Dreadnip Examine: So incredibly fierce. Don't look it in the eyes!
It eats monsters for breakfast.
Weight: Unknown
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: Yes
High alchemy: 3 gp Low alchemy: 2 gp
Location: Obtained from the strange face after 450 bosses have been killed within the Dominion tower, and the player has spectated on one match.
Uses: Click on the dreadnip in the inventory while in combat to cause one dreadnip from your stack to deploy and attack the current target. This works both in single- and multicombat and even if you have a familiar summoned. Dreadnips dissappear when they lose sight of you, when their target dies or moves out of range, and after a certain amount of time.

In attacking, dreadnips can hit over 400 typeless damage, poison their target and stun. They provide melee XP depending on your attack style.
Notes: 100 Dreadnips are claimed at once from the strange face, and 100 more can be claimed after every 5 events done in the tower. You can have up to 15 lots of dreadnips ready to be claimed at once, after 75 fights won.
Links: Dominion Tower Guide
Tags: Minigame, Reward
Credits: Dragonkng198, Flm4eKiddo, Octarine19, ParacelsusET, Quyneax, Ruser_92, u r d3ad now
Last updated: 12-Aug-2014
RuneScape 2007
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