Big bones

Big bones Examine: Ew it's a pile of bones. Weight: 0.80 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
High alchemy: 0 gp Low alchemy: 0 gp
Grand Exchange » Big bones
Market Price -5% Market Price Market Price +5% Buy Limit
187 gp 197 gp 207 gp 10,000
30 Days: 0%   90 Days: 0%   180 Days: -16%
   Last Snapshot: 5:15pm, 17-Mar-2019 GMT
Location: Monster drop.
Uses: Prayer, yields 15 prayer experience per burial.
Notes: These are the most commonly used bones to level up on in f2p. An excellent way for all players (f2p included!) to make money.
Dropped by:
Fire giant, Fire giant, Black dragon, Hill giant, Ice giant, Jogre, Moss giant, Ogre, Ogre Chieftain, Ogre Guard, Ogre Merchant, King Black Dragon, Ogre trader, Stick, Rock, Pee Hat, Kraka, Thrower Troll, Troll General, Troll spectator, Enclave Guard, Mountain troll, Bronze dragon, Steel dragon, Skeletal Hellhound, Ice troll -2-, Ice troll, Ice troll -3-, Ice troll -4-, Gorad, Cave crawler, Jelly, Kurask, Kurask, Bloodveld, Bloodveld, Aberrant spectre, Nechryael, Abyssal demon, Banshee, Cave slime, Giant Frog, Dust Devil, Giant skeleton -2-, Ogre -2-, Dark Beast, Dark Beast, Lizard, Mogre, Dagannoth Supreme, Iron dragon, Chaos Elemental, Giant Mole, Giant Mole, Jubbly Bird, Tortoise -2-, Tortoise, Skeleton Mage -Piscatoris-, Giant Sea Snake, Sea Snake Young, Cyclops -1-, Cyclops -3-, Jungle Horror, Cave Horror, Gorak, Gorak, Suqah, Sea Troll -3-, Giant Roc, Icelord, Terror dog, Tarn Razorlor, Giant Skeleton, Ice Troll Runt, Ice Troll Male, Ice Troll Female, Moss giant -3-, Ice Troll Grunt, Nail beast -2-, Nail beast, Nail beast -3-, Glod, City guard, Mithril dragon, Enraged barbarian spirit, Berserk barbarian spirit, Angry barbarian spirit, Lost barbarian, Skeleton brute, Skeleton heavy, Skeleton thug, Skeleton warlord, Skeleton hero, Ferocious barbarian spirit, Bloodveld -God Wars Dungeon-, Gorak -God Wars-, Ogre -God Wars Dungeon-, Jogre -God Wars Dungeon-, Cyclops -God Wars Dungeon-, Kree'arra, Warped Tortoise, Thrower Troll -2-, Crocodile -2-, Ogress champion, Ogress, Ogress warrior, Bork, Cockroach soldier, TokTz-Ket-Dill, Tormented wraith, Elite Dark Mage, Tormented demon, Berry, Twig, Ice troll -5-, Ice troll -6-, Yeti, Gnoeals, Nial Swiftfling, Aquanite, River Troll -Enchanted Valley-, Rock Golem -Enchanted Valley-, Dagannoth guardian, Desert strykewyrm, Ice strykewyrm, Jungle strykewyrm, Ice giant -dungeoneering-, Fire giant -dungeoneering-, Gallimastyx, Protomastyx, Ice troll -dungeoneering-, Archaemastyx, Dromomastyx, Spinomastyx, Submastyx, Tyrannomastyx, Megamastyx, Giant skeleton -dungeoneering-, Hill giant -dungeoneering-, General Bre'egth, General Gromblod, General Shredflesh, Pit ogre, Cyclossus, Paramastyx, Stegomastyx, Thrower troll -dungeoneering-, Nex, Troll General -2-, Mountain troll -2-, Cliff, Mountain troll -D&D -1-, Mountain troll -D&D -2-, Cliff -2-, Mountain troll -D&D -3-, Mountain troll -D&D -4-, Poorly Cooked Karambwan, Poorly Cooked Karambwan -2-, Poorly Cooked Karambwan -4-, Poorly Cooked Karambwan -3-, Summoner -2-, Summoner, Summoner -3-, Troll father, Troll father -2-, Troll father -3-, Troll father -4-, Troll general -D&D-, Troll general -D&D -2-, Troll general -D&D -3-, Troll general -D&D -4-, Troll ranger, Troll ranger -2-, Troll ranger -3-, Troll ranger -4-, Wizard, Wizard -2-, Wizard -3-, Wizard -4-, Cliff -3-, Cliff -4-, Summoner -4-, Glacor, Ganodermic beast, Ganodermic beast, Zombie impling, Mature grotworm, Suqah -2-, Cave crawler -3-, Pit ogre -Love Story-, Bloodveld -2-, Bloodveld -2-, Exiled kalphite guardian, Cyclops -2-, Cyclops -4-, Cyclops -5-, Gladius, Armadylean archon, Bandosian warlord, Saradominist sergeant, Zamorakian demon lord, Chaos giant, Suqah -3-, Giant mole -Hard Mode-, Elite abyssal demon, Elite dark beast, Elite dark beast, Elite dust devil, Elite Aquanite, Ravenous ghoul -Canifis-
Links: Prayer Guide
Tags: Prayer, Raw material
Credits: bambino, Headnazgul, kevyomen, manoman, mikemayer14, misplacedme, Oilertay, pokemama, Quint Pker, Roflcopters, Sean_H11, teddyfangs
Last updated: 24-Apr-2012
RuneScape 2007
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