Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan

Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan

"It's hanging over a deep chasm with four fleshy tentacles."
Race: Stalker Level Range 87 - 520 Attack type: Melee+Ranged
Boss: Yes Poisonous: No Members: No Weakness: None
Frozen Abandoned Furnished Occult Warped
No No No No No
Boss Info: This boss monster requires level 59 Dungeoneering to encounter.
Smuggler's Notes: Shadow Forger Ihlakhizan is a creature of both day and night. Be careful when it flashes, as that is a sign that it will try to blind you. It's best to find something to hide behind to prevent massive damage.

Free to play drops are shown in white, members-only drops in this colour, and unconfirmed drops in italic. Item groups are shown like [this].

Notes: This boss uses five different attacks.

  • It moves its body in a circle. This is an accurate melee attack which hits all players adjacent to it. Praying against melee will fully protect you against it.
  • A small beam of light appears above its head and you get surrounded by a yellow-reddish area, damaging you for around 100. This attack does not have a damage type, so no prayer will protect against it.
  • If you are hiding out of the boss' sight, a dark void appears around you and a shadowy hand claws at you, dealing damage. This attack does not have a damage type. Try to avoid staying out of the boss' sight for long.
  • Its fourth attack is an area attack. The boss squishes together and shoots green goo around the room, dealing ranged damage to everyone hit by it. Praying against ranged partially mitigates this attack.
  • Its most dangerous attack is a blast of energy, which it charges up, getting a yellow glow around it for a second. You must hide behind a pillar or use a gatestone teleport to avoid this attack. If you get hit by it, you will take a large amount of damage, and your combat stats will be significantly decreased. It does not have a damage type, so prayers are useless against it.

You can either pray against melee to protect yourself from the boss' melee attacks, or pray against ranged to partially mitigate its goo attacks. The other attacks don't seem to be affected by protection prayers at all.

When fighting very high level versions of this boss, you can sometimes be killed instantly by two globs of goo hitting you at the same time, as each glob is capable of dealing over 500 damage. Consider praying against ranged when the Shadow-forger has a combat level of over 400.

There is a safespot where the Shadow-forger can't hit you at all; if things go horribly wrong you can use it to home teleport out of the boss room! It is located two squares to the south and one square to the west of the south-western pillar. You can see a picture of it here.
Credits: All Bogs, Cal San Krampell, Crimsonsmash, killzyou lol, Leik, Melzardust, Moosecow1, O-Mega Lead, rey tierra, Rocky Roonil, theflandaddy, TheLeonardo, TomcatLX, Tox-xy, Tyhjaarpa, Vhellcat, Wolfs Aura
RuneScape 2007
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