Cosmic rune

Cosmic rune Examine: Used for enchant spells. Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: Yes
High alchemy: 46 gp Low alchemy: 31 gp
Grand Exchange » Cosmic rune
Market Price -5% Market Price Market Price +5% Buy Limit
401 gp 422 gp 443 gp 25,000
30 Days: +4%   90 Days: +7%   180 Days: +14%
   Last Snapshot: 5:15pm, 17-Mar-2019 GMT
Location: Top left corner of the wilderness (level 48), guarded by Ice giants and Ice warriors. Can be bought from some Magic shops or crafted using the Runecrafting skill.
Made by:
Runecrafting Pure essence - requires level 27 Runecrafting and gives 8 Runecrafting xp.
Used in: Air orb, Amulet of defence, Amulet of fury, Amulet of magic, Amulet of nature, Amulet of power, Amulet of strength, Berserker necklace, Binding necklace, Bracelet of clay, Castle wars brace (3), Combat bracelet (4), Digsite pendant (5), Earth orb, Fire orb, Forinthry bracelet (5), Games necklace (8), Gatestone, Inoculation brace, Phoenix necklace, Regen bracelet, Ring of duelling (8), Ring of forging, Ring of life, Ring of recoil, Ring of stone, Ring of wealth (4), Silvthrill rod -Enchanted-, Skills necklace, Skills necklace (4), Water orb
Uses: Can be used to cast enchanting spells on jewellery.
Notes: Requires level 27 Runecrafting to make. Level 59 Runecrafters will receive 2 runes per pure essence crafted.
Dropped by:
Black Knight, Black Knight Titan, Chaos druid, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Wizard -2-, Hill giant, Ice giant, Ice Queen, Ice Warrior, Moss giant, Shadow warrior, Zombie, Hobgoblin, Skeleton -4-, Otherworldly being, Necromancer, Kalphite Soldier, Zombie -3-, Ghast, Kalphite Worker, Zamorak wizard, Skeleton -1-, Thug, Banshee, Wall beast, Big frog, Giant Frog, Hobgoblin -2-, Giant skeleton -2-, Saradomin wizard, Zombie Pirate, Zombie Swab, Skeleton -3-, Ghast -1-, Ghast -2-, Ghast -3-, Bandit -4-, Bandit -5-, Cyclops -1-, Catablepon, Catablepon -2-, Catablepon -3-, Dark Wizard, Dark Wizard -3-, Dark Wizard -4-, Scarab Mage, Locust Rider -Melee-, Locust rider -Range-, Moss giant -3-, Sorebones, Molanisk, Skeleton Fremennik, Skeleton Fremennik -3-, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Strongstack, General Graardor, Zombie -10-, Zombie -24-, Scabaras Lancer, Locust lancer, Scabaras ranger, Cockroach worker, Skeletal hand, Zombie hand, Mighty banshee, Ghostly warrior, Dagon'hai Monk, Corporeal Beast, Tormented wraith, Armoured zombie, Undead Troll -2-, Skeleton Looter, Bandit Looter, Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer -1-, Chaos dwogre, Ivory Gromblod (cursed), Ivory Shredflesh (cursed), Ivory Bre'egth (cursed), Essence impling, Fire spirit (Willow), Fire spirit (Teak), Fire spirit (Arctic pine), Fire spirit (Maple), Fire spirit (Mahogany), Fire spirit (Eucalyptus), Fire spirit (Yew), Fire spirit (Magic, Blister), Zombie Pirate - 1 -, Zombie Pirate - 2 -, Thug - 2 -, Cyclops -2-, Celestial dragon
Links: Magic Guide, Runecrafting Guide
Tags: Runes
Credits: casnova0270, ddaanniiellh, halo2_rocks7, Jaffy1, Juhniz, LordSoultar, misplacedme, Salleh, snake6man
Last updated: 20-Jun-2013
RuneScape 2007
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