Tiny elf crystal

Tiny elf crystal Examine: A tiny Elf crystal, I need to have this re-enchanted. Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: Yes Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: 0 gp Low alchemy: 0 gp
Location: At the start of the Mourning's Ends Part 1 quest, talk to Eluned in Isafdar and she gives you a teleport crystal (4). You can purchase one Teleport crystal (3) from Eluned in Isafdar for 300 gp after starting the Mourning's Ends Part 1 quest. This is also a fairly common drop by the Elves in Lletya (elves in other locations will not drop the crystal).
Uses: Talk to Eluned in Isafdar and she will recharge it for a fee. This makes it a Teleportation Crystal (3) with three uses. Use it to teleport to Lletya (Isafdar) whenever you want. She charges 750gp for your first teleport crystal recharge. Your second recharge will cost 600 gp, the third 450 gp, the fourth 300 gp, and then she will charge 150 gp for every charge thereafter. After completing the Within The Light, you can talk to Eluned again to enchant it to also teleport to the Temple of Light.
Notes: This is a very effective and cheap teleportation tool to escape combat in one click. You can obtain multiple elf crystals through drops (Elves). Additionally, you can note the teleport crystals, and Eluned will also offer to recharge any noted crystals you have. The teleport crystal does not work past level 20 wilderness!
Dropped by:
Links: Mourning's Ends Part 1 Quest, Isafdar Map, Getting Around Guide, Teleport crystal (3)
Tags: Quest-only
Credits: essiw, Gerente, lthe Deathl, misplacedme, tryto, Vicktorkrum77
Last updated: 23-Aug-2013
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