Key token

Key token Examine: This token will add one Treasure Hunter key to your collection. Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: Cannot be alchemised Low alchemy: Cannot be alchemised
Location: A Key token can be obtained in multiple ways, such as: playing Distractions and Diversions, working at a Clan Citadel, as a rare monster drop and from skilling.
Uses: Claim this token to earn an additional key for the minigame Treasure Hunter.
Notes: Cannot be banked. If you have 10 or more earned keys on your account, you cannot consume more of these keys until you use up some of your earned keys.
Dropped by:
Fire giant, Black dragon, Blue dragon, Chaos druid, Chicken, Cow, Hill giant, Goblin, Guard, Hellhound, Ice giant, Ice Queen, Imp, Jogre, Jungle spider, Lesser demon, Man, Moss giant, Shade -Stronghold of Security-, Hobgoblin, Otherworldly being, Greater demon, Werewolf, Big Wolf, Dark Warrior, Grizzly bear cub, Snake, Kalphite Guardian, Kalphite Worker, Chompy, Ghoul, Zamorak wizard, Rock Crab, Skeletal Miner, Steel dragon, Baby blue dragon, Cockatrice, Basilisk, Jelly, Infernal Mage, Bloodveld, Aberrant spectre, Gargoyle, Nechryael, Abyssal demon, Crawling hand, Banshee, Experiment -Fenkenstrain 1-, Undead Cow, Hobgoblin -2-, Dust Devil, Jackal, Possessed Priest, Bloodworm, Skogre, Saradomin wizard, Broodoo Victim -White-, Dagannoth -3-, Dagannoth -4-, TzHaar-Ket, Dark Beast, Fever spider, Dagannoth Prime, Dagannoth Supreme, Skeletal Wyvern, Skeleton -3-, Harpie Bug Swarm, Iron dragon, Chaos Elemental, Giant Snail -2-, Zogre, Ghast -1-, Bruise Blamish Snail, Bandit -4-, Grizzly bear cub -2-, Bandit -5-, Cyclops -3-, Ankou -1-, Cave Horror, Terror dog, Unicow, Undead Lumberjack -4-, Molanisk, Brine rat, Double Agent, Mithril dragon, Brutal green dragon, Waterfiend, Spiritual Mage -Saradomin-, Spiritual Mage -Zamorak-, Hellhound -God Wars-, K'ril Tsutsaroth, General Graardor, Hobgoblin -God Wars Dungeon-, Warped Tortoise, Giant Ant Worker, Revenant hobgoblin, Revenant cyclops, Scabaras Lancer, Revenant dragon, Ork Legion, Cockroach soldier, Mutated bloodveld -2-, Mighty banshee, Corporeal Beast, Tormented wraith, Tormented demon, Greater reborn warrior, Nikolai, Ork statue, Aquanite, Skeletal horror -Fourth Form-, Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer -1-, Living rock protector, Living rock striker, Ice demon, Desert strykewyrm, Ice strykewyrm, Jungle strykewyrm, Frost dragon, Guthix wizard, Guthix wizard -2-, Mutated jadinko guard, Mutated jadinko male, Mutated jadinko baby, Vyrelord, Vyrelady, Glacor, Ganodermic beast, Grifolaroo, Fungal mage, Grifolapine, Troll brute, Troll commando, Magic Stick, Grotworm, Young grotworm, Mature grotworm, Man -3-, Woman -6-, Chicken -Miscellenia-Etceteria, Guard -Edgeville-, Goblin -14-, Bloodveld -2-, Exiled kalphite guardian, Exiled kalphite marauder, Exiled kalphite paragon, Dagannoth -5-, Automaton Generator, Automaton Guardian, Automaton Tracer, Cyclops -4-, Rorarius, Chaos giant, Airut, Celestial dragon, Elite abyssal demon, Elite dark beast, Elite dust devil, Elite Aquanite
Links: Distractions & Diversions
Tags: Reward, Treasure Hunter
Credits: 817tin, Aurhora, Baffler, Cmin, grandzephyr, Jaffy1
Last updated: 15-Feb-2014
RuneScape 2007
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