level Summoning Level Location Trap Bait Hunter XP Food Adult
Baby Gecko
Baby gecko
27 10 North-west of Karamja shipyard (fairy ring DKP) Box trap None 100 Flies and beetle bits Gecko
Baby Platypus
Baby platypus
48 10 Can be caught on the beach south of Oo'glog after the completion of As a First Resort Box trap Lure to box trap with smouldering Lavender 205 Raw fish or Ground fishing bait as a baby,
Raw fish or Fishing bait as an adult.
Baby Squirrel
Baby squirrel
29 60 South of Mind runecrafting altar and Rupert's Tower Net trap
152 Nuts Squirrel
Baby Raccoons
Baby raccoon
27 80 Near Body runecrafting altar west of Barbarian Village and west of Falador near agility shortcut. Box trap None 100 Raw meat and fish Raccoon
Baby Monkey
Baby monkey
27 95 Southern Karamja, from Shipyard to Tai Bwo Wannai and from Shilo Village all the way north Box trap
100 Bananas Monkey


Soul Wars
Players who take part in the Soul Wars minigame can purchase special pets, made from the heads (or hand) of slain monsters. To obtain them, simply provide the Nomad with the appropriate trophy after you have enough Zeal. These pets do not grow up, but require feeding with some unusual items.

Soul Wars Pets
Level Pet Trophy Zeal Food
4 Creeping Hand
Creeping Hand
Stuffed or Unstuffed Crawling hand 5 Leather gloves
4 Minitrice
Stuffed or Unstuffed Cockatrice head 25 Limpwurt root
4 Baby Basilisk
Baby Basilisk
Stuffed or Unstuffed Basilisk head 40 Eye of newt
4 Baby Kurask
Baby Kurask
Stuffed or Unstuffed Kurask head 70 Bones
4 Abyssal Minion
Abyssal Minion
Stuffed or Unstuffed Abyssal head 85 Ashes
99 Baby TzRek Jad
Baby TzRek Jad
Fire Cape and 99 Slayer 100 None



Other Pets
Level Baby Pet How to Obtain Food Adult
4 N/A
Rune Guardian
After the completion of the quest Rune Mechanics, you will receive a Rune Guardian to use a pet. It does not physically eat anything, rather, it needs to be recharged by visiting a Runecrafting Altar. It can also be stored multiple times inside your POH Menagerie.
The Rune Guardian can also have its colour changed by using it on any Runecrafting altar, other than the Ourania Altar; each altar will give a different colour.
Visiting a Runecrafting altar will decrease it's hunger Rune Guardian Animated
14 N/A
After the completion of the quest Bringing Home the Bacon, you will receive a Pig to use as a pet. It will be called Pigzilla pig, and can be given names from a preset list. Its appearance can be changed to three different presets by changing the settings of the machine in the Storm Cellar. If lost, it can be retrived from Eli in the Storm Cellar. Onion, Wheat N/A
20 N/A
During the quest While Guthix Sleeps, you will come across a special pitfall trap. It must be baited with Mort Myre Fungus, and you will have a chance to catch an unconscious broav. Take it back to the Feldip Hills Hunting Expert, and after a cutscene it will become conscious. Mort Myre Fungus Broav
40 Giant Crab BabyGiant Crab Kill Mogres (level 60) at Mudskipper Point until you get a Crunchy claw token. (May need to kill 50-100.) See Murphy at Port Khazard to retrieve your diving equipment and visit the Mogres in the underwater kingdom (requires Pirate Pete subquest of Recipe for Disaster). Give your token to Nung to buy a baby giant crab. Raw fish Giant Crab Adult
71 N/A
Ex-ex parrot
You can obtain this pet after completing the Rocking Out quest. You must speak to Bill Teach to obtain a Magical Cage. Then speak with 50 Ships Mufasa to obtain an Ex-parrot. Put the dead parrot in the cage and then use the cage on the stone slab outside of the Cave Horror dungeon on Mos Le'Harmless. The bird will become an Ex-ex-parrot. It is obtained in the adult stage, there is no baby Ex-ex-parrot. The Ex-ex-parrot requires feeding less frequently than most pets. Rock Fragments* Ex-ex Parrot
72 Cute Phoenix EgglingCute Phoenix Eggling You can obtain this pet after completing the In Pyre Need quest. Then, after leaving the lair after fighting the Phoenix, there is a slim chance you will get lost and arrive at a phoenix egg. This egg can be hatched by either clapping or kicking the egg. To obtain a Cute Phoenix Eggling, you must clap. Ashes N/A
72 Mean Phoenix EgglingMean Phoenix Eggling You can obtain this pet after completing the In Pyre Need quest. Then, after leaving the lair after fighting the Phoenix, there is a slim chance you will get lost and arrive at a phoenix egg. This egg can be hatched by either clapping or kicking the egg. To obtain a Mean Phoenix Eggling, you must kick the egg. Ashes N/A

*Rock Fragments can be obtained by using a chisel on the stone slab outside the Cave Horror dungeon on Mos Le'Harmless.


