Weekly Penguin and Circus Locations


Penguin Hide and Seek and the Circus are distractions and diversions that change locations every week. This guide will update each week when the D&D's do, and list the locations of every penguin and the circus. For help with penguin hunting on world 60 join one of the team penguin friend chat channels: World60pengs, W60pengs, W60pengu, or W60pengy.

Circus Location

Current Circus location for the week of: July 20 - 27

Current Circus Location
Location Map

North-east of the Mining Guild.

Penguin Locations

Current penguin locations for the week of: July 20 - 27

# Locations Type Points Roam Range Requirements
1KeldagrimRock2 Can't leave Keldagrim. Usually seen around Mine Carts. Started:
The Giant Dwarf to the point where your character gets to Keldagrim.
2Al KharidCactus1Can't leave the Starter Area None
3Southern DesertCactus1 Most of the Kharidian Desert. Cannot go past Shantay Pass. None
4Gnome StrongholdBush1 Can't leave the Stronghold. None
5Castle WarsBush1 Can roam around Feldip Hills or Kandarin. None
6Feldip HillsBush2 Usually stays around Feldip Hills, though can roam into Kandarin. None
7Musa PointCrate1 Can't leave Karamja. None
8Mort MyreBush2 Usually stays in the swamp.None. Note: Anyone accessing the Morytania area for the first time must at least kill the ghoul under the Paterdomus temple.
9NeitiznotRock2 Can't leave the island the town is on. Started:
The Fremennik Isles to the part where your character goes to Neitiznot.
10WildernessRock2 Usually stays in the Lava Maze. Can roam most of Wilderness.None. Beware of PKers
11Invisible penguinInvisible3Teleports to any location a 1-point penguin can spawn at random.To see this penguin, you need to be wearing a ring of visibility.
Polar Bear
Musa Point Polar Bear 1 N/A Completed:
Hunt for Red Raktuber
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