Corpsethorn trap

Corpsethorn trap Examine: Used to trap the bovimastyx. (Tier 8) Weight: 0.20 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
High alchemy: 2,100 gp Low alchemy: 1,400 gp
Location: Fletched by using a knife on a corpsethorn branches deep within the dungeons of Daemonheim.
Made by:
Fletching Corpsethorn branches - requires level 73 Fletching and gives 180 Fletching xp.
Uses: Used for hunting the dinosaur-like bovimastyx creatures.
Notes: Fletching level 73 is required to make. Hunting level 70 is required to use.

It is recommended to use a higher level trap than the creature you are trying to catch. When trapped, use a knife to skin the bovimastyx to obtain hides for crafting range armour.

This item cannot be removed from Daemonheim and cannot be carried to the next level with the bind feature.
Links: Dungeoneering Guide, Fletching - Dungeoneering Skills, Hunting - Dungeoneering, Crafting - Dungeoneering Skills
Tags: Dungeoneering, Hunter, Tool
Credits: Mil, pokemama, pure_mageUK, vlad the old
Last updated: 11-Nov-2014
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