Warped Terrorbird -1-

Warped Terrorbird -1-

"This bird looks a bit more vulnerable now."
Race: Animal Level: 82 Life points: 5900 Ratio: 7.2
Attack type: Melee+Ranged Max Hit: 236 Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No
Poisonous: No Members: Yes Quest monster: Yes Weakness: Slash
Habitat: This monster can be found in the Sewer Slayer Dungeon.

Free to play drops are shown in white, members-only drops in this colour, and unconfirmed drops in italic. Item groups are shown like [this].

Notes: You need level 56 Slayer to harm this monster. You must also have a crystal chime in your inventory. The crystal chime is obtained during the Path of Glouphrie quest. You can only get this monster as a slayer assignment after you have completed this quest.

Warped terrorbirds use both ranged and melee attacks. If you pray against one combat style, it will begin using the other one. It is recommended to pray against ranged, as their melee attack is the weaker of the two. It will also ensure that you'll only be attacked by one terrorbird at a time, since you will be out of the melee range of the other terrorbirds.

Wearing earmuffs, masked earmuffs or a slayer helmet will reduce the maximum hit of their ranged attack to 20. Each individual warped terrorbird is weak to either crush, slash or stab attacks.

Credits: Aiden, All Bogs, Aurhora, bardock86, cobylg, Darkblade986, Doughnutty1, fallen_snipa, Fourfoxes, fuego149, Gandorf61, Ginger Warrior, godbrain, Gwilym, happybaby, Hero Mordor, hesoyam2, Hulak Nord, Iiccee, Jard Y Dooku, jason the ru, jimhoofd, levicat007, Lv_Richy, mkbc, mustafa12340, nociv0, ooglebrain, Othelbark, peng_of_war, Pocket Solid, pokfreak2007, quippishi, Sean H11, squrelly100, wade69, wahaw, Ze Crash
RuneScape 2007
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