Spicy stew

Spicy stew Examine: It's a meat and potato stew with fancy seasoning. Weight: 1.50 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: Yes Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: 12 gp Low alchemy: 8 gp
Location: Player made by adding coloured spice(s) (Brown, Orange, Red, and/or Yellow) to a cooked stew.
Uses: During the quest, use the spicy stew on Evil Dave to see if it's 'Evil'. After the quest, it is just food that can boost different skills depending on the spices used.
Notes: This can be eaten, so be careful during the quest. Test it on Evil Dave by trial and error to find out how many of each colour spice will make the correct spicy stew for the quest.

Adding the spice to a cooked stew requires level 25 Cooking and gives no xp. Spicy stew heals 500 LP and boosts random stats from colour-matched groups, by random numbers (between -6 to +6 depending on quantities and the random factor).

Red ("combat"): Attack, Defence, Ranged, Strength, and Magic
Orange ("skillcraft"): Construction, Cooking, Crafting, Firemaking, Fletching, Runecrafting, and Smithing
Yellow ("self-improvement"): Agility, Prayer, Slayer, Thieving, and Hunter
Brown ("gathering"): Farming, Fishing, Herblore, Mining, and Woodcutting

You can only use up to 3 doses of any one colour, but you can use as many colours as you like. The stat effect will be up to a maximum of plus or minus two times the number of spice doses used. If you add 2 red and 3 brown (a total of 5 doses), the stat effect may be anywhere from -4 to +4 in a red skill, and/or -6 to +6 in a brown skill. The prayer boost of yellow spice does not change the prayers you are able to use, it only changes your current prayer points.
Links: Recipe for Disaster - Evil Dave subquest, Stew Cooking Guide
Tags: Foods
Credits: Dragonkng198, Gerente, halo2_ros7ck, Lord Uathen, misplacedme, Vhellcat
Last updated: 30-Nov-2012
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