Body rune

Body rune Examine: Used for curse spells. Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: Yes
High alchemy: 3 gp Low alchemy: 2 gp
Grand Exchange » Body rune
Market Price -5% Market Price Market Price +5% Buy Limit
46 gp 48 gp 50 gp 25,000
30 Days: +17%   90 Days: +29%   180 Days: +33%
   Last Snapshot: 5:15pm, 17-Mar-2019 GMT
Location: Spawns upstairs in the Al Kharid scimitar-shop, in Varrock sewers, west of Varrock castle, and in the middle of the Lava Maze, next to the steel platebody and the muddy chest. Can be bought from most Magic shops and made using the Runecrafting skill.
Made by:
Runecrafting Rune essence - requires level 20 Runecrafting and gives 7.5 Runecrafting xp.
Runecrafting Pure essence - requires level 20 Runecrafting and gives 7.5 Runecrafting xp.
Uses: Rune required for skill altering curse spells.
Notes: Requires level 20 Runecrafting to make.
Dropped by:
Black Knight, Black Heather, Chaos druid, Dark Wizard -2-, Giant spider, Giant spider -2-, Goblin, Goblin -2-, Ice giant, White Knight, Zombie, Donny the Lad, Speedy Keith, Hobgoblin, Discontinued Random Event Watc, Dark Warrior, Kalphite Soldier, Zombie -3-, Ghast, Kalphite Worker, Tortured soul, Infernal Mage, Guard -H.A.M.-, H.A.M. Guard -2-, HAM Guard -3-, Cave goblin, Hobgoblin -2-, Goblin -3-, White Knight -2-, White Knight -3-, White Knight -4-, Ghast -1-, Ghast -2-, Ghast -3-, Zombie -Stronghold of Security-, Zombie -7-, Flesh Crawler -2-, Zombie -Stronghold of Security- -2-, Flesh Crawler -1-, Flesh Crawler -3-, Dark Wizard, Dark Wizard -3-, Dark Wizard -4-, Wizard, Sorebones, Undead Lumberjack -8-, Aviansie -1-, Aviansie -2-, Aviansie -3-, Spiritual Mage -Saradomin-, Spiritual Mage -Zamorak-, Aviansie -5-, Aviansie -6-, Aviansie -7-, Aviansie -8-, Aviansie -9-, Aviansie -10-, Aviansie -11-, Aviansie -12-, Aviansie -4-, Aviansie -13-, Zamorak crafter, Ghost -6-, Dagon'hai Monk, Lumbridge guard, Lumbridge guard, Essence impling, Fire spirit (Oak), Fire spirit (Willow), Fire spirit (Teak), Goblin -13-, Dung kalphite, Hollowtoof, Goblin -14-, Spellwisp, Timid jadinko
Links: Magic Guide, Runecrafting Guide
Tags: Runes
Credits: Cruiser, ddaanniiellh, halo2_rocks7, Jehf 3, Juhniz, LordSoultar, misplacedme, Pokemama
Last updated: 20-Jun-2013
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