Dragon defender

Dragon defender Examine: A defensive weapon that can parry attacks, reducing damage and increasses the accuracy of your next hit. Weight: 0.40 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: Unknown Low alchemy: Unknown
Location: Occasionally dropped by Cyclops and the Cyclossus in the Warrior's Guild.
Uses: Used in the shield slot, provides both offensive and defensive bonuses.
Notes: Show this to Kamfreena and the Cyclops will continue to drop Runite and Dragon Defenders. If you lose your Dragon Defender and have no others you will have to start from Bronze again. Requires Level 60 Attack and Level 60 Defence to wield.
Dropped by:
Links: Warriors Guild, Combat Guide - Defenders
Tags: Armour, Melee, Weapon
Credits: Hot Shot223, King Arthie1, Niats Prych, Opeth, STDracula, TarMarDi, Water
Item Stats
Damage 216 Armour 90
Accuracy 1132 Life Bonus 0
Level 60 Prayer Bonus 0
Style: Stabbing Strength Bonus 0
Type: Melee Ranged Bonus 0
Speed: Fastest Magic Bonus 0
Ammo: -- Equipment slot: Shield
Skill Requirements
Agility 0 Prayer 0
Attack 60 Ranged 0
Constitution 0 Strength 0
Defence 60 Summoning 0
Magic 0
Last updated: 22-Jul-2014
RuneScape 2007
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