"Power radiates from him."
Race: TokHaar Level: 108 Life points: 50000 Ratio: 46.3
Attack type: Melee Max Hit: 2352 Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No
Poisonous: No Members: Yes Quest monster: Yes Weakness: None
Habitat: Found during The Brink of Extinction quest and in the Fight Cauldron.

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Related NPC: TokHaar-Hok
Notes: TokHaar-Hok has an extremely powerful melee attack that can hit over 2500 LP at once. Praying/Deflecting Melee is vital to surviving the battle. Bringing prayer potions to fight TokHaar-Hok is highly recommended, since it drains prayer points from the player when it hits. TokHaar-Hok can hit through prayer.

When TokHaar-Hok falls below 50% health, it will attempt to heal itself in the lava stream. In order to prevent this, the player must use an ability that has a stun effect*. When successfully stunned, you will see the message, "You have stunned TokHaar-Hok, preventing him from healing." During this time, it will not attempt to regenerate for the duration of the ability's cooldown. When the stun wears off, the player will see, "TokHaar-Hok is now able to heal." Stun abilities will also interrupt it while healing. However, walking to TokHaar-Hok in order to use melee abilities will cause 1400 LP damage for standing on a heated tile.

Like the other rooms during the quest, familiars are not permitted for this battle.

* - See our Ability Book guide for abilities that stun.

** TokHaar-Hok will appear occasionally in the Fight Cauldron minigame and challenge you to a rematch. His mechanics are the same as in the quest, however he is stronger and will summon additional TokHaar to aid him. If defeated, he drops 16 obsidian shards and an experience lamp worth 20k experience in several combat related skills. The shards are awarded when the player leaves the cauldron. See our Fight Cauldron guide for more details.
Credits: Crimsonsmash, Gwynrwyn, Kimberly, Octarine
RuneScape 2007
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