Aberrant spectre

Aberrant spectre

"A very smelly ghost."
Race: Undead Level: 72 Life points: 6000 Ratio: 8.33
Attack type: Magic Max Hit: 208 Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No
Poisonous: No Members: Yes Quest monster: No Weakness: Thrown
Habitat: Slayer tower north of Canifis (weak to thrown weaponry)
Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon (weak to arrows)

Free to play drops are shown in white, members-only drops in this colour, and unconfirmed drops in italic. Item groups are shown like [this].

Notes: You must have 60 slayer to harm Aberrant spectres. You also need to wear a Nosepeg or a Slayer helmet to protect yourself against its smell. If you don't, it will continuously damage you and greatly reduce your stats. Spectres drop gold charms more often than other charms, and are an excellent source of herbs and seeds as well.

Spectres use a mage-based attack so either use pray against magic or wear armour with strong magic defence. A common tactic is to use prayer-boosting equipment, such as proselyte armour, and a Holy wrench with prayer potions, to keep praying against magic for as long as you are fighting them.

Spectres are undead creatures, which means that the salve amulet works against them. The amulet's damage bonus does not stack with the Slayer helmet's bonus, however.

If you choose to fight the spectres located in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, you must use a Slayer helmet, as you require protection against both the spectres and the smoke inside the dungeon. Strangely enough, the spectres found under Pollnivneach are not aggressive.

This monster gives 15 Prayer XP when killed if you have an Ectoplasmator in your inventory. If you get the Ectoplasmator as a drop, but already own one, you will not be able to pick the item up.

This monster has a (somewhat rare) chance of dropping a piece of Ghost Hunter Armour when killed. Duplicates of pieces that the player already has will not be dropped.
Credits: abomb67, Arcticrunite, Atayl129, Aurhora, Azraels Lie, Baffler, Ben, boidaez, bvlilnick00, ced cool7, charger_lee, cirridian, Darkblade986, Dieux Trois, dk4500, dkat magic, Dragonzki, Dr Awnivek, DyingSilent, Finchaty, fulanku, gaberl, Ginger Warrior, Godslayer725, graabeklis, haemostax, hattie217, Headnazgul, Hunter_Ghor, iVorpal, Jaffy1, Jagermyster, JeremiahWeed, jordan, Juan, Kath, khil01, KillerJV, Kimberly, kneus6, Lady_Shahdie, Lauranas, Leik, Lorddayu, luigi3530, Mad Lads, mag3 fails u, manek1982, medic_187, MirjaHasan, Misplacedme, moneymage3, moobies1, morrowindgek, neo jinzo, nick k, Norman_Biggs, no_way2go, Omnitec, pappalegacy, Punk Rocker, Quest God, quippishi, RaelinRainheart, Ran_Shadow2, RayOxide, RobiNHooD, Rune Mace, Salleh, sarx, sauron the 6, Shawn, Shizuuka, Simpatt, Siobhana, sizzle5678, Snowmaster88, Spectral_Yak, Speedyshel, taryn mcintyre, The_Qc_Fred, Tobias, Touseour, Trickster374, TR iXclusive, tryto, TSRoach, Unknown_I_D, unrivalled, Uzuchi, Vader2592, vasuden, Vhellcat, vmser, V o r k, Were You Y, Wes Reborn, Wolf Am I, WoodenFruit, wotmania505, wyvren2000, x-Marielle, xsotha silx, Xxxsmileyxxx, Yrdna, zyh_2004
RuneScape 2007
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