Sign of the porter II

Sign of the porter II Examine: When equipped, this sign will transport certain items directly to your bank when you receive them. This sign will transport 10 items before depleting. Weight: Unknown
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: 567 gp Low alchemy: 378 gp
Location: Created by weaving a sapphire necklace and 30 bright energy.
Made by:
Weaving 35 Bright energy and Sapphire necklace - requires level 28 Divination and gives 5.9 Divination xp.
Uses: When equipped, this sign will transport a maximum of 10 items directly to your bank when you receive them. Keep in mind that for items that drop after defeating an enemy in combat, you will have to pick it up to trigger the action of sending it to the bank.
Notes: Only certain items can be transported, as detailed below:

  • Farming: Apples, Asgarnian hops, Bananas, Barley, Bittercap mushrooms, Cabbages, Cactus spines, Cadavaberries, Calquat fruit, Cave nightshade, Coconuts, Curry leaves, Dwellberries, Grapes of Guthix, Grapes of Saradomin, Grapes of Zamorak, Grimy avantoe, Grimy cadantine, Grimy dwarf weed, Grimy fellstalk, Grimy guam, Grimy harralander, Grimy irit, Grimy kwuarm, Grimy lantadyme, Grimy marrentil, Grimy ranarr, Grimy snapdragon, Grimy spirit weed, Grimy tarromin, Grimy toadflax, Grimy torstol, Grimy wergali, Hammerstone hops, Jangerberries, Jute, Krandorian hops, Limpwurt root, Marigolds, Morcella mushrooms, Nasturtiums, Onions, Oranges, Papaya, Pineapple, Poison ivy berries, Potatoes, Redberries, Rosemary, Strawberries, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Whiteberries, Wildblood hops, Woad leaves, Yannilian hops.
  • Fishing: Frog spawn, Leaping salmon, Leaping sturgeon, Leaping trout, Raw anchovies, Raw bass, Raw cave eel, Raw cavefish, Raw cod, Raw crayfish, Raw herring, Raw karambwan, Raw karambwanji, Raw lava eel, Raw lobster, Raw mackerel, Raw pike, Raw rainbow fish, Raw rockail, Raw salmon, Raw sardine, Raw shrimp, Raw swordfish, Raw trout, Raw tuna, Raw shark, Slimy eel.
  • Hunter: Barb-tail harpoon, Blue feathers, Chinchompa, Common kebbit fur, Dark kebbit fur, Dashing kebbit fur, Desert devil fur, Diseased kebbit fur, Feldip weasel fur, Grenwall spikes, Kebbit claws, Kebbit spike, Kebbit teeth, Long kebbit spike, Orange feathers, Polar kebbit fur, Raw beast meat, Raw bird meat, Raw pawya meat, Red chinchompa, Red feathers, Spotted kebbit fur, Striped feathers, Wimpy feathers, Yellow feathers, Green salamander, Orange salamander, Red salamander, Black salamander.
  • Mining: Adamantite ore, Bane ore, Blurite ore, Clay, Coal, Copper ore, Elemental ore, Gold ore, Granite, Iron ore, Limestone, Living minerals, Mithril ore, Pure essence, Red sandstone, Rubium ore, Rune essence, Runite ore, Sandstone, Silver ore, Tin ore, Uncut diamond, Uncut emerald, Uncut jade, Uncut opal, Uncut read topaz, Uncut ruby, Uncut sapphire.
  • Woodcutting: Achey logs, Arctic pine logs, Blisterwood logs, Eucalyptus logs, Hollow logs, Logs, Magic logs, Elder logs, Mahogany logs, Maple logs, Oak logs, Teak logs, Willow logs, Yew logs.
  • Other: Ashes, Batwing, Bear fur, Black dragonhide, Blue dragonhide, Carapace, Chocolate bar, Cockatrice egg, Cowhide, Crushed bird nest, Eggs, Eye of newt, Flax, Frog spawn, Goat horns, Green dragonhide, Imphide, Magic roots, Mort Myre fungi, Phoenix Feather, Potato cactus, Raw chicken, Raw chompy meat, Raw jubbly meat, Raw meat, Raw oomlie meat, Raw rabbit, Raw snail meat, Red dragonhide, Red spiders' eggs, Roots, Royal dragonhide, Snail shells, Snake weed, Snakeskins, Snape grass, Spider carcass, Spider silk, Swamp tar, Toad's legs, Ugthanki meat, Unicorn horns, Willow branch, Wool, Yak hides, Yew roots.
Dropped by:
Tags: Divination
Credits: Elven_Mist, Howlin1, Miss Lioness, Wkw
Last updated: 22-Dec-2014
RuneScape 2007
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