Yk'Lagor the Thunderous

Yk'Lagor the Thunderous

"A demon used to barking orders to its warriors."
Race: Demon Level Range 141 - 717 Attack type: Melee+Magic
Boss: Yes Poisonous: No Members: Yes Weakness: None
Frozen Abandoned Furnished Occult Warped
No No No Yes No
Boss Info: This boss monster requires level 89 Dungeoneering to encounter.
Smuggler's Notes: Yk'Lagor the Thunderous is a powerful demon, contained by evil mages trying to siphon his power as he remains passive. If you distract enough of the mages pinning him down, their power won't be enough and he'll break free. Watch out as he unleashes true power: if you don't hide from his attacks, you can expect death or a longer fight.

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Notes: Eight mysterious mages surround Yk'Lagor the Thunderous at the start of the fight. They are concentrating on keeping Yk'Lagor contained within a magical barrier. Attacking them will break their concentration and cause them to retaliate with fire blast spells.

Once you've broken the concentration of some of the mages, Yk'Lagor will break free, and slay all the mages instantly with a powerful multi-target attack. This attack will not cause any damage to you. After taking care of the mages, Yk'Lagor will turn his attention to you and your team-mates.

Yk'Lagor uses melee and magic attacks. His melee strikes have a very fast rate of attack, but praying against melee will fully protect you against them. His magic attacks hit multiple targets, and praying against magic will only offer partial protection. Yk'Lagor will only use magic attacks if people are not in melee range. Consider praying against melee and staying in melee range as much as possible.

The demon also uses two types of powerful special attacks. The first type is announced by Yk'Lagor saying "This is...", and causes an earthquake which deals massive damage. The second type is announced by Yk'Lagor saying "Come closer!", and will magically pull you towards him, stun you, temporarily disable your protection prayers and heal the boss for about 15% of his total life points. Both special attacks ignore protection prayers, but they can be avoided by quickly hiding behind a pillar.

Teleportation magic is restricted within Yk'Lagor's room. You can only use teleports when standing behind one of the pillars. In addition, summoned familiars frequently seem to be unable to attack Yk'Lagor. Bloodrager scrolls cannot be used against him.

Immune to stuns.
Credits: All Bogs, Aurhora, ChosenEagle, JaxRS, Kimberly, Shelby_Polo
RuneScape 2007
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