Advanced Summoning Calculator

The advanced summoning calculator will tell you the most experience efficient way to spend your charms. Either put in your name, and press "Get Stats!", or enter your level or experience in summoning. Then enter the amount of charms you possess or plan to possess. The calculator will give you a list of pouches and their associated costs. Please note that the calculator does not take into account returning pouches for shards.

WARNING: This calculator performs a complex calculation and may slow down your browser considerably. If your browser tells you the page is taking too long, you are okay, that is normal and you should allow the script to continue.

Your Level or Experience:
RuneScape Name:
Summoning Level:
Summoning Experience:
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Gold Green Crimson Blue


Calculator by: Dudecrush8

Thanks to: Beaumonde, Dudecrush8, Grafarg11, MageUK, wyvren2000, Xena Dragon

Last updated by: Dudecrush8

Last updated on: 17-Jan-2013

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