Dragon trinkets

Dragon trinkets Examine: Magical trinkets that give slayer xp, note items and land a finishing blow when fighting chromatic dragons. Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: Yes
High alchemy: Cannot be alchemised Low alchemy: Cannot be alchemised
Location: Won as prizes from Treasure Hunter from 15th May 00:00 UTC to 18th May 00:00 UTC. There were also 75 given for free to any members who logged in during this time period.
Uses: These stackable items sit in your necklace slot or inventory and have a range of functions, which are useful while fighting chromatic dragons - that is green, red, blue, and black, including the King Black Dragon and Queen Black Dragon. They can be used for the following functions:
  • Pick up and note dragon bones and hides.
  • Award Slayer XP on kills – you do not need to have a Slayer assignment to gain the XP, but if you do, the XP will stack on top of it.
  • Draconic deathblows - a 5% chance per hit to instantly kill dragons above 80% life points with a new animation. This works on any chromatic dragon except the KBD and QBD.
  • Teleport to dragon locations.

The first three of the above activate automatically, whenever applicable. The teleports are activated by right-clicking your trinkets.
Notes: All of the above functions consume trinkets as according to the following:
  • Each item type (bones or hides) picked up and noted per kill consumes 1 trinket - thus, 1 for each baby dragon, and 2 for each adult – including brutal green dragons and the KBD. This does not apply for the QBD.
  • Each baby dragon killed with a deathblow consumes 1, and each adult 2. The KBD and QBD cannot be instantly killed with trinkets. The additional Slayer XP consumes 1 trinket per dragon, with the exception of brutal greens (3), the KBD (10) and the QBD (15). Slayer XP given is relative to the power of the dragon killed.
  • All teleports consume 5 trinkets.

Surprisingly enough, they are an F2P item, despite the fact that no Chromatic dragons can be killed on F2P. Attempting to teleport to one of them on an F2P world returns an error stating that you must be on a members' server to do so. The one exception is KBD, which will teleport the player to the artefact north-west of Edgeville lodestone regardless of which server the player is on.
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Credits: Arceus
Last updated: 15-May-2015
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