"The eyes of evil."
Race: Animal Level: 77 Life points: 2750 Ratio: 3.57
Attack type: Melee Max Hit: 220 Aggressive: No Retreats: No
Poisonous: No Members: Yes Quest monster: No Weakness: Air Spells
  • Slayer Dungeon east of the golden apple tree.
  • Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon
  • Drops:

    Free to play drops are shown in white, members-only drops in this colour, and unconfirmed drops in italic. Item groups are shown like [this].

    Notes: You need level 40 Slayer to kill this monster. It drops green charms more often than charms of any other colour.

    Wearing a mirror shield is highly recommended when fighting basilisks. If you engage a basilisk without wearing the shield, your stats will be lowered and you will take damage constantly. The damage you take depends on your Constitution level - at level 99 the damage dealt is 123.

    *The basilisk bone is a special bone dropped after the completion of the Rag and Bone Man quest. You can't bury this bone.
    Credits: 58kbs, abomb67, Ahmet29992, AHolyBanana, arjanjon, Blooorange, br11, bvlilnick00, c00k br02, ced cool7, cousincarl, crazykiwi, Dadieseldude05, Das, Ddraiggoch06, Defender2516, Devil113, drgnslyer_15, DVNO HQ, eev, Eurdorias, firered28777, frogact, Frozendragon, frozenfire, Ginger Warrior, hawkxs, Headnazgul, Henk van de Griendt, hijack778, I Am Beacon, inferno_char, Investigated, Jaffy1, Jard_Y_Dooku, jim_vierling, Jmnm0, jwrm22, K2ula, Kimberly, kobelaker24, Kopaka490, Lady_Shahdie, Laikrob, Lark, Lavaz, Lord Afflict, Lord Gozer 2, Ltu_Uni_Ltu, Misplacedme, Mr Fudgemonk, Mudkip893, M_Desroches, Nick, No_One_Will1, parker15146, Pker_Dude_Jr, Pur3pow4, rampage051, Ran_shadow2, Ripto7, Rock_Evans, Rosebuster17, runenoobkila, Sact4, skullcanny, SlasherHowl, sneepioo, Sophia1900, spiidijs, Stacey1975, star_in_the_sky, Steffen Wolf, swordkillr13 tzu_men, Teslarok, True Fallacy, Vader2592, Vhellcat, Warriormonkx, wyvren2000, x s g t x, Zerphey
    RuneScape 2007
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