Clan vexillum

Clan vexillum Examine: A vexillum declaring a clan. Weight: 1.00 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: 0 gp Low alchemy: 0 gp
Location: You can obtain the clan vexillum by talking to the clan scribe at the Clan Camp south of Falador.
Uses: The vexillum can be used as a one-handed weapon. Wield it to show the logo of your clan to other players! It also offers several right-click options: the "teleport" option will teleport you to the Clan Camp, and the "place" option will put a vexillum in the ground - other players may then read it to learn more about your clan.

You can also right click the vexillum while wielding it to quick-teleport to either Clan Camp (Teleport: Falador) or Prifddinas (Teleport: Prifddinas).

Placing a vexillum in the ground will also return the item to your inventory. While it is in your inventory, you can choose Interact to use of two options: "find" to find a vexillum you have previously placed and "recall" to remove a previously placed vexillum. Re-equipping the item or logging out will also remove a placed vexillum. In addition, after exactly two hours, your placed vexillum will disappear regardless.
Notes: You can talk to the clan scribe repeatedly (or right-click 'Get vexillum') to receive multiple clan vexilla. However, you can only place a single vexillum in the ground, regardless of how many you have in your inventory.

You can't place your clan vexillum if you're within ten squares of another vexillum. The vexillum's teleport will not work past level 26 Wilderness.
Links: Clan Camp Guide
Tags: Weapon
Credits: All Bogs, Arceus, Dudecrush8, Masta Le, Proulxs, Salleh, Tecmaster, Xena Dragon
Item Stats
Damage 61 Armour 0
Accuracy 150 Life Bonus 0
Level 0 Prayer Bonus 0
Style: Slashing Strength Bonus 0
Type: Melee Ranged Bonus 0
Speed: Fast Magic Bonus 0
Ammo: -- Equipment slot: Weapon
Skill Requirements
Agility 0 Prayer 0
Attack 1 Ranged 0
Constitution 0 Strength 0
Defence 0 Summoning 0
Magic 0
Last updated: 15-Dec-2014
RuneScape 2007
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