More About Pets
The pet interface (same menu button as the familiar interface) tells you the exact status of your pet. It shows both its hunger level and how far it has grown. If your pet's hunger level gets to 78%, the numbers will turn red. At 86%, your character will pop up in your chat box, saying "I think it's hungry!" At 94%, you will get another warning. At 100% ... your pet will run away forever.

If you do not have the proper food to feed your pet, or the time to give it attention (such as in combat), just pick it up - this will stop its hunger from increasing, so it won't run away before you can feed it.

Unlike cats, you must continue to feed the summoning adult pets regularly, just as you did while raising them.

Additionally, pets can be stored in a player-owned house by use of the menagerie, a feature that requires level 38 Construction and allows for the storage of more pets.

Formerly, you were only allowed to have one of a specific pet, but the menagerie has changed this restriction. If you store a gecko (or dog, or god bird) in your menagerie, you can raise another one. You cannot have two out of the menagerie at once, though. Also, Jagex allows only one follower (either a familiar or a pet) behind you at any time. Pets are permitted on most transportation (teleports, gliders, boats, balloons, canoes, and magic carpets).

If you die with your pet out, you will lose your pet.

The number of total pets you can own increases with your summoning level. At level one, you can have two pets. Ten levels later, you can have two more pets. Every ten levels, you can own two more pets. So at level 78, you could own up to 16 pets.

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Familiar Interface

You can command your familiar in one of two ways. The quickest way is to use the menu available upon right clicking the summoning icon near the world map. Also available from this menu is the familiar detail tab which will allow you to use all the commands as well as giving more detail on your familiar. You can see the options below. There are 8 options on this. The first option will bring up the Follower Details tab, allowing you to command your familiar. The last option allows you to choose your left-click option which is explained below. The other 6 options are shortcuts for commands in the Follower Details tab which will be explained below.

Familiar Interface Icon

If you view the follower details tab, you can see more details about the familiar as well as command your familiar. You can see all of these options explained below.

Familiar Interface
  1. Cast Scroll: Clicking on this will activate your familiar’s scroll, which can have one of a variety of different effects, depending on what familiar you are using. View each familiars scroll in the Scrolls section. You can also hover over this to view the name of the scroll and how many special points it uses. Above this box, you can view how many special points your familiar has remaining, out of a maximum of 60.
  2. Attack: If you want your familiar to attack a certain person or monster, click this and select your target and your familiar should quickly move to attack it. There are certain familiars that are non-combat and thus will not attack when told to.
  3. Take BoB: If your current familiar is a beast of burden (Can hold items), than this can be used to withdraw all of the items that it is holding. This can also be used for foragers, which will gather items and keep them in its inventory. If you don’t have enough inventory space to withdraw all of the items, then it will take as many as you can hold, and leave the rest in there.
  4. Renew Familiar: When your familiar’s timer runs below 3 minutes, you will have the option to renew it. This uses up a pouch and as many summoning points as it normally would but it keeps your familiar is alive, which is especially helpful when you have a Beast of Burden with a lot of items held. This would prevent it from dropping all of those items on the ground.
  5. Call Follower: If your follow is dragging behind a little bit or is getting stuck behind an obstacle, you can use this to call your familiar up to you. If there is not enough room for your familiar where you are currently standing, then it will disappear and come back when you are in an area with enough room for it.
  6. Dismiss: You can use this to dismiss your familiar when you no longer need it. If you are in an area where you are being attacked too much to click to confirm the dismissal, you can right click and “Dismiss now” which will delete it without a confirmation.
  7. Time Left: This hourglass shows how long your familiar has left until it disappears.
  8. Summoning Points: This shows how many summoning points you have left. If you have a familiar summoned, your points will slowly go down, and you need summoning points to summon a familiar, which varies per familiar.
  9. Special Move: As well as displaying the amount of special move power of your familiar, this bar can be right clicked to allow your familiar to automatically cast its combat scroll every given number of attacks.

To make certain things more convenient, you are able to left click the summoning icon to quickly perform any task, such as casting your familiars scroll, or visiting the familiar details tab. You can change what left clicking does by right clicking the summoning icon and selecting “Select left-click option". You can see the options for this below.

Familiar Interface Left Click
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Familiars are summoned using pouches. The table below lists familiars, their innate abilities, and their special move activated by the related scroll. The xp for creating a scroll and using a scroll is the same amount in most cases (a small fraction). The initial summoning point cost to activate the familiar is listed, along with the number of minutes it will remain. (Summoning points will continue to drain while it is used.) The bolded words show the familiar's best ability, but carrying abilities are also bolded for convenience.

If a familiar's time expires, it will drop whatever it is carrying on the ground. You get a one minute and a 30 second warning when its time is about to expire.

