"That's one big Ork..."
Race: Giant Level: 107 Life points: 45000 Ratio: 42.06
Attack type: Melee Max Hit: 750 Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No
Poisonous: No Members: Yes Quest monster: No Weakness: Crush
  • Chaos Tunnels; unlocked by the The Hunt for Surok mini-quest.
  • Drops:

    Free to play drops are shown in white, members-only drops in this colour, and unconfirmed drops in italic. Item groups are shown like [this].

    Notes: The The Hunt for Surok mini-quest unlocking Bork can only be attempted by players with 44 Slayer.

    The Deflect Melee curse does not successfully reflect damage back onto Bork. Deflect Magic does not affect the Dagon'hai Mage.

    Wearing a Ring of Wealth improves the quality of Bork's drops, that is to say, it substracts one sapphire and adds an uncut ruby, diamond and two uncut emeralds to the 100% drop you would otherwise receive. The "base drops" to be considered there include one uncut sapphire, one uncut emerald, and one uncut ruby.

    Upon completion of the Hard Tasks of Varrock, Bork's "base drops" will be increased by a factor of two (formerly, this required completion of the Elite tasks).

    Upon completion of The Mighty Fall quest, Bork's drops are improved once more, stacking with the Ring of wealth and the Varrock Hard task doubles for the max amount of drops. This is the only time the Uncut dragonstone will drop.

    For the mini-quest final battle, Surok (unattackable) will also fire a magic spell at you regularly, which can deal damage in triple figures (LP). Bork itself can deal a maximum of 250 LP, and attacks melee-style. After reducing its life points to about 50%, Bork will summon a few Ork Legions (level 125). It is therefore advised to take high magic-defence armour, while using Protect from Melee and a Prayer Potion, using high-level food (monkfish or above) to avoid dying. It is immune to poison. An anti-dragon shield is suggested while walking through the Chaos Tunnels to reach Bork.

    A one-click teleport can be used, but you also may leave the arena through the portal near the side at any time you wish.

    Daily Battle: After defeating him during the miniquest, you receive 5000 slayer xp. You can fight Bork again once a day for 250 slayer xp, charms, gem drops, and random drops (listed above). You no longer need 44 slayer to kill Bork daily.

    For the daily battle you can go directly to Bork's den. Varrock armour 4 will offer you a free daily teleport. If you teleport out of the fight you must wait until the next day. The respawn time rolls over at midnight GMT. Instead of Surok, a Dagon'Hai (unattackable) will mage you. Bork's ork legions will harass you as usual. Preparation information above still applies.

    *Drops a special bone during the completion of the Fur 'n' Seek quest that cannot be buried.
    Credits: Andrew34765, Arceus, Aurhora, buber167 hot, Darkblade986, Dark_Aura, Dragonkng198, Ginger Warrior, Herogin Lvi, Jaffy1, Jard Y Dooku, meilan39, noloafing1, notherhottie, Quyneax, Riotdeath_xx, SportsGuy, tryto, Vhellcat, Viking3815, Viral Aether, w00tinator69, Warriormonkx, Winterwolf52, X-Timster-X, Xena Dragon, Zaaps1
    RuneScape 2007
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