Monkey -Madness-

Monkey -Madness- Examine: It's a monkey in your backpack. As you look it pokes you. Weight: 15.00 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: Yes Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: 0 gp Low alchemy: 0 gp
Location: Obtain in Ardougne zoo by persuading one of the captive monkeys to hop into your backpack. You must first get a keeper to put you in the monkey cage by wielding a monkey greegree and wearing your M'speak amulet.
Uses: Take it to King Awowogei as part of Monkey Madness quest.

It can also be released on Karamja. Doing so will give you Thieving XP equivalent to twice your level. For example, a player with 99 Thieving will receive 198 Thieving XP when a monkey is released on Karamja.
Notes: It will disappear if you try to teleport or use Spirit Trees while carrying it.

While riding in your pack, the monkey will interrupt you at various times with dialogue (so avoid combat situations!) If you are wearing your M'speak amulet, you may hear it say:
  • "I'm tired!"
  • "Are we nearly there yet?"
  • "In the jungle, the mighty jungle..."
  • "I'm hungry!"
  • "*snore* ... Ook? Argh! It's the Shaikahan!" ... "Oh nothing - it was just a bad dream..."
You can give the monkey a banana. If you feed the monkey a banana there is a chance that the monkey will spit out a medium clue scroll. This can only be done once.
If you Drop the monkey, it appears as a level 3 Monkey with a Talk-to option. Choose it to say: "Hello there, monkey." It responds "Are we there yet??" and you'll say "Not quite yet ... you should get back in my backpack now."
If you have food in your inventory, it may eat some.
Links: Monkey Madness Quest
Tags: Quest
Credits: Baffler, Bluud, iLiB, jmerrick343, knittinqueen, pokemama
Last updated: 15-Aug-2014
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