If your familiar is within two and a half minutes of expiration, you can press the "Renew Familiar" button (if you have another pouch in your inventory) to restore the timer to full. This is especially helpful for beasts of burden.

Using a right-click ability costs some summoning points. If your summoning points get down to zero, the familiar will still function, but you cannot invoke the right-click ability.

Summoning Familiars Information
Level Name Points to Summon XP for Use Time (min) Abilities Scroll Ability
(Uses Special Bar)
1 Spirit Wolf 1 0.1 6 Fights (level 26) Attack
Makes NPC foes flee (great for wilderness!)
4 Dreadfowl 1 0.1 4 Fights (level 26) Magic
Farming Boost (1)
Magic attack that inflicts up to 30 damage
4 Meerkats* 1 1 40 Right click options to be used as a sextant, and to dig for Treasure Trail items Will dig up a Treasure Trails casket without disturbing the wizard defending it. 3
10 Spirit Spider 2 0.2 15 Fights (level 25) Controlled
Forages red spider eggs
Spawns a random number of red spider eggs on the ground
13 Thorny Snail 2 0.2 16 Fights (level 26) Ranged
Carries 3 items
Attack that can deal up to 80 damage
16 Granite Crab 2 0.2 18
Fights (level 26) Defence
Forages big net fish when fishing, gives small amounts of fishing experience
Boosts Fishing +1
Temporarily boosts Defence +4 12
17 Mosquito 4 0.5 12 Fights (level 32) Attack
Sends it to attack enemy
18 Desert Wyrm 1 0.4 19
Fights (level 31) Strength
Boosts Mining +1
Right-click to Forage ores
Magic attack that deals up to 50 damage and stuns opponent 6
19 Spirit Scorpion 2 0.9 17 Fights (level 51) Controlled
Makes your next ranged attack mildly poisonous if using poisonable ammo
22 Spirit Tz-Kih 3 0.9 18 Fights (level 53) Magic
Right-click "Despair" drains opponent's prayer
Hits two nearby targets for up to 70 damage each
23 Albino Rat 3 2.3 22 Fights (level 37) Attack
Puts 4 cheese in rat's inventory
25 Spirit Kalphite 3 2.5 22 Fights (level 39) Defence
Carries 6 items
Hits up to 20 damage on up to 5 nearby opponents
28 Compost Mound 6 0.6 24
Fights (level 37) Strength
Forages compost and seeds
Boosts Farming (+1 + 2%)
Fills bucket with compost
Fills nearby compost bin with compost or maybe supercompost 12
29 Giant Chinchompa 1 2.5 31
Fights (level 43) Ranged
Chance of exploding in combat, damaging nearby targets
Explodes chinchompa, damaging nearby targets 3
31 Vampyre Bat 4 1.5 33 Fights (level 44) Controlled
Light enhancer
Heals itself slightly
Inflicts up to 120 damage; chance of restoring 20 of your LP
32 Honey Badger 4 1.6 25 Fights (level 45) Strength
Chance of attacking again without delay
Boosts its attack and strength by reducing its defence
33 Beaver 4 0.7 27
Does not fight
Forages logs and planks
Acts as knife in Fletching
Boosts Woodcutting +2
Cuts up to three logs from nearby tree 3
34 Void Ravager 4 0.7 27
Fights (level 46) Strength
Forages ore
Boosts Mining +1
and +1 invisible
Teleports you to Pest Control Landers 3
34 Void Spinner 4 0.7 27
Fights (level 40) Defence
Heals you for 10 LP regularly
Teleports you to Pest Control Landers 3
34 Void Torcher 4 0.7 94
Fights (level 46) Magic
Right-click "Strike" hits 10 extra points of damage
Teleports you to Pest Control Landers 3
34 Void Shifter 4 0.7 94
Fights (level 46) Attack
Like "ring of life", teleports you from combat to Void Knight outpost if you have less than 10% health left
Teleports you to Pest Control Landers 3
36 Bronze Minotaur 9 3.6 30 Fights (level 50) Defence
Magic attack that deals up to 40 damage, chance of stunning
40 Bull Ant 5 0.6 30 Fights (level 58) Controlled
Carries 9 items
Restores run energy; more energy for higher agility level
41 Macaw 5 0.8 31
Does not fight
Forages herbs
Gives remote view
Improves herb drops
Chance of creating herbs 12
42 Evil Turnip 5 2.1 30
Fights (level 62) Ranged
Forages evil turnip slices
Heals self when using ranged
