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Pic Name Tags Members Quest
25gp Quest, Useless No No
Agility XP lamp Quest, Reward Yes Yes
Airtight pot Quest Yes Yes
Akhomet's ceremonial dagger Quest Yes Yes
Akthanakos's memory Quest Yes Yes
Alkaline concoction Quest Yes No
Amlodd charm Quest Yes Yes
Amlodd pouch Quest Yes Yes
Ancient wolf bone amulet Quest No Yes
Andrew's lamp Quest No Yes
Arcenia root Quest Yes Yes
Ardougne revolutionary flag Quest Yes Yes
Astronomy book Book, Quest Yes Yes
Attack XP lamp Quest, Reward No Yes
Attack XP lamp -Heroes' Quest- Quest, Reward Yes Yes
Attuned crystal bow Degradable, Quest, Ranger, Smithing Yes Yes
Attuned crystal halberd Degradable, Melee, Quest, Smithing Yes Yes
Attuned crystal staff Degradable, Mage, Quest, Smithing Yes Yes
Azdaran document Book, Quest Yes Yes
Azzanadra's memory Quest Yes Yes
Barrel Quest Yes Yes
Batal's coin purse Quest Yes Yes
Baxtorian's journal Book, Quest Yes Yes
Bear fur Quest No No
Bilrach's memory Quest Yes Yes
Black bead Herblore, Quest No Yes
Black pearl Quest, Reward No Yes
Blamish snail slime Herblore, Quest Yes Yes
Blisterwood ashes Quest Yes Yes
Blood of the Covenant Book, Quest Yes Yes
Bloodcap mushroom Quest, Raw material Yes Yes
Bloodstone Quest, Reward Yes Yes
Bloody journal Book, Quest Yes No
Blue Isafdar mushroom Quest Yes Yes
Blue jewel Quest Yes Yes
Blueprints Quest, Quest-only Yes Yes
Board Quest, Quest-only Yes Yes
Boiled shrimp Quest No No
Bone scraps Quest, Quest-only Yes Yes
Brassican amulet Quest No Yes
Brassican amulet (unstrung) Quest No Yes
Bravek's list Quest Yes Yes
Broccoli root Quest No Yes
Broccoli string Quest No Yes
Broken mask Quest Yes Yes
Broken shield -Arrav Phoenix- Quest No Yes
Bronze butter knife Quest, Weapon No Yes
Bronze wire Quest Yes Yes
Bronzish bar Quest, Raw material No Yes
Brother Brace's prayer book Quest No Yes

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