Quest point cape

Quest point cape Examine: The cape worn only by the most experienced adventurers. Weight: 0.40 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: Cannot be alchemised Low alchemy: Cannot be alchemised
Location: Buy this from the Wise Old Man in his house in Draynor Village.
Uses: You can use the "skill cape" emote that is quest point related when wearing this item. Wearing it tacks on 30 seconds to your Tears of Guthix time.
Notes: You must have all of the quest points to be able to buy/wear this item. If a new quest is released, this cape unequips itself until you finish the newest quest. If your inventory is full, it will go straight into your bank. If your bank is full, it will go back to the Wise Old Man and you can get it back after completing the newest quest. If the cape is stored in a dragon keepsake box, it cannot be re-activated until the newest quest has been completed. It costs 99,000 coins to buy.

Can be stored on a cape rack in the costume room of a member's player-owned house.

Unlike skill achievement capes, the Quest point cape cannot be trimmed. It also does not count as a skillcape in this manner; skillcapes only trim when you have achieved level 99 in two skills. The hood can be attached to the cape if desired, which changes the inventory image as shown.

*Note* The Quest point cape can be worn if the player has not completed Gunnar's Ground quest, as this quest was a replacement for the Romeo and Juliet quest.
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Tags: Armour
Credits: Eldamaur, lonew0lf1974, manoman, misplacedme, Octarine, Omnitec, Torbasaur, x bl00d pker, Xena Dragon, Zeno
Item Stats
Damage 0 Armour 33
Accuracy 0 Life Bonus 0
Level 0 Prayer Bonus 2
Style: -- Strength Bonus 21
Type: All Ranged Bonus 21
Speed: -- Magic Bonus 21
Ammo: -- Equipment slot: Cape
Skill Requirements
Agility 0 Prayer 0
Attack 0 Ranged 0
Constitution 0 Strength 0
Defence 0 Summoning 0
Magic 0
Last updated: 28-Feb-2017
RuneScape 2007
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