Magic attack which lowers opponent's ranged skill 6
43 Spirit Cockatrice 5 0.9 36 Fights (level 64) Magic
Forages cockatrice eggs
Right-click "Drain" lowers foe's combat stat
Deals up to 100 damage, as well as reducing a combat skill by 3 (varies by cockatrice type)
46 Iron Minotaur 9 4.6 37 Fights (level 70) Defence
Magic attack that deals up to 60 damage, chance of stunning
46 Pyrelord 4 2.3 32
Fights (level 70) Strength
Firemaking boost +3
Acts as tinderbox, +10xp bonus
Crafts gold jewellery from bars without furnace 6
47 Magpie 5 0.9 34
Does not fight
Forages jewellery
Boosts Thieving skill +2 12
49 Bloated Leech 5 2.4 34 Fights (level 76) Attack
Sacrifice LP to cure poison and stat reduction
52 Spirit Terrorbird 6 0.8 36 Fights (level 62) Controlled
Carries 12 items
Restores run energy (50% of your agility level); 2 level Agility boost
54 Abyssal Parasite 6 1.1 30
Fights (level 86) Magic
Carries 7 pure/rune essence
Abyssal Prayer drain slowed
Magic attack that gives you ten prayer points if it hits 6
55 Spirit Jelly 6 5.5 43 Fights (level 88) Strength
Magic attack which deals up to 120 damage and lowers enemy's Attack
56 Steel Minotaur 9 5.6 46 Fights (level 90) Defence
Magic attack that deals up to 90 damage, chance of stunning
56 Ibis 6 1.1 38
Does not fight
Forages when fishing, gives small amounts of fishing experience
Boosts fishing +3
Produces raw fish 'rain' up to bass 12
57 Spirit Graahk 6 5.7 49
Fights (level 93) Strength
Hunter boost +5
Strikes twice if it must move to enter combat
Can teleport you to Horned Graahk (Karamja) hunting area
Sends it to attack enemy 3
57 Spirit Kyatt 6 5.7 49
Fights (level 93) Attack
Hunter boost +5
First attack hits up to triple damage if summoned or called directly into combat
Can teleport you to the hunting area south of the Piscatoris fishing colony
Calls it directly into combat for instant attack 3
57 Spirit Larupia 6 5.7 49
Fights (level 93) Controlled
Hunter boost +5
Can teleport you to Feldip Hills hunting area
Magic-based attack, also drains enemy's Strength 6
58 Karamthulhu Overlord 6 5.8 44
Fights (level 95) Ranged
Right-click "Drown" (water spell)
Deals up to 160 damage on target 3
61 Smoke Devil 7 3 48 Fights (level 101) Magic
Right-click "Flames" (fire spell)
Deals up to 80 damage on 6 adjacent opponents
62 Abyssal Lurker 7 1.9 41
Fights (level 93) Controlled
Carries 7 pure/rune essence
Boosts Agility and Thieving by 4 points 20
63 Spirit Cobra 7 3.1 56 Fights (level 105) Attack
Turns egg (raven, penguin, vulture, blue, red, green, chicken) into variant cockatrice egg to make pouch
64 Stranger Plant 7 3.2 49
Fights (level 107) Controlled
Boosts Farming (+1 + 4%)
Forages strange fruit
Attack with 50% chance of poison and 20 damage 6
66 Mithril Minotaur 9 6.6 56 Fights (level 112) Defence
Magic attack that deals up to 120 damage, chance of stunning
66 Barker Toad 7 1.0 8
Fights (level 112) Strength
Right-click "Cannon" (must be loaded with cannonball)
Deals up to 180 damage on opponent 6
67 War Tortoise 7 0.7 43
Fights (level 86) Defence
Carries 18 items
Boosts Defence +8 20
68 Bunyip 7 1.4 44 Does not fight
Heals you for 20 LP regularly
Converts fish into water runes
Provided you have Cooking level to cook, you can eat raw fish
69 Fruit Bat 7 1.4 45
Does not fight
Forages fruit and seeds
Light enhancer
Gathers fruit on Karamja
Produces random fruit nearby 6
70 Ravenous Locust 6 1.5 24
Fights (level 120) Attack
Can eat enemy's food
Remote view
Destroys enemy player's food 12
71 Arctic Bear 8 1.1 28
Fights (level 122) Controlled
Boosts Hunter +7
Counts as 2 arctic camouflage
Teleport to Snow Hunting area
Magic attack that deals up to 150 damage; chance of stunning 6
72 Phoenix 8 7 30
Fights (124) Magic
Right click Ash-Blast blinds opponents for a few seconds, reducing their chance to hit
Revives phoenix from ashes when it dies in combat. 12
73 Obsidian Golem 8 7.3 55 Fights (level 126) Strength
Boosts Mining +7
