Baron shark

Baron shark Examine: Shimmering with juju magic. Weight: 0.60 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: 0 gp Low alchemy: 0 gp
Location: Obtained by cooking a raw baron shark.
Made by:
Cooking Raw baron shark - requires level 80 Cooking and gives 102 Cooking xp.
Uses: Heals 2000 life points when consumed, plus a 50 lp boost per second for the next 10 seconds. Equipping a Shark's tooth necklace raises this healing to 15 second. The total healing is thus 2500 without the shark tooth necklace and 2750 with.
Notes: Raw baron sharks can only be caught having level 76 fishing (or higher) with a harpoon at a sea fishing spot while under the effect of a Juju fishing potion.

There is also a chance to receive 1-5 noted baron sharks as one of the possible rewards from uncurling a prawn ball.

When consumed, a buff timer is shown in the usual buffs/debuffs area of your screen.
2000 Life Points at Constitution level 99.
Links: Cooking Guide, Herblore Guide, Herblore Habitat Minigame, Fishing Guide
Tags: Fish, Foods
Credits: cali fire, Darkwitchery, Jaffy1, Jolinar, Neglexis
Last updated: 29-Jul-2015
RuneScape 2007
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