Ring of life

Ring of life Examine: An enchanted ring. Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
High alchemy: 2,115 gp Low alchemy: 1,410 gp
Grand Exchange » Ring of life
Market Price -5% Market Price Market Price +5% Buy Limit
2,117 (2.1k) gp 2,228 (2.2k) gp 2,339 (2.3k) gp 10,000
30 Days: +9%   90 Days: +15%   180 Days: +36%
   Last Snapshot: 5:15pm, 17-Mar-2019 GMT
Location: Player made. Also a reward from the Lost Tribe quest.
Made by:
Enchanting Cosmic rune and Diamond ring and 10 Earth rune - requires level 57 Magic.
Uses: When you get to less than 10% of your life points, it automatically teleports you to Lumbridge, Falador, Camelot, Ardougne or Soul Wars depending where you have set your respawn point to. It cures you of poisoning at the same time. The ring will NOT save you if your enemy can "KO" you in one hit. This item will only work once.
If you are in a "safe" Minigame, such as the TzHaar fight caves, castle wars, duel arena, or pest control, you will not be teleported if you are about to die.
Notes: You can set your respawn point at Falador after you complete the Recruitment Drive Quest, or to Camelot after you complete the Knight Waves Training Ground from King's Ransom quest, or Ardounge after completing the Medium Ardounge Tasks System, and to Soul Wars after you complete the Nomad's Requiem quest.

The Ring of life does not work past level 40 wilderness.

Made at a furnace from a cut diamond and a gold bar while carrying a ring mould in inventory and then enchanted using the Level 4 Enchant spell.
Dropped by:
Links: Recruitment Drive Quest, King's Ransom Quest, Ardougne Tasks, Nomad's Requiem Quest, Crafting guide, Magic guide
Tags: Enchanted, Jewellery, Ring
Credits: apple_egg3, Baffler, bambino, bokertov101, Cal San, essiw, foxking777, Georgelemmons, Lonew0lf1974, manoman, misplacedme, Siobhana, thebest371, Vhellcat
Item Stats
Damage 0 Armour 0
Accuracy 0 Life Bonus 0
Level 0 Prayer Bonus 0
Style: -- Strength Bonus 0
Type: -- Ranged Bonus 0
Speed: -- Magic Bonus 0
Ammo: -- Equipment slot: Ring
Skill Requirements
Agility 0 Prayer 0
Attack 0 Ranged 0
Constitution 0 Strength 0
Defence 0 Summoning 0
Magic 0
Last updated: 05-Jun-2013
RuneScape 2007
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