Boosts your Strength +9
74 Granite Lobster 8 3.7 47
Fights (level 129) Defence
Forages fish when fishing, gives small amounts of fishing xp
Boosts Fishing +4
Inflicts up to 140 damage; lowers opponent's Defence by up to 5 6
75 Praying Mantis 8 3.6 69 Fights (level 131) Attack
Binds, deals magic-based damage, and drains enemy's Prayer
76 Adamant Minotaur 9 7.6 66 Fights (level 133) Defence
Magic attack that deals up to 160 damage, chance of stunning
76 Forge Regent 8 1.5 45
Fights (level 133) Ranged
Acts as tinderbox, +10xp bonus
Right-click "Fireball" flames hit up to 6 enemies for up to 50 damage each
Magic attack that can disarm enemy's weapon or shield 6
77 Talon Beast 8 3.8 49 Fights (level 135) Strength
Three magic attacks
78 Giant Ent 8 1.6 49
Fights (level 137) Controlled
Forages oak logs
Converts pure essence to earth/nature runes
Increased yield when harvesting fruit trees, belladonna, bushes and cactus
Deals up to 110 damage on up to 3 opponents; chance of acorn drop 6
79 Fire Titan 9 7.9 62 Fights (level 139) Magic
Boosts your LP and Defence significantly
79 Ice Titan 9 7.9 64 Fights (level 139) Attack
Boosts your LP and Defence significantly
79 Moss Titan 9 7.9 58 Fights (level 139) Strength
Boosts your LP and Defence significantly
80 Hydra 9 1.6 49 Fights (level 141) Ranged
Use on farming tree stump to instantly regrow tree
81 Nightmare Muspah 10 16 58 Used as a Beast of Burden for divination memories and energy, and can gain extra energy when training divination
Creates elder, incandescent, luminous, and radiant energies in your familiar's inventory.
83 Spirit Dagannoth 9 4.1 57
Fights (level 148) Controlled
Chance of attacking again without delay
Ranged attack deals up to 180 damage and stuns 6
83 Lava Titan 9 8.3 61
Fights (level 148) Strength
Chance of hitting 50 extra damage each time
Boosts Firemaking +10
Boosts Mining +10
Teleport to Lava Maze
Magic attack that also drains enemy's Special Attack 4
85 Swamp Titan 9 4.2 56 Fights (level 152) Attack
Area effect Magic attack that can poison opponents
86 Rune Minotaur 9 8.6 151 Fights (level 154) Defence
Magic attack that deals up to 190 damage, chance of stunning
87 Ghast** 9 1.8 68 Fights (level 200) Ranged
Makes ghasts passive while in Morytania. Prevents food from rotting under the effect of ghasts in Morytania. Gives prayer XP for any damage it does.
87 Ice Nihil 10 1.6 90 Fights (level 150) Magic
Deals damage to opponents, plus stuns them where applicable.
87 Blood Nihil 10 1.6 90 Fights (level 150) Melee
Deals damage to opponents, plus stuns them where applicable.
87 Shadow Nihil 10 1.6 90 Fights (level 150) Ranged
Deals damage to opponents, plus stuns them where applicable.
87 Smoke Nihil 10 1.6 90 Fights (level 150) Magic
Deals damage to opponents, plus stuns them where applicable.
88 Unicorn Stallion 9 1.8 54
Fights (level 70) Controlled
Right-click "Cure" Heals poison and disease
Up to 15% of your LP is restored 20
89 Geyser Titan 9 8.9 69
Fights (level 200) Ranged
Boosts Ranged (1 + 3%)
Fills empty bowl with hot water (use on it)
Recharges Amulet of glory or Ring of Wealth (use on it)
Attack that does more damage based on enemy player's armour 6
92 Wolpertinger 10 4.6 62
Fights (level 210) Magic
+5% Defence against magic
Boosts Hunter +5
x2 XP and yield when harvesting berries
Temporary Magic boost +7 20
93 Abyssal Titan 10 1.9 32
Fights (level 215) Attack
Carries 7 pure/rune essence
Banks all pure essence that you and your familiar are holding 6
95 Iron Titan 10 4.7 60
Fights (level 220) Defence
Boosts your stab, slash and crush defence by 10%
Its next attack will be three powerful melee attacks 18
96 Pack Yak 10 4.8 58 Fights (level 175) Strength
Carries 30 items
Banks one targeted item in your inventory
99 Steel Titan 10 4.9 64
Fights (level 230) Ranged
Boosts your stab, slash and crush defence by 15%
Its next attack will be four powerful ranged attacks 18

