Fire giant

Fire giant

"A very large elemental adversary."
Race: Giant Level: 85 Life points: 6700 Ratio: 7.88
Attack type: Melee+Ranged Max Hit: 335 Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No
Poisonous: No Members: Yes Quest monster: No Weakness: Slash
  • Brimhaven Dungeon
  • Chaos Tunnels
  • Fire Giants' Lair (level 50+ Wilderness)
  • Smoke Dungeon
  • Waterfall Dungeon
  • Waterfall resource dungeon
  • Drops:

    Free to play drops are shown in white, members-only drops in this colour, and unconfirmed drops in italic. Item groups are shown like [this].

    Notes: Fire giants drop gold charms extremely often compared to other charms, and make for an excellent source of fire runes. They have low defence, and are great for ranging or halberding.

    *The fire giant bone is a special bone dropped after completion of the Rag and Bone Man quest. You can't bury this bone.
    **The shoulder bone is a special bone dropped after completion of the Fur 'n' Seek quest. You can't bury this bone, either.
    Credits: abas89, abomb67, acconatural, Acolyte, adg135873, Agent F, AirlessWig, Aksel926, Alaistair, All Bogs, Amorgan620, amstrdamcafe, andredre007, Animuse, axewielder22, Axlsteel12, Ben Mundy, Bez, bigshow1991, blackrose100, Bloodrayne, Boost Kill, Bozzy111, brett6910, Buffer2009, Bulb, Calracol, ced cool7, chaoss demon, charliez, cheekyboy330, christopher Whitehouse, Christpher McGavern, Cooked Rock, Cool Bunny, Cowpatman, c polistu, Curt, Cutta King, c_may_18194, d 1 samler, Dadieseldude05, dameonife, darklordAIK, davdmoefugga, DaveZZilla, Dezolaytion, Diurdi, Divij, Dj Ammy Jo, doom pit boi, Dotahh, Dragonkng198, Dragoon5464, durtraiku, Eeeeediot, Elcoolio, entomorph2, eskimomage69, execution007, feared golem, Fiveironfire, Fledlizard, frania, Frede173, FTS Ranger, Funky Nappy, gameak24, Gentle Death, Ginger Warrior, grufburg, Hayslayer1, Headnazgul, HeikeR, hellfire23, hiyall, hobbitboy999, hohto, hotdogcore, Husbeen, inferno_char, insane, Iwabo, Jaffy1, James Kroeger, jarhed88, Jens14, Jessica, jmill331, joe, joe1234100, Johannen, Jon_Arcane, jossie9, killa_k, Killerred005, killsueme, kimbo1, KingJD, Kingsmither5, kings super, klokatier x, KngOfTheGrve, Ks Jeppe, ktmstar, Leafs4thecup, Lemonade, Lemon Bear, Lending Fury, liesj666, logi44, LoneStryker, Lozzydaozzy, luffy9_9, l_marton_l, M0R3B4C0N, Markos87, matsui89, mchainmail, meta_mucil, moopymitchell182, Moosecow1, Mr Glidz, MyWay091093, nobby680968, Nolan7779, Noob life xd, nordor222, ozkrusty, palatattoo, Perepeczko, phillip0, picaxmad, pkashmuk, Pker Dude Jr, Player Kila, poepkoek, pokfreak2007, poor alibi, Popycorn, Psychotical, purple_roses, queenwhiskey, r1sk is back, razar118, realgem, Resenenz, rifty, Ripstiker96, RobiNHooD, Ronny12ronny, Rossss, RussetAlpha, Ryl, Sadistic Res, Sajepiis, Salleh, Sangeli, Scot, SenorBadass, Shadow Xn, Siggibear, s i jasoman, Sirlonewolf, sir_kevs, snoepie tkih, Sodispoika, Sorghaghtani, Speedyshel, spiidijs, SS4 Vegeto, stan18, s t r n ll b, studcricket, sub-zero2010, subvertgenoc, Supafli Man, sycob, Sypherionx, teh oId IolI, the-solitary, TheBlazikenMaster, the retated, The W1zard 1, TimeIapse, Tomiz, tonio1612, truebluearmy, turtleboypk, Twisted185, twit 1002, ugj, unholy_x_one, Vazkaneirtak, vizard4life, w0o0o0t1, wanderer702, warriorma222, wartop408, Whosyourmom, William Uptegrove, wolfman6666, wood hacker1, xscorchmanx, Yrdna, yucky man112, zach, Zaxts
    RuneScape 2007
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