Grand Exchange Centre

Tip.It data updated at 7-Oct-2015 5:15am UTC

Grand Exchange Stats

Today's Top 5 Gains By Coins
Santa hatSanta hat+6,900,000gp
Green h'ween maskGreen h'ween mask+4,400,000gp
Third-age platebodyThird-age platebody+2,900,000gp
Seismic singularitySeismic singularity+1,500,000gp
Amulet of soulsAmulet of souls+1,100,000gp
Today's Top 5 Losses By Coins
Rock-shell helmRock-shell helm+0gp
Antidote+ mix (1)Antidote+ mix (1)+0gp
Portent of degradation IIPortent of degradation II+0gp
Ruined dragon armour shardRuined dragon armour shard+0gp
Sign of deathSign of death+0gp
Today's Top 5 Gains By Percent
Eye of newtEye of newt+20.0%
Empty potEmpty pot+14.3%
Iron arrowIron arrow+14.3%
Adamant dartAdamant dart+10.0%
Apple tree seedApple tree seed+10.0%
Today's Top 5 Losses By Percent
Crayfish cageCrayfish cage+0.0%
Dagon'hai robes setDagon'hai robes set+0.0%
Feather headdressFeather headdress+0.0%
Rocking chairRocking chair+0.0%
Marrentill potion (unf)Marrentill potion (unf)+0.0%

Other Stats

Most Expensive Items
Christmas crackerChristmas cracker2,100,000,000gp
Blue partyhatBlue partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Purple partyhatPurple partyhat2,100,000,000gp
White partyhatWhite partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Green partyhatGreen partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Least Expensive Items
Redberry seedRedberry seed1gp
Tomato seedTomato seed1gp
Oak armour caseOak armour case1gp
Oak kitchen tableOak kitchen table1gp
Wood dining tableWood dining table1gp
Highest 30 Day Changes
Guam seedGuam seed+125.0%
Crystal tool seedCrystal tool seed+104.0%
Off-hand steel clawOff-hand steel claw+100.0%
Noose wandNoose wand+100.0%
Silver bolts (unf)Silver bolts (unf)+100.0%
Highest 90 Day Changes
Portable brazierPortable brazier+365.0%
Leather cowlLeather cowl+330.0%
Portable fletcherPortable fletcher+320.0%
Bandit Camp TeleportBandit Camp Teleport+281.0%
Portable crafterPortable crafter+263.0%
Highest 180 Day Changes
Leather cowlLeather cowl+833.0%
Off-hand bronze maceOff-hand bronze mace+400.0%
Portable brazierPortable brazier+365.0%
Kwuarm seedKwuarm seed+335.0%

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