* The Meerkats pouch is a Treasure Trails reward for any level of clue, and cannot be created by players.
** The Ghast pouch can be bought for 50,000 Gp when a player has leveled all temple trekking companions to level 99.

There is a gp limit that a familiar can carry, equal to approximately 50k gp per space times the number of spaces. Familiars will refuse to carry certain "rare" or valuable items, like some treasure trail rewards and rarer armour. Familiars can hold any untradeable potions (such as overloads, super prayer potions, and flasked potions), however, they cannot hold any other untradeable items. Only the Abyssal familiars (Parasite, Lurker, Titan) can store Rune/Pure Essence. The normal Beasts of Burden cannot carry them.

Familiars remain for a fixed amount of time and do not require renewing. If your summoning points run out, the familiar will still remain for its entire time.

You can talk to and understand your familiar if you are 10 levels above its summoning level.

The colour of charm may help identify a familiar's best skills, but this is not consistent. In general, blue charms are the rarest drop, and are used to create fighting familiars. Crimson charms are the next rarest, and these familiars have fighting abilities as well. Green charm familiars tend to have skill-related abilities, which can help you with herblore, fishing, etc. Gold charms are the most common drop, and their abilities are a mixed bag. However - they require the fewest shards to make, so they are extremely cost-effective.

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The scroll abilities are listed in the Familiars table above. The xp for using the scroll is approximately the same as for summoning the creature. The special bar cost for using the scroll is also shown. Each pouch makes 10 scrolls (earning only a fraction of xp for making them), and each scroll alchs for one-tenth of the pouch high alch value. Scrolls are activated by clicking the icon in the top left of the Summoning interface.


Swapping Pouches/Scrolls for shards

Bogrog, the summoning shop ogre north of Gu'Tanoth, will give you spirit shards in exchange for your pouches (noted or unnoted). The amount he pays is equal to 70% of the shards required to craft the pouch. This is not recommended for gold charm pouches, which require very few shards. However, in most other cases the value of shards he gives is more than the hi alch value of the pouch. Scrolls can also be swapped, but the exchange rate is not a direct 1/10 of the pouch value. Bogrog requires that you have a summoning level above what is required to craft the pouch (excluding level 99 familiars). He uses a sliding scale, the minimum level to swap is 21 summoning for level 11 pouches, 58 for level 52 pouches, 93 for level 92 pouches. In the table below is the level required to exchange each pouch/scroll.

Swapping Pouches/Scrolls Information
Level required to swap Swapping Pouches Information Swapping Scrolls Information
Pouch name Shard value Scroll name Quantity of scrolls needed for each exchange Shard value
21 Spirit wolf 5 Howl 3 1
21 Dreadfowl 6 Dreadfowl Strike 3 1
21 Spirit spider 6 Egg spawn 3 1
23 Thorny snail 7 Slime Spray 2 1
26 Granite crab 5 Stony Shell 3 1
27 Mosquito 1 Pester 18 1
28 Desert wyrm 32 Electric Lash 1 2
28 Spirit scorpion 40 Venom Shot 1 3
31 Spirit Tz-Kih 45 Fireball Assault 1 3
32 Albino rat 53 Cheese Feast 1 4
34 Spirit kalphite 36 Sandstorm 1 2
37 Compost mound 33 Generate Compost 1 2
37 Giant Chinchompa 59 Explode 1 4
39 Vampyre bat 57 Vampyre Touch 1 4
40 Honey badger 59 Insane Ferocity 1 4
41 Beaver 51 Multichop 1 4
42 Void Ravager 52 Call to Arms 1 4
42 Void Shifter 52 Call to Arms 1 4
42 Void Spinner 52 Call to Arms 1 4
42 Void Torcher 52 Call to Arms 1 4
44 Bronze minotaur 72 Bronze Bull Rush 1 5
47 Bull ant 8 Unburden 2 1
48 Macaw 55 Herbcall 1 4
49 Evil turnip 73 Evil Flames 1 5
50 Spirit cockatrice (and variants) 62 Petrifying Gaze 1 4
53 Iron minotaur 88 Iron Bull Rush 1 7
53 Pyrelord 78 Immense Heat 1 6
54 Magpie 62 Thieving Fingers 1 4
56 Bloated leech 82 Blood Drain 1 6
58 Spirit terrorbird 9 Tireless Run 2 1
60 Abyssal parasite 75 Abyssal Drain 1 5
61 Spirit jelly 106 Dissolve 1 8
62 Steel minotaur 99 Steel Bull Rush 1 7
62 Ibis 77 Fish Rain 1 6
63 Spirit Graahk 108 Goad 1 8
63 Spirit Kyatt 109 Ambush 1 8
63 Spirit Larupia 108 Rending 1 8
64 Karamthulhu overlord 101 Doomsphere Device 1 8
66 Smoke devil 99 Dust Cloud 1 7
67 Abyssal lurker 84 Abyssal Stealth 1 6
68 Spirit cobra 82 Ophidian Incubation 1 6
69 Stranger plant 90 Poisonous Blast 1 7
71 Mithril minotaur 107 Mithril Bull Rush 1 8
71 Barker toad 8 Toad Bark 2 1
72 War tortoise 1 Testudo 18 1
73 Bunyip 77 Swallow Whole 1 6
73 Fruit bat 91 Fruit Fall 1 7
74 Ravenous Locust 56 Famine 1 6
75 Arctic bear 10 Arctic Blast 2 1
76 Phoenix 116 Rise from the Ashes 1 9
77 Obsidian Golem 137 Volcanic Strength 1 10
78 Granite lobster 117 Crushing Claw 1 9
79 Praying mantis 118 Mantis Strike 1 9
79 Adamant minotaur 101 Adamant Bull Rush 1 8
79 Forge Regent 99 Inferno 1 7
80 Talon Beast 122 Deadly Claw 1 9
81 Giant ent 87 Acorn Missile 1 6
82 Fire Titan 139 Titan's Constitution 1 11
82 Ice Titan 139 Titan's Constitution 1 11
82 Moss Titan 142 Titan's Constitution 1 11
83 Hydra 90 Regrowth 1 7
85 Spirit dagannoth 1 Spike Shot 1 0
85 Lava Titan 154 Ebon Thunder 1 12
87 Swamp Titan 105 Swamp Plague 1 8
88 Rune minotaur 1 Rune Bull Rush 1 0
90 Unicorn stallion 98 Healing Aura 1 7
90 Geyser Titan 156 Boil 1 12
93 Wolpertinger 143 Magic Focus 1 11
94 Abyssal Titan 80 Essence Shipment 1 6
96 Iron Titan 139 Iron Within 1 11
97 Pack yak 148 Winter Storage 1 11
99 Steel Titan 125 Steel of Legends 1 9

Note that meerkat pouches and scrolls CANNOT be swapped for shards.



Pet shops are located in Yanille and in Taverly.

Summoning shops are located in Taverly (Pikkupstix, where you did the quest), the road up to Gu'Tanoth (south-west of Yanille), and at a Wishing Well in the Nature Spirit Grotto (Mort Myre Swamp). Each shop also has an obelisk nearby for making pouches and restoring summoning points.


Pikkupstix in Taverly can enchant certain helms so that you can charge them with scrolls for random automatic "firing" in combat. The bespelled helm will have the letter (e) added to its name, and becomes untradable. Then you can use combat scrolls on it to charge it. The summoning level required for each headgear item is listed below.

Summoning Headgear
Pic Name Level Required Scroll Capacity
Antlers 10 40
Adamant Full Helm 20 50
Slayer Helmet 20 50
Snakeskin Bandana 20 50
Splitbark Helm 30 50
Rune Full Helm 30 60
Lizard Skull 30 65
Warrior Helm 35 70
Berserker Helm 35 70
Archer Helm 35 70
Farseer Helm 35 70
Helm of Neitizot 45 90
Dragon Medium Helm 50 110
Feather Headdress 50 150
Lunar Helm 55 110
Armadyl Helm 60 120
  • Antlers and lizard skulls sold at summoning shops are ready to hold scrolls - simply use the scroll on it.
  • Feathered headdresses are explained in the Crafting Guide.
  • Pikkupstix will also disenchant helms if you wish.

Additional summoning obelisks for making pouches and recharging points are located in Isafdar (just inside the west exit of the Underground Pass), north-west Brimhaven (just east of Moss Giant island), outside Piscatoris (ladder near mine), and south-west of Pollnivneach across a bridge.

Small obelisks just for recharging summoning points (not making pouches) have been added across Runescape.

  • Tirannwn (2) - Tyras Camp, and near Lletya
  • Fremennik Province Islands (4) - Lunar Isle, just west of Neitiznot, outside the Jatizso gates, and by the docks at Etceteria
  • Western Runescape (Kandarin)(13) - Keldagrim, south of Rellekka, Slayer Dungeon, south of the Lighthouse, near the Barbarian Outpost, Gnome Stronghold just west of the Agility Course, Fishing Guild, outside King Lathas' Training Camp, north of Khazard Battlefield, south-west of Port Khazard, outside of Castle Wars, Feldip Hills hunting grounds, and west of Oo'glog
  • Karamja (6) - atop Karamja Volcano, in Tzhaar near fairy ring, Brimhaven Dungeon before the metal dragons, west of the Nature Altar, Shilo Village, Ape Atoll
  • Central Runescape (Asgarnia and Misthalin)(10) - Burthorpe, Catherby, underneath Heroes Guild, Taverly Dungeon, Bridge east of Edgeville, South of Draynor Village, Port Sarim, Zanaris, Dwarven Mines, and Varrock Sewers
  • Eastern Runescape (Kharidian Desert and Morytania)(9) - west of Duel Arena, Shantay Pass, Pollnivneach, east of Sophanem, west of Canifis, north of Ectofuntus near Port Phasmatys, Mort Myre (found inside the Nature Grotto), just outside of Burgh de Rott, and east of Mos Le'Harmless
  • Wilderness (1) - Rogues Castle

The Summoning - Locations section of the Jagex Manual (Knowledge Base) includes a surface map of the main locations.

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Tips and Tricks

Shard Buy Back The Pet shop owner will buy Spirit shards for 25 GP each from you! The same price you payed for them!

Charming Imp The charming imp is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill. It costs 100,000 tokens to purchase and requires level 21 in both Dungeoneering and Summoning to use. When you have a Charming imp in your inventory, it will automatically pick up charms dropped by monsters. Speak to the imp to choose which type of charms are picked up. Those not picked up will be converted into a small amount of Summoning XP per charm.

Spirit Wolf Howl Players report that a wilderness trip is improved by bringing a spirit wolf and using its Howl scroll, which scares away monsters including revenants. However, if it bites the Treasure Trail Zamorak Wizard, the Wizard will vanish and you'll have to restart the fight.

Spirit weed seeds and evil turnip seeds may be obtained as a monster drop.

Spirit weeds can be planted in a herb patch at level 36 farming, earn 32 xp for planting and 36 xp for harvesting. Level 40 herblorists can combine the spirit weed with any cockatrice egg (including variants) to earn 92 xp in herblore. The summoning potion restores 7-31 summoning points.

Evil turnips can be planted in the special patch on the west side of Draynor Manor (north of the Belladonna plot) at level 42 farming. The farmer earns 41 xp for planting and 46 xp for harvesting. The growth time is extremely short, with no intermediate stages. Use a knife with it to make a carved turnip, a required ingredient for level 42 Evil turnip summoning pouches.

Honeycombs can be obtained from the beehives west of Catherby by right clicking to take honey while having insect repellent in your inventory.

Cockatrice eggs are dropped by cockatrices in the slayer cave, or foraged by spirit cockatrice familiars. Cockatrice eggs are the secondary ingredient of the summoning potion and can be used to create level 43 Spirit cockatrice summoning pouches.

Spirit cobra Ophidian incubation scroll is used to convert ordinary chicken eggs into cockatrice eggs. It also converts some untradeable eggs (blue, green, red, penguin, raven, and vulture) into variant cockatrice eggs which are tradeable. If used to create a summoning pouch, the result will be a hybrid familiar, respectively Saratrice, Guthatrice, Zamatrice, Pengatrice, Coraxatrice, and Vulatrice. All use the same level 43 scroll Petrifying gaze to deal up to 50 damage to your foe, and also reduce a random combat skill.

Combat-type scrolls can be added to various types of headgear, which discharges the abilities automatically at random intervals during combat. See enchanted helms. A familiar can also hold up to 500 combat scrolls.

There is a value limit on items that a familiar can hold. This limit is encountered with high value items such as armour and Treasure Trail rewards. This should not affect more typical skilling use.

Prohibited Areas - Aside from some minigames, quests and transportation networks, you can bring your familiar with you many places. If you try to enter a forbidden area, you will be given a choice to dismiss your familiar before proceeding. Familiars are not allowed on the island of Entrana (including the Law runecrafting altar) and will not follow you into the whirlpool entrance to the Ancient Cavern (mithril dragons). You cannot *summon* a familiar at the summoning obelisks themselves, or use a scroll near the obelisks, but you can bring a familiar along with you. Familiars are specifically allowed in Castle Wars and Clan Wars, and at the Duel Arena if both parties agree. Familiars are not allowed in the Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame. Familiars are hidden when entering the Grand Exchange, and their timers are temporarily stopped until you leave.

Transportation - most forms of travel (teleports, ships, gliders, fairy rings, balloons, canoes, and magic carpets) allow a familiar or pet, and will bring it with you automatically.

Pouch Uses - If you do not desire to summon familiars with your pouches, there are many other uses for them. Some pouches are desired by other players for use, and are easily sellable. Others can be high-alched to recoup some of your expenses incurred while making them. Also, Bogrog, the summoning shop ogre north of Gu'Tanoth, will give some spirit shards in exchange for pouches (noted or unnoted).

Teleports - Familiar teleports are a very nice feature. The level 57 spirit kyatt takes you to Piscatoris, which has a summoning obelisk nearby for making pouches. Spirit graahks get you near the Nature runecrafting altar on Karamja. Void familiars take you to Pest Control island. The spirit larupia takes you to Feldip Hills, arctic bear teleports to the snow hunting area, and the lava titan can teleport you to the Wilderness Lava Maze.

Other Tips - For pouches that require seconds that are stackable or can be held in high number, and that you may not want to keep but rather trade in for shards, it is beneficial to infuse your pouches at Bogrog as you can then continuously infuse then swap your pouches without having to constantly go to a bank to acquire more seconds. For example, the fruit bat which requires bananas as its second can have the bananas held in a basket allowing five times as many pouches per inventory space. Or, there is the granite lobster that requires 500 g blocks of granite. Here, you could take 5 kg blocks and a chisel to the summoning obelisk and chip off pieces of the block to use as the second. This is beneficial as each 5 kg block gives ten 500 g blocks effectively allowing ten times the pouches per inventory space used. However, make sure that your summoning level is high enough above the pouch you want to infuse so that you can swap the pouch otherwise you won't be able to use this method.

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Cape of Achievement

Once you have mastered the skill and reached level 99, you may want to buy yourself a Summoning Cape from Pikkupstix at his summoning shop in Taverly. Refer to the Achievement Capes guide for more details.

Summoning Cape

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RuneScape 2007
Find this page on the Internet Archive with a date as close to Aug 10, 2007 as possible.

With May drawing to a close, did you participate in the RuneScape Road Trip?

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