Wild jade vine

Wild jade vine

"A sentient plant - ready, willing and able to kill."
Race: Plant Level: 43 Life points: 6500 Ratio: 15.12
Attack type: Magic, Melee and Ranged Max Hit: 312 Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No
Poisonous: Yes Members: Yes Quest monster: No Weakness: None
Habitat: The farming patch of the Handelmort mansion in Ardougne.

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Notes: The Wild jade vine has to be defeated in order to complete the Back to my Roots quest.

You can only harm this monster by using a hatchet. It is able to poison you, starting at 78 damage. It is immune to poison itself.

The Wild jade vine attacks using all three combat styles. It tends to prefer using its melee attack when you are close to it, so praying against melee is advised. You can't use reflect curses to reflect damage back to it.

After the quest, the jade vine can be replanted and killed for repeated XP:
  • Check health after plant reaches maturity: 1500 Farming XP.
  • Prune a branch: 30 Farming XP (not recommended)
  • Fight it after it goes wild: 2500 Slayer XP
  • Fighting it also earns: 250 Woodcutting XP
  • Be sure to replant it so that you can grow it and kill it again the next day (the grow/check/wild phases take less than 24 hours total.)

If the Jade vine seed is missing from your inventory you can ask Horacio for a new seed. He will watch your jade vine for a payment of ten wildblood hops.
Credits: Darkblade986, Gandorf61, Ginger Warrior, Jard Y Dooku, King Jotun, KingSaiyaman, Nunsuch, SportsGuy, Teemupets, Vhellcat
RuneScape 2007
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