Ghostweave Examine: Pieces of spooky cloth that are particularly suited to making ghost costumes. Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: Yes
High alchemy: Unknown Low alchemy: Unknown
Location: Can be obtained from Treasure Hunter or from skilling or killing certain monsters. It can be obtained in batches from roughly 11-49 in skilling and 10-30 from killing most monsters.
Used in: Ghostly Druid Boots, Ghostly Druid Gloves, Ghostly Druid Head, Ghostly Druid Robe Bottom, Ghostly Druid Robe Top, Ghostly Farmer Boots, Ghostly Farmer Gloves, Ghostly Farmer Head, Ghostly Farmer Trousers, Ghostly Farmer Tunic, Ghostly Fisher Boots, Ghostly Fisher Gloves, Ghostly Fisher Hat, Ghostly Fisher Jacket, Ghostly Fisher Trousers, Ghostly Fremennik Armour, Ghostly Fremennik Boots, Ghostly Fremennik Gloves, Ghostly Fremennik hood, Ghostly Fremennik Trousers, Ghostly Guard Armour, Ghostly Guard Boots, Ghostly Guard Gloves, Ghostly Guard Head, Ghostly Guard Trousers, Ghostly Princess Blouse, Ghostly Princess Gloves, Ghostly Princess Hat, Ghostly Princess Shoes, Ghostly Princess Skirt
Uses: 600 can be used to make either the Druid, Fremennik, or Farmer ghostly sets, or 1,000 to make the Fisher, Guard, or Princess ghostly sets. The first three can be used to trick-or-treat ordinary men and women around Halloween 2014 for a total of 12 sweets (max 4 per day), and the other three allow a total 24 sweets (max 8 per day) from trick-or-treating. Each set has a separate count.
Notes: Can be exchanged for Crafting bonus xp at a rate of 1:20 (ghostweave:xp) or coins at a rate of 1:40 (ghostweave:gp) by speaking to Iffie in Varrock if you have all 6 outfits. This was a Treasure Hunter promotion from 24th October to 3rd November.
Links: Treasure Hunter
Tags: Holiday Item
Credits: Arceus, BattleThingz
Last updated: 30-Oct-2014
RuneScape 2007
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