Astea Frostweb

Astea Frostweb

"A summoner using a form of ancient magic."
Race: Human Level Range 8 - 221 Attack type: Melee+Magic
Boss: Yes Poisonous: No Members: No Weakness: --
Evolution of Combat note
The combat stats of this monster may have changed since the Evolution of Combat update, and have not yet been confirmed in the live game. You can help the community by verifying the information in-game and then submit a report with your findings.
Frozen Abandoned Furnished Occult Warped
Yes No No No No
Boss Info: This boss monster requires level 1 Dungeoneering to encounter.
Smuggler's Notes: Astea Frostweb is a mage with a considerable dominion over ice. She will attack with powerful frost-based magicks and she will attempt to freeze you on the spot. She also has the power to summon ice spiders to her aid, and will call them more frequently against foes who attempt to prevent her magical damage. If that wasn't enough, she can also call upon divine protection from melee, ranged or magic.

Free to play drops are shown in white, members-only drops in this colour, and unconfirmed drops in italic. Item groups are shown like [this].

Notes: This boss primarily attacks with magic, but will also use melee attacks if you get too close. She also occasionally uses a ranged attack which deals damage of an unspecified type. She always has a protection prayer active, randomly switching every so often between magic, melee and ranged. Her ranged defence is especially low, but in order to circumvent her prayers it is best to use both melee and ranged combat styles.

Astea's magic attack will occasionally freeze you in place; you can eat, mage or range during that time. Praying against magic will halve the freeze duration. She also summons ice spiders, which will distract you continually with melee. If you pray against magic, she will summon spiders more often. The spiders will disappear after having been active for a set duration.
Credits: 1337z0r3, All Bogs, Christian23, Dadieseldude05, Dark magicol, Laikrob, Lcheg, Siobhana, TheLeonardo, Xena Dragon
RuneScape 2007
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