Aviansie -1-

Aviansie -1-

"Graceful, bird-like creature."
Race: Animal Level: 89 Life points: 6400 Ratio: 7.19
Attack type: Ranged Max Hit: 256 Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No
Poisonous: No Members: Yes Quest monster: No Weakness: Bolts
Habitat: God Wars Dungeon - Armadyl's Eyrie

Free to play drops are shown in white, members-only drops in this colour, and unconfirmed drops in italic. Item groups are shown like [this].

Notes: This monster cannot be attacked using melee attacks. It must be attacked through either ranged weapons or through magic attacks.

It uses ranged attacks to inflict damage on its enemy.

Warpriest armour is more common if it was purchased during The Bird and the Beast world event.
Credits: 22woger22, 99fishin2, Apkmaster300, BattleThingz, BioMasterZap, Blackk Light, black_lite11, bound4lumby, Buttwhoopchi, Crossback X, damni mugly, Darkblade986, diya1008, dorfish, Elite_Arr0wz, Eyehawk78, Feanor_5, fire is g00d, GadedinII, Ginger Warrior, iate1smurf, im4everpure1, Jaffy1, Ja Jaj, Jard Y Dooku, Jester Lane, Kandymann3, Kimberly, kinggabe, kwkronz12, Latinoking, Lost Force, lycan_range5, manoman, marnuke, megagamer 90, Neville270, Pk3r612, Puglover3, pyrofiend, Quickdrawjoe, R2h Owned U, robert, sanka baby, Sonicsilver, TJ, tryto, verran night, waddupdawgs, Warriormonkx, yegaboo11
RuneScape 2007
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