Clue scroll (hard)

Clue scroll (hard) Examine: Varies, see notes. Weight: Unknown
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: Cannot be alchemised Low alchemy: Cannot be alchemised
Location: Obtained by killing various monsters.
Uses: Leads you on a treasure hunt!
Notes: Clue scrolls come in four difficulties: easy, medium, hard and elite. Lower level monsters typically drop easier clue scrolls. Clue scrolls bought at Trouble Brewing are of medium difficulty. You can only possess ONE clue scroll of EACH difficulty at a time. For example, you can have an easy clue scroll and a hard clue scroll at the same time, but not two easy clue scrolls.

The examine information changes, depending on what type of clue scroll it is.
  • Coordinate - "Perhaps someone at the observatory can teach me to navigate?"
  • Map - "A part of the world map, but where?"
  • Normal - "A clue!" or "A set of instructions to be followed."
  • Uri Emote - "A set of instructions to be followed."
  • NPC location - "It points to great treasure!"
Dropped by:
Black dragon, Blue dragon, Green dragon, Hellhound, Red dragon, King Black Dragon, Greater demon, Werewolf, Tyras guard, Elf warrior -Ranger-, Elf warrior, Bronze dragon, Steel dragon, Jelly, Turoth -5-, Turoth -2-, Turoth -3-, Turoth -1-, Aberrant spectre, Gargoyle, Nechryael, Abyssal demon, Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Supreme, Iron dragon, Mourner -Mourner HQ-, Chaos Elemental, Giant Mole, Cave Horror, Gorak, Suqah, Terror dog, Terror dog -2-, Experiment No. 2, Mithril dragon, Brutal green dragon, Waterfiend, Aviansie -1-, Aviansie -2-, Aviansie -3-, Spiritual Mage -Saradomin-, Saradomin Priest, Spiritual Warrior -Saradomin-, Spiritual Warrior -Zamorak-, Spiritual Mage -Zamorak-, Hellhound -God Wars-, Knight of Saradomin, Spiritual Ranger -Saradomin-, Spiritual Ranger -Bandos-, Spiritual Warrior -Bandos-, Spiritual Warrior -Armadyl-, Spiritual Ranger -Armadyl-, Aviansie -5-, Aviansie -6-, Aviansie -7-, Aviansie -8-, Aviansie -9-, Aviansie -10-, Aviansie -11-, Spiritual Ranger -Zamorak-, Revenant hellhound, Locust lancer, Revenant dragon, Ork Legion, Mighty banshee, Tormented demon, Aquanite, Waterfiend -Frozen Fortress-, Icefiend -Frozen Fortress-, Desert strykewyrm, Ice strykewyrm, Jungle strykewyrm, Frost dragon, Ancient warrior, Mutated jadinko guard, Mutated jadinko baby, Glacor, Waterfiend -Frozen Fortress 2-, Mature grotworm, Suqah -2-, Exiled kalphite guardian, Exiled kalphite marauder, Automaton Generator, Automaton Guardian, Automaton Tracer, Cyclops -2-, Cyclops -4-, Suqah -3-, Celestial dragon, Iorwerth guard, Cadarn ranger, Elite abyssal demon, Elite Aquanite
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Tags: Minigame
Credits: Arceus, fireball9050, Ibcrootbeer, Jaffy1, lbcrootbeer, misplacedme, Nabbagad, Peyton1288, Rien Adelric, Salleh, wizarthas460, xiaopengyou
Last updated: 25-Jan-2016
RuneScape